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Release Notes For Video Monkey

Version 0.17 (2/14/2015)

Fixed a bug that TheTVDB no longer worked because VM was not sending the proper API key. Also added the ability to recognize file names with embedded season/episode number in 4 digit format (SSEE).

Bugs fixed:

  • Made TheTVDB search work again

Version 0.16 (10/12/2013)

The main motivation for this release is to fix the fact that themoviedb.org has changed its API. This gets that working again, and I’ve fixed a couple other bugs as well.

Note: Video Monkey now require OSX 10.7 (Lion)

Bugs fixed:

  • Switched to themoviedb.org v 3.0 API. Movie metadata searches work again. It’s faster and doesn’t hang, too.
  • Fixed bug where switch between themoviedb and thetvdb would not do a new search.
  • Added a check box to turn off the feature of snapping the video size to a 16 pixel boundary.
  • Removed DVD Image as an output format. I’ve decided that feature is out of scope for Video Monkey. DVDs are so 5 years ago.
  • Fixed bug where movies were getting placed in the Home Video category when adding to iTunes.

Version 0.15 (10/27/2012)

Another quick release, this time to fix a problem with encoding mkv files. The new version of mediainfo was not getting the correct framerate from the input file and was therefore setting it to 0, resulting in a bad encoding. So I added much more robust framerate detection, which will hopefully avoid all problems of this kind in the future. Also fixed a pix_fmt bug found during more extensive testing. Also switched to a 1.0 version of ffmpeg. I fear that this will have different problems than previous versions. But since it is a 1.0 version, I'm hoping it will be a reliable version going forward.

Bugs fixed:

  • Made framerate detection much more robust
  • Switched to 1.0 version of ffmpeg
  • Added pix_fmt yuv420p for all formats. This format can be read by Quicktime while others cannot.

Version 0.14 (10/20/2012)

Quick release to fix some bugs introduced in 0.13. The fastest encoding speed is now fixed. And a bug in selecting entries from the metadata search ComboBox, introduced by switching to a newer SDK, works again. I also switched to a newer version of mediainfo to fix a crash when examining some MP4 files. I also got rid of the logic which removed all non-alphanumeric characters from a typed-in search string. Thetvdb.com is very picky and leaving out special characters can sometimes make it not find a show.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed bad param in Fastest encoding
  • New version of mediainfo which does not crash when getting info from mp4 files
  • Selecting an item from the drop down list now fires off a search
  • Got rid of logic that removed characters from search string typed into search box
  • Fixed quality slider starting position. It now starts out in the middle rather than near the low quality end

Version 0.13 (9/28/2012)

There are 2 major enhancements in this release. First, all major encoding parameters can now be overridden. Just head over to the Output section of the Info Panel and you'll see a check box to the right of each item that can be overridden. The Movie Panel now shows the results of the current padding settings. Open the Movie Panel while you adjust padding and you can interactively see the results.

Note: some combinations of override setting will result in invalid output files. Please exercise care when using this feature. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. 

Video Monkey is now a 64 bit application. This includes the ffmpeg executable used for encoding. As a result, encoding speeds are significantly improved. It also means that this release requires Snow Leopard.

New in this release:

  • All major encoding parameters can now be customized for more flexibility in encoding output.
  • Padding can now be set on video output with padding results visible in the Movie Panel.
  • Replaced controls on movie player for greater flexibility in resizing.
  • Make the application 64 bit clean, including 64 bit version of ffmpeg.

Bugs fixed:

  • Made scrubbing, play and pause more consistent in movie player.
  • Fixed a couple of crashing bugs caused by overreleasing objects
  • Made movie player resize more consistently.
  • Fixed display of aspect ratio in output panel.
  • Fixed a bug where H.264 override for AVI didn't work

Version 0.12 (8/9/2011)

This is a quick release to fix the problem that 0.11 used the Lion SDK to build and therefore would not run on Leopard systems (but it does run on Snow Leopard). I've added a few other nifty fixes as well

New in this release:

  • Changed how bitrate is computed to give better results at more frame sizes
  • Made all formats (except DV) using half framerate at lowest quality setting
  • Make performance button always start out as normal to avoid it annoyingly always coming up as fastest

Bugs fixed:

  • http://bugs.marrin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7 - Failure to encode dual pass in OS X 10.7 Lion
  • http://bugs.marrin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5 - Crash for AVI with Lion
  • Use 10.5 SDK so VideoMonkey runs on Leopard
  • Fixed bug where quality slider was sometimes disabled in error

Version 0.11 (8/6/2011)

This is an intermediate release to fix many bugs causing issues for new formats (and some old ones). Added Growl support (thanks to Lars Koerkemeier). Added UI for advanced settings which is operational yet. This notably does not fix a couple of reported issues with certain file formats on Lion. Still waiting for responses from reporters. But I wanted to get the current fixes out.

