What's New

Version 0.4.3b

  • Added Divination to the hiscores lookup

Version 0.4.1b

  • Combat formula changes in light of the introduction of the Evolution of Combat

Version 0.4.0b


  • Downloadable client option added to preferences (see details below)
  • Tight fit now takes game bar into consideration
  • Added Geilenor games to Hiscores
  • Construction and hunter swapped back to their original positions on hiscores

Downloadable client info:
Due to recent Java updates from Apple/Oracle, RuneScape may no longer run whileusing browser mode. The downloadable client from the RuneScape website will still work. Check the "downloadable client" option in SwiftKit preferences to automatically run this whenever SwiftKit is launched. Screenshots, hiscore lookups and other utilities will still function as before.

Version 0.3.4b


  • Auto screenshot cropping (including black borders and game bar)
  • Screenshot icon watermarking
  • Screenshot date watermarking (configurable date format through Preferences)
  • Various code enhancements

Bug fix for screenshot browser occasionally refreshing when not necessary

Version 0.3.3b


  • Screenshot browser/uploader re-added
  • Crucible added to highscore lookup

Bug fix for timer showing negative values under rare circumstances

Version 0.3.2b


  • Preferences re-added
  • Automatically adds all worlds to your Java applet allow list, you will no longer need to click 'Allow' each time you play RuneScape. This works providing you have 'Always Allowed' at least one applet in the past.

Bug fix for crashing when closing the game using the applet window's red close button

Version 0.3.1b

Bottom utilities re-added

  • Notes (your old notes have not been lost)
  • IRC
  • Utilities buttons

Some bug fixes

Version 0.3.0b

Entire rewrite from scratch

  • Support for applet mode, SwiftKit will track and follow the RuneScape applet around
  • Window docking functionality, drag the a window to the applet to attach it
  • 'Linked' shortcut keys will work on both applet and SwiftKit
  • Screenshot support for Lion+ (OS X 10.7+)
Note that some features are missing due to the rewrite, expect to see these back shortly

Version 0.1.7b

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when uploading images.

Version 0.1.6b


  • Quick video resolutions for video makers, see Window menu item
  • Autocomplete text for search fields

Bug fixes:

  • Total xp no longer capped for players with over 2.14b total xp.

Version 0.1.5b


  • Alchemy prices lookup
  • Menu items for playing rs, classic and more
  • Compiled with LLVM, should run quicker

Bug fixes:

  • Command 1 and command 2 should no longer by blocked in other apps
  • Greater stability for stat/price lookups

Version 0.1.4b


  • You can now use command 1 and command 2 to open up the player and item searches
  • External links from the main window and IRC will now open in your default browser

Bug fixes:

  • Activities now show rank when rolled over

Version 0.1.3b


  • The window will now remember its previous size and position
  • The preferences now allow you to hide/show the menubar icon

Bug fixes:

  • Rollover on overall will no longer try and calculate xp until next level

Version 0.1.2b

Bug fixes:

  • Images no longer block clicks on tabs in system 10.5
  • Price column is no longer black for some users
  • Link text boxes now select themselves when clicked
  • Copy link buttons now work on system 10.5
  • Rollovers on skills will no longer go blank occasionally

Version 0.1b

The initial version of SwiftKit for the Mac!

  • Hiscores lookup
  • Price lookup
  • Grand Exchange update checker
  • Play duration timer
  • Custom links
  • Custom notes
  • Web IRC
  • Screenshot capture and upload

SwiftKit (net.swiftkit.swiftkit) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is SwiftKit 0.4.3b. The most popular version of this application used by our users is SwiftKit 0.1.2b.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/SwiftKit.app

Minimum OS version: 10.5

Copyright: Bluelight Dev