What's New

We are excited to announce that Version 2 of Vitamin-R is now available.

Version 2 is a paid upgrade, find out more on the brand-new website or check up your discounted upgrading options.

Version 1.98

4th June 2013

Shows upgrade Notification for Version 2.0.

Version 1.97

24th April 2013

Delivers compatibility with Things 2.2.

Version 1.96

9th April 2013

This version fixes two minor bugs:

Several users on Mac OS X 10.8.3 have reported crashes with "data detectors" switched on in the "Now & Later Board". This is a Mac OS X problem that we can't do anything about, so as data detectors are a very minor feature they are now switched off by default for new users.

If you experience crashes under 10.8.3, you can switch off data detectors in the "Now & Later Board" tab of the "Preferences..." pane.

This version also fixes a problem with the <Minute...> tags in the speech notifications.

Version 1.95

19th February 2013

This version fixes the order in which entries appear in the Log Book.

Version 1.94

31st January 2013

This version adds support for the MindWave Mobile brain-computer interface headset.

Version 1.93

8th January 2013

This version fixes a rare startup bug related to third party disk drives.

Version 1.92

4th December 2012

This version fixes a few UI quirks.

Version 1.91

16th November 2012

This version fixes a workflow bug.

Version 1.90

24th October 2012

This version makes a number of minor bug fixes.

Version 1.89

25th September 2012

This version provides in-line search for the Now & Later Board and fixes a minor bug.

Version 1.88

22nd August 2012

This versionimproves integration with the Mac App Store version.

If you have downloaded version 1.87 during the two hours it was up, please update to this version in order to unlock your application correctly.

Version 1.87

22nd August 2012

This versionimproves integration with the Mac App Store version.

Version 1.86

30th July 2012

This versionmakes a few minor improvements, including experimental support for NeuroSky's MindSet brain-computer interface and Retina application icon.

This release is compiled against the 10.7 SDK, a change forced by the fact that Apple's Xcode Developer Tools for Mountain Lion ship without a 10.6 SDK. This should not impact 10.6 Snow Leopard users, but the current release does appear to be broken on Mac OS X 10.6.

We are investigating, but for now Snow Leopard users should revert to version 1.85, available from the product home page.

Version 1.85

23rd July 2012

This version fixes a high CPU usage problem during time slices and makes a few minor user interface improvements.

Version 1.84

5th July 2012

This version fixes a high CPU usage problem on 32-bit systems.

Version 1.83

29th June 2012

This version fixes a bug that would prevent the Now & Later Board from appearing.

Version 1.82

25th June 2012

This newest version adds fully optimized Retina graphics for the new MacBook Pro models.

The release also makes numerous minor improvements, including

  • NeuroSky MindWave data is now automatically averaged providing a much superior view of your current concentration levels
  • corrects a drawing bug in Mission Control
  • many minor graphical drawing improvements in controls, icons and backgrounds

Version 1.81

15th June 2012

This latest release fixes a "jumping" shadow display issue.

Version 1.80

5th June 2012

  • iCal events now appear above the duration sliders if they begin within the next 60 minutes to allow to modify your time slice durations accordingly
  • iCal event display can be switched off from the "Miscellaneous" section of the "Preferences..."
  • you can click on the time bubbles (3:45pm, etc.) to set an exact finishing time
  • you can type durations in the duration dialogs, e.g. type "5" for 5 minutes or "1" followed by "5" for 15 minutes, etc.
  • duration adjustment sliders during time slices are now "live" and can be adjusted by the second, not just by the minute
  • windows are now drawn "shaper" and throw shadows

Minor fixes:

  • duration sliders remember their last values more consistently
  • new clock icon for time presets in the duration sliders

Version 1.79

24th March 2012

The new version features a rewritten Help book and fixes a number of minor issues:

  • right click menu fix
  • Finder window fix
  • mindset/ mindwave reading fix

Version 1.78

6th March 2012

The new version adds warnings before time slices expire.

Version 1.77

24th January 2012

The new release refines thevisual notifications to provide improved feedback during task execution.

Version 1.76

3rd January 2012

The new release adds built-in visual notifications to provide improved state feedback.

You can still switch to Growl-based notifications in the "Notifications" tab of the "Preferences..." dialog.

Version 1.75

14th December 2011

This new version adds an "hour of the day" chart that allows you to visualize how your concentration levels vary over the course of the workday. Use this new feature to better organize your work day and take full advantage of your "best" working hours.

Version 1.74

22nd November 2011

You can now use a 5 finger swipe instead of clicking the "Go Back" or "Continue" buttons.