New in this release:

  • Added Growl support
  • Added ability for many video formats (all non-Apple formats except DV and certain MPEG-1/2 formats) to encode to various frame sizes, up to full frame size

Bugs fixed:

  • https://github.com/cmarrin/videomonkey/issues/52 - No video on original appleTV
  • https://github.com/cmarrin/videomonkey/issues/61 - Overall Progress spelled incorrectly
  • http://bugs.marrin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2 - Attempting to encode file with umlaut or Kanji fails
  • http://bugs.marrin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3 - Avi framerate stuck on 29.97fps and 720x544
  • Javascript error when trying to move slider to high quality for Tivo
  • Tolerate missing video bitrate in input file. Use overall bitrate instead.

Version 0.10 (3/17/2011)

Changed back to 32 bit intel-only application, but still with the latest ffmpeg. Also fixed several bugs in the new Video Formats feature.

New in this release:

  • New version of ffmpeg, but 32 bit only

Bugs fixed:

  • https://github.com/cmarrin/videomonkey/issues/closed#issue/57 - Output Framerate stuck at 10fps
  • https://github.com/cmarrin/videomonkey/issues/closed#issue/42 - ffprobe and ffmpeg crashes with videomonkey 0.9
  • https://github.com/cmarrin/videomonkey/issues/closed#issue/44 - All Video Formats are obeying 320 Pixels Wide flag
  • https://github.com/cmarrin/videomonkey/issues/closed#issue/41 - resizing info box

Version 0.9 (2/15/2011)

New video formats and AV sync supported, plus a newer version of ffmpeg.

Note 1: New video format support is very fresh, so it may have kinks to be worked out. Try it out and see! Don't forget to let me know if it does or doesn't work for you.

Note 2: Now that Video Monkey supports more file formats, it is more important than ever to download and install Perian if you haven'talready. This adds support for all the new formats to Quicktime player. This not only lets you preview your newly encoded files, but it also lets you view files in the Show Movie panel and set their AV offset. Download it from http://www.perian.org/

New in this release:

  • Added new output video formats: AVI, MP4, Quicktime, WMV, Flash, MPEG, DV
  • New AV offset UI in Movie panel. Offsets audio relative to video to fix lip sync problems
  • New version of ffmpeg with many bug fixes and some new format support.
  • Added elapsed time of commands to console
  • Updated ffpreset usage.
  • Disable metadata panel for output formats that don't support metadata (all except MP4)
  • Fixed bugs in doing 2 pass encoding
  • Reduced the number of performance entries. Now only one 2 pass entry
  • Fixed bug in having special chars in file paths
  • Now use ffprobe to detect the number and order of streams, for AV sync feature
  • Can now select multiple files and type an entry in the search box. The search will be applied to all files
  • Even with multiple files selected, the search box will show a list of results from most recent search.
  • Fixed frame size setting bugs for Apple TV.

Bugs fixed:

  • 2984591 - Metadata error message
  • 3037146 - First time searching for metadata for multile files fails

Version 0.8 (4/8/2010)

This fixes serious metadata search bugs and makes the metadata search feature easier to use.

New in this release:

  • Metadata search now fails more gracefully with better error reporting.
  • Uses episode and season info from file name, even when searching using search box
  • Sets episode number, even if it's just a bare number (without season id)
  • Right click Season title in metadata panel to use the current season for all episodes
  • Select all button on metadata panel for easier selection
  • Uses search results from typed in search string for all selected files.

Bugs fixed:

  • encoding parameters would get confused when metadata search failed

Version 0.7 (3/29/2010)

This is a small release to fixes crashes when encoding multiple files. It also does search in background to avoid stalling Video Monkey

New in this release:

  • Metadata is now searched in the background to avoid stalling VideoMonkey.
  • New icon during encoding. Shows number of files to encode.

Bugs fixed:

  • Crash caused by dangling pointers and memory leaks when encoding more than about 3 files.

