What's New


This update fixes compatibility issues with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.


This update fixes all known issues when running Ulysses on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.


This release adds an exporter that allows you to migrate your documents and notes into Ulysses III. (Requires Mac OS 10.7 or newer.)
It also fixes some bugs in Web Exporter.

ULYSSES 2.1.5 aka Retinalysses

Added hires icons and artwork across the line. No more blurry UI on that shiny new MacBook Pro retina display. Various smaller UI tweaks and fixes, e.g. Console Mode notes now sport much nicer buttons.


This update adds full support for Gatekeeper in OS X Mountain Lion.

ePub export now supports iBook's new popover format for footnotes. Found a few glitches in preferences, search & replace, the find panel and documentation. Fixed them.


This update re-enables support for running Ulysses on 32-Bit Macs.


Fixes a crash at launch for some users that previously updated from version 2.0.4 or earlier.


- Added preferences for automated spell correction.
- Vastly improved performance and stability.
- Some tweaks to the Norwegian and French localization.
- Better integration with the system-wide find panel.
- Existing fullscreen mode should now work as expected.
- Fixed an issue with exporting footnotes to RTF.

- Improved error reporting while editing templates.
- Added an option to show exported files and folders after export.
- Better recognition of scripting languages when post-processing.
- Fixed the configuration of the WordPress template.
- Corrected placeholders for document label and status.
- Fixed several stability and user interface issues.


- Improved integration with Mac OS X Lion.
- New ePub Exporter (beta) for exporting projects for reading in iBooks.
- New WebExport (beta) to export your projects to web pages.
- Improved overall program stability and data safety.
- Updated all localizations.

- Ulysses now supports native fullscreen mode on Lion.
- All views and modes now use Lion's overlay scrollbars.
- Enabled horizontal swipe gestures gestures to switch between tabs.
- Increased application and data security by sandboxing Ulysses.

- Provides five customizable templates for exporting to full web pages and snippets (HTML, Markdown, and WordPress).
- Template Editor to create custom templates directly within Ulysses.
- Full scripting support for post-processing.

- Added option to stay visible while app is in background.
- Now behaves correctly when changing screens or resolution.
- Added access to Bookmarks.
- Fixed bug in the Excerpts pane when switching documents.
- Fixed several hangs and crashes.

- Filters can now search for bookmarked documents.
- Label and time column now show an expansion when too small and hovered.
- Search pattern in Browser is now automatically transferred to the Editor's Find Panel.
- Documents can now be added to Collections even when not in Cumulated Mode.
- No more duplicate tool tips for time stamp column.

- Added support for line breaks inside a single paragraph (press Shift-Return instead of Return).
- Revamped the Find panel’s look & feel and improved its behavior.
- The Find Panel now has a "case sensitive" checkbox.

- Menu entries for Styles and Markers now have a tick mark for the currently active Style or Marker.
- Bookmarks can now be accessed via the main menu and the paragraph bar.
- Added a shortcut to add/remove Bookmarks (Cmd-Shift-B).
- Added a shortcut to show/hide the Editor Split-View (Ctrl-S).
- Added actions to "Go to next/previous document" to "View" menu.

- Removed a few minor visual glitches.
- The text area no longer scrolls horizontally.
- Text trash now only works for minimum length of two non-whitespace characters.
- Solved an issue where the state of the Split-Views was not remembered correctly.
- Labels and status in the info panel are now updated correctly.
- Fixed a bug where the label color was stuck at a certain color.
- Improved the overall editor performance.

- LaTeX export now allows TeX post-processing.
- Added floating element support.
- Added capability to duplicate templates.
- Added support for user-defined image sizes.
- Now preserves leading whitespace on multi-line Paragraph Styles.
- No longer merges adjacent Inline Styles into one.
- Class file table view now supports drag & drop of files.
- Due to Mac OS restrictions, the export now always creates a folder.
- Fixed crash when exporting a document which ended with an Inline Style.

- Added support for footnotes to the Plain Text Exporter.
- PDF exporter no longer prints but saves PDF files correctly.
- When entering Export without any document selected, the currently active document is selected.
- Numbering chapters now works correctly with page breaks between documents.
- French quotation marks are now converted correctly.
- All soft returns are converted to line breaks.

- Style preferences now use the standard font panel.
- The base font can now also have traits (bold, italic), disabling these options for Styles.
- All possible shortcuts for Styles and Markers work now correctly.
- Changing fonts or colors no longer marks all documents as edited.

- Revert to Backup menu now shows the last backups.
- Improved project loading and saving reliability.
- Backup location can no longer be changed due to application sandboxing.
- Saving a document in an unsaved project asks to save the project.