Version 1.73

11th November 2011

This release disables the optional new dimming feature when window auto-hiding is switched off.

Version 1.72

8th November 2011

The new version adds the ability to optionally dim the screen before the end of a time slice or timed break.

Version 1.71

26th October 2011

The new version fixes minor issues with the duration sliders.

Version 1.70

18th October 2011

This latest release adds experimental support for NeuroSky's $99 MindWave brain wave sensor.

Currently Vitamin-R includes experimental support for:

  • visualizing "attention" and "meditation" levels
  • averaging them over a time slice
  • pre-selecting the appropriate "focus" level in the "rate your time slice" step

For more information, consult our MindWave page.

Version 1.69

26th September 2011

The new version refines the noise machine controls.

Version 1.68

7th September 2011

The new version adds the ability to automatically close all open Finder windows at the beginning of a time slice to reduce distracting clutter.

Version 1.67

9th August 2011

The new version adds the ability to exclude specific applications from the "Eliminate distractions" step.

Version 1.66

19th July 2011

The new version adds advanced customization of Growl notifications.

Version 1.65

28th June 2011

This new version adds integration with Potion Factory's The Hit List to do list.

The integration is the same as that already offered for Cultured Code's Things and OmniGroup's OmniFocus:

  • drag & drop action items straight into Vitamin-R's objective field
  • click the hyperlink to go back to the item in The Hit List
  • the item automatically gets marked as completed in The Hit List when you log your time slice as completed
  • the hyperlink in the Vitamin-R Log Book remains clickable

Beta Testers Wanted!

If you are interested in doing some beta testing on Vitamin-R, please contact me directly at: reiff@publicspace.net.

You will from time to time be sent links to pre-release versions of Vitamin-R and be expected to provide insightful feedback ranging from "it's just crashing" to "perhaps this isn't really the way to do it at all, why don't you consider..".

Version 1.64

7th June 2011

This latest release adds support for using Vitamin-R the Growl Notification framework.

This is currently switched off by default, so if you want to use this feature you need to activate it in the Notifications tab of the Preferences dialog ("Vitamin-R" -> "Preferences...").

Full documentation is available in the Help book ("Help" -> "Vitamin-R Help").

Version 1.63

17th May 2011

The new release

  • addresses an issue with some customized workflows.

Version 1.62

10th May 2011

The new release

  • changes the default font to Helvetica Neue
  • fixes a problem with sound output at the end of time slices

Version 1.61

3rd May 2011

The new release fixes two issues:

  • on some machines some sounds were playing unreliably
  • the bold text attributes could disappear from the objective field upon relaunching

Version 1.60

27th April 2011

In the "notification" section of the preferences you can now specify separate sounds or voice messages to be played when:

  • you stop a time slice before it has elapsed
  • you pause a time slice
  • the time slice elapses

Version 1.59

19th April 2011

The new version extends the range of possible time slice and timed break durations from 2 to 60 minutes.

Version 1.58

12th April 2011

This new version overhauls the preferences dialog and adds new voice and sound notification behaviours.

Version 1.57

29th March 2011

This new version introduces tags to Vitamin-R.

Tags are simply labels associated with your time slice. You enter them at the bottom of the objective field and separate them with commas, semi-colons or by pressing the tab key.

Tags are logged to your log book and Vitamin-R helps you by offering to auto-complete previously used tags.

A simple use of tags is to associate multiple time slices with the same "project". Just use the project name as the tag.

Vitamin-R's support for tags is still at its very beginning. In fact you can do little besides adding tags, visualize them in your log book or export them via the CSV (command separated values) feature.

Rest assured that tags are an integral part of the future of Vitamin-R and that they will quickly become much more powerful. In the coming weeks a new "reporting" feature will be added that will give you statistics about time slices filtered by tags.

The main use for this will be to find out how much time you have spent working on time slices associated with tags. So go ahead and tag time slices with project and/or client names as of now and very soon, you'll be able to use the information in billing your time to your clients!

Version 1.56 & 1.55

10th March 2011

Version 1.56 fixes a crashing issue.

Version 1.55 fixes a minor cosmetic issue that caused the Help menu to appear twice.

Yesterday's version 1.54 delivers the long-awaited customizable workflow that allows you to switch off the parts of the workflow that you may not be interested in and decide what happens for the decision steps that are skipped, e.g.

  • switch off the "breadcrumbs" or the "priming" technique features
  • skip the "eliminate distractions" step
  • always use 25 minutes for the time slice duration rather than asking each time
  • always take a 5 minute timed break after successfully completing an objective
  • automatically extend a time slice if the objective hasn't been completed yet
  • etc, etc.

This will be of particular value to those who want to implement the more rigid Pomodoro Technique workflow thatdictates the length of the "pomodoros" and "breaks".

You can customize the workflow from the "Preferences..." dialog.

Version 1.54

9th March 2011

This new release delivers the long-awaited customizable workflow that allows you to switch off the parts of the workflow that you may not be interested in and decide what happens for the decision steps that are skipped, e.g.

  • switch off the "breadcrumbs" or the "priming" technique features
  • skip the "eliminate distractions" step
  • always use 25 minutes for the time slice duration rather than asking each time
  • always take a 5 minute timed break after successfully completing an objective
  • automatically extend a time slice if the objective hasn't been completed yet
  • etc, etc.

This will be of particular value to those who want to implement the more rigid Pomodoro Technique workflow thatdictates the length of the "pomodoros" and "breaks".

Version 1.53

7th March 2011

This release adds support for custom Dropbox folder locations.

Version 1.52

2nd March 2011

This release fixes an issue that prevented users from switching to dropbox cloud synching of their log books before they completed their first time slice.

Version 1.51

23rd February 2011

This new version now supports log book synchronization between multiple Macs, so that you can work on multiple machines but have a single log book and produce statistics based on your work in multiple locations.

The new mechanism is based on Dropbox and will require that you create a free Dropbox account if you do not yet have one.

You can activate the new synchronization service via the "Sync" tab in the Preferences... dialog. Full documentation is provided in the Help book (choose "Vitamin-R Help" in the "Help" menu).

Please contact us if you experience any problems.

Version 1.50

20th February 2011

This is a minor bug fix relating to the automatic software updating system.

Version 1.49

18th February 2011

This is the first Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard-only release of Vitamin-R.

Dropping the Mac OS X 10.5 backwards compatibility has allowed us to clean up the code, use more modern build tools, make the download smaller, and most importantly, we hope that this move will allow us to further speed up the development of the tool.

We usually support the current version of Mac OS X and one previous version to allow customers plenty of time to upgrade.

Apple has, however, made a number of moves in the last few weeks that make it harder than ever to maintain backwards compatibility. The Mac App Store requires that code be targeted to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Apple's XCode 4 development tools that have gone to Gold Master last week have dropped the Mac OS X 10.5 SDK and PowerPC support entirely.

Vitamin-R was developed from scratch for Snow Leopard using many Snow Leopard-only APIs. Shortly after its launch last April, we got so many requests for a Leopard-compatible version that we spent some considerable time creating a backwards compatible version. At the time, it looked as if this was going to be a one-time investment and as long as we didn't use any further Snow Leopard-only technology we would be fine. Unfortunately, the reality was quite differentt and a good 90% of all bugs that we've squashed in Vitamin-R this past year, were Leopard-only bugs and almost all of them due to Apple's implementation of theObjective-C 2.0 64-bit garbage collected architecture that was introduced in Leopard not quite being up to scratch until Mac OS X 10.6 came out. As a result we have spent endless hours trying to find fixes and workarounds for these problems and we've ended up spending nearly as much time on fixing these Leopard problems as in moving Vitamin-R forward.

In other words, the time has come to get ready for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and drop Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard compatibility a few months early.

Obviously, the current, 1.48 release will remain on the website indefinitely and we've made sure that the auto-update feature won't overwrite your current version with an incompatible Mac OS X 10.6-only version by mistake.

Version 1.48

7th February 2011

More Mac App Store-related fixes.

This is also probably going to be the last Mac OS 10.5 Leopard compatible release.

Version 1.47

4th February 2011

This new version allows the console output to be suppressed by deactivating it from the "Miscellaneous" tab of the "Preferences..." and fixes a problem with preferences not been saved correctly due to recent Mac App Store changes.

Version 1.46

2nd February 2011

This new version further improves keyboard navigation and alerts trial users to the absence (due to Apple restrictions) of dockless operation from the Mac App Store version of Vitamin-R.

Version 1.45

29th January 2011

This new version makes it easier to purchase from the Mac App Store.

Version 1.44

26th January 2011

This new version makes substantial stability improvements on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Version 1.43

26th January 2011

This new version restores software updating and resolves a startup problem on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, both related to Mac App Store changes.

Version 1.42

25th January 2011

This new version includes a number of minor bug fixes:

  • global keyboard shortcuts are now less likely to conflict with existing shortcuts
  • fixed a display value problem when "live" adjusting time slice durations
  • fixes a problem relating to URLs within the Now & Later and Objective text areas
  • a number of minor fixes for the Mac App Store version

Version 1.41

19th January 2011

It is now possible to adjust the duration of a time slice during the time slice.

Version 1.40

6th January 2011

The new version:

  • eliminates the throughly uncool "jumping" around of the main dialog when the application starts up
  • fixes a bug in FastType affecting bulletted lists
  • goes back to the GCC 4.2 compiler because of problems with the generated code of Mac OS X Leopard

Version 1.39

3rd January 2011

This new version delivers a number of bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • fixes a refresh problem for the main popup window
  • fixes a bug in the duration slider
  • introduces a new log file naming convention in preparation for our upcoming Mac-to-Mac synching feature using Dropbox
  • automatic migration from old to new log file naming convention at first launch
  • internal changes to allow Vitamin-R to be submitted to the Mac App Store
  • updated version of BGHUDAppKit controls

As mention in passing above, we are working on Mac-to-Mac synchronization of log files using the free Dropbox service. If anybody is interested in beta testing this feature please contact us at: support@publicspace.net

Version 1.38

7th December 2010

The new version allows the logs to be exported in CSV format.

Comma-Separated Values(CSV) is a standard data exchange format which is supported by most spreadsheet, data analysis, billing and database programs.

You can perform an export by selecting "Export to CSV file..." in the "Logs" submenu of the "Tools" menu. Full documenation of the used format is available under "Vitamin-R Help" in the "Help" menu.

Version 1.37

30th November 2010

The new release adds a new week day statistical chart, which allows you to become more aware about how your ability to concentrate evolves over the course of the week.

Version 1.36

24th November 2010

The new release replaces the Adobe Flash-based charting feature with an HTML 5-based implementation.

Version 1.35

16th November 2010

The new release adds the ability to visualize statistics about your time slices using the new "Statistics Window" available under the "Tool" menu or by pressing Command-1.

The chart displays both the total time worked on time slices over various periods and your concentration levels during this time. More information can be found in the Help book available under the "Vitamin-R Help" item in the "Help" menu.

This is but the first of many charts and analysis options planned for future releases, but already allows you to detect patterns, such as your most productive days of the week, compare your concentration levels over the course of week, etc.

As such it's an invaluable resource for learning more about your own work habits and making changes to how you work and how you plan your week. Expect much more in future releases.

Version 1.34

5th November 2010

This release fixes a bug introduced in Tuesday's release that could cause the main Vitamin-R window to appear with a zero width on some Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard systems.

Version 1.33

2nd November 2010

This release focuses on consolidating the vast array of changes and enhancements made to the tool in the first 6 months after its initial release in April 2010. In fact, the frenetic pace of development resulted in no less than 32 updates and have transformed the tool from an innovative experiment into a day-to-day work horse.

Many of the changes are "under the hood", but result in a much improved overall user experience. Rough edges, especially in the window management have been removed, inconsistencies in behaviour between the various modes that the tool can be run in (as a full application, a dockless application, with or without automatic window hiding, etc.) have been removed, disparate internal structures unified, keyboard-only operation has been streamlined, menus consolidated, etc, etc.

All in all, this latest release is a solid foundation for the improvements planned for the next 6 months of continuous development.

We hope you'll enjoy using it.

Version 1.32

12th October 2010

The new version provides a host of minor enhancements.

  • improved behavior when working with multiple Mac OS X
  • "Spaces"
  • more robust switching between "full application" and "dockless" operation.
  • enhanced bullet list behavior
  • "Noise Machine Integration" topic listed directly in the "Help" menu
  • appearance panel closing behavior fixed
  • intermittent now & later board font properties oddness fixed

Version 1.31

6th October 2010

This new version provides integration between Vitamin-R and our new Noise Machine product.

Noise Machine is a white, pink and brown noise generator and soundscape player designed to help you mask distracting noise and produce an ambience suitable for concentrated work.

It comes with 17 additional high quality soundscapes:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Babbling Brook
  • Beach with Seagulls
  • Savannah Crickets at Night
  • Deep Space Rumble
  • Engine Room
  • Fierce Wind
  • Florida Keys Light Rain
  • Icy Stream
  • Icy Cold Wind
  • Little Italy Sidewalk Café
  • Ocean Surf
  • Idyllic Morning in the Park
  • Thunder
  • Thunder with Rain
  • Reactor Core
  • Waterfall

Best of all, Noise Machine is free for all registered Vitamin-R users.

Vitamin-R can play the sounds contained in Noise Machine automatically when a time slice starts and stop it when the time slice is over, via the "continuous sound" option in the "Preferences...". You can also manually activate the sounds in the "Noise