Version 0.6 (12/17/09)

This release adds the ability to search for metadata on demand rather than automatically. This avoids problems when the metadata search sites are down. It also fixes several bugs

New in this release:

  • UI to search metadata manually. You can search the selected file or all files.
  • New preferences panel. Currently allows control of automatic/manual metadata search and number of cpus to use.
  • Ability to control number of cpus to use for decode. Can be set to auto to select based on number of cpus on system. Thanks to Breuhan
  • Added progress bar to dock icon. Thanks to Lars Koerkemeier
  • Fixed bug when parsing files with non-standard characters
  • Fixed a bug where a rounding error could create a movie that can not play on Apple TV.
  • Fixed a bug where wrong filename was used when transferring to iTunes in "write metadata to input file" mode
  • Fixed 'Unable to select destination folder in v.5' bug. Thanks to Lars Koerkemeier
  • Movie controller now remembers movie current time and pause/play state when moving between movies
  • Made finding episode/season in movie more reliable
  • Fixed suspend/resume
  • Fixed show/hide of windows

Bugs fixed:

  • Problem converting files with '*' or '?'
  • VM produces movies that don't play on Apple TV

Version 0.5 (8/26/09)

This release adds Snow Leopard support and fixes a couple of bugs. With the imminent release of Snow Leopard, I thought it would be a good idea to get this out now.

New in this release:

  • Snow Leopard support

Bugs fixed:

  • Problem converting files with '*' or '?'
  • VM produces movies that don't play on Apple TV

Version 0.4 (7/30/09)

This release adds full metadata support. The metadata tab of the info panel shows the metadata for each input file. You can then manually add or change the data. You can also type in the name of a TV show or movie and Video Monkey will search thetvdb.com or themoviedb.org and fill in the metadata it finds. Video Monkey tries to figure out the title from the file name or input metadata and automatically search for metadata. For each field you can select between input, user, or search metadata.

New in this release:

  • Metadata in input files is read and shown in metadata panel 
  • Metadata search from thetvdb.com and themoviedb.org
  • Once search metadata available you can select other search matches, and select season and episode
  • Metadata search is automatically done for each input file, using the file name to guess the name, or using input metadata
  • For each metadata item you can select between input, user and search metadata
  • Allow artwork to be added (using drag & drop) rearranged and selected for inclusion in output file
  • Artwork is added from search, if available
  • Added popup menu for each metadata item which allows item to be used in all input files
  • Added tools menu which allows selecting whether to use input, user or search metadata for all fields in current file or all files
  • New menu on main page allows write metadata after encoding output file, encode only, write metadata only to input file or rewrite metadata to output file

Bugs fixed:

  • Make audio and video sync better
  • Adjust output size to ensure square pixels, even when input is not

Version 0.3 DOA

Version 0.2 (5/5/09)

This release focuses on fixing bugs found in the first release and features to complete the basic functionality of Video Monkey.

New in this release:

  • Added a new XMLDocument class for commands.xml and for use in parsing metadata files
  • Better aspect ratio control of Movie Preview Window
  • New Info Panel. Shows properties of input and output files and will eventually allow metadata to be displayed and set
  • Checkboxes to add encoded files to iTunes, and to optionally delete the original
  • Disabled not-yet-implemented checkboxes and menu items
  • Added much better documentation to commands.xml.
  • Updated to v0.5 of ffmpeg
  • Tweaked bitrate settings to be more appropriate for various devices
  • Added time remaining to progress, and made overall progress bar show progress for all files together
  • Changed save path to use NSPathControl
  • Added a "limit" checkbox. Allows output params (frame size, bitrate, etc.) to be limited by input properties. Avoids oversampled videos
  • Fixed encoding params to always produce legal h.264 files for each device

Bugs fixed:

  • 2722694 - Dragging in files with wrong device set causes exception
  • 2694849 - Files converted for iPhone/iPod are not legal
  • 2695089 - File Size overflowed

Version 0.1 (3/12/09)

This is the first public release of VideoMonkey. It has a lot of functionality, but is not nearly complete.

New in this release:

  • Conversion for all popular Apple devices
  • Quality settings, which adjusts bitrate, frame size, frame rate and audio quality
  • Performance settings which tradeoff speed of encoding for quality
  • Drag and drop file list
  • Enable or disable encoding of each file
  • Display of output file size (approximate)
  • Preview window of the currently selected file
  • Console log
  • Progress bars in both the main window and file list
  • Pause and Stop encoding
  • Auto-update
  • Saving last user settings

To do:

  • Advanced pane (crop, pad, filters, etc.)
  • Watch folder(s) for automatic encoding

VideoMonkey (org.videomonkey.videomonkey) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is VideoMonkey 0.17. The most popular version of this application used by our users is VideoMonkey 0.1.

Operating System: Mac