- New documentation for WebExport and the ePub Exporter.
- Added changes in LaTeX exporter settings.
- Better explanation of adding images and footnotes during export.
- Added list of placeholders for preamble in LaTeX templates.
- Added links to sample projects.

- Modernized the Search & Replace interface and fixed a couple of bugs there.
- Adopted Garbage Collection for improved application stability.
- Fixed spotlight integration for Ulysses projects.
- Character count in the status bar now exactly matches the one from document Info.

Ulysses 2.0.5

- UlyssesExportKit: fixed the converting bug when changing quotation marks to french quotation marks
- LaTeX: fixed a typo in the new template preamble
- LaTeX: the row height in the paragraph styles editor now changes immediately if the number of lines changed
- LaTeX: solved a crash with nested inline styles
- LaTeX: solved a problem with with inline styles, where the end tag is only a part of the start tag
- LaTeX: replacing characters with a string, that contains the characters to be replaced, no longer crashes the application.
- The LaTeX exporter now handles empty documents without a crash
- FormattedText: fixed a hang caused by a "stand alone" start tag of a text style
- Improved layout of footnotes in PDF exporter

- PlainText Exporter: restored the autoresizing mask for the elements in the general section of the hungarian language
- Re-Added Swedish Localization in TeXPorter
- Fixed an error in German FormattedTextExporter localization
- Fixed minor interface glitches in German localization
- Fixed some typos in Dutch Localization
- Fixed typos in Portuguese Localization
- Minor fixes in Norwegian Translation
- Localized Russian Grammar/Transformation menus

- Open and get Info items only active when documents are selected
- Increase and Decresse text size only enabled where possible
- Editor view options menu shows "No Editor" entry when no editor around
- No recent projects -> no "clear menu" in start popup
- Preferences window now opens at correct initial position
- Toolbar now shows text labels by default
- Position of fullscreen notes window is now persisted
- Fixed a bug where documents were marked as changed when display preferences changed
- Removed the "Save Project" menu command from all languages

- Solved an issue with projects not opening due to a broken selection
- Fixed a hang while saving
- Fixed Spotlight plugin
- Search String is now automatically set in Search Filter if Ulysses Project is opened using a Spotlight query.
- Fixed a bug where Search & Replace of an inline style wouldn't work
- Initial opening of preferences and styles selects first bullet
- Fixed a bug related to changing attributes via the font panel
- Prevented a possible hang when fixing font attributes
- Fixed the heading numbering bug

Ulysses 2.0.4

Besides some minor fixes, this version fixes a major data security issue for some users on Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Ulysses 2.0.3

- Removed additional Edit menu
- Crashes during opening projects on 10.4
- Fixed Portuguese, Italian Localization

- Pasting text to console mode notes window no longer screws colors
- Fixed a bug which causes a hang during a LaTeX export, if a document ends with a footnote mark.
- Fixed a bug in the LaTeX exporter which export a footnote, even if the footnote mark is deleted by another
- Layout glitches when changing display in info panel
- Hang when clearing styles in a empty document
- Now only shows Trial expiry sheet once

Note: The edit menu on pre Snow Leopard (10.6) systems will show several greyed-out items, such as "Check Grammar". These are exclusive to Snow Leopard, so nothing to worry about.

Ulysses 2.0.2

- Added Spanish Localization (by Victor M. Solano)
- Added Norwegian Localization (by Tellef Kvifte)
- Updated all Localizations

- Ulysses core no longer crashes after startup
- Fixed style menu and shortcut issues
- Added new substitution menus now common to Snow Leopard

- Norm page settings again work correctly during export
- Fixed issues with entering zero values in exporters
- Paragraph style settings get saved correctly after being edited
- Project autosave is more crash-resistant
- Improved application of inline styles in the editor
- Better results in search and replace mode (now ignoring all control characters)
- Replace tick column resizes correctly again
- Improved creation of new notes items when notepad out of focus
- Pasting text to console mode notes now retains the color
- Spelling preferences in console mode notes are now taken from console preferences
- Console notes get hidden when switching to s&r or export modes

Ulysses 2.0.1

- Registration should now work under Mac OS 10.4 Tiger
- Fixed crash when starting the Dutch localization for the first time
- Fixed hang when pasting some special text to the editor
- Fixed bug in searching text using "begins with" or "ends with"
- Fixed some translations of the registration dialoge and other parts
- Added ability to have newlines in paragraphs
- Added little helper text to styles settings hinting how to edit
- Minor fixes to links in the manual

Ulysses (com.soulmen.ulysses) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Ulysses 16323.001. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Ulysses 16198.002.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Ulysses.app

Minimum OS version: 10.6

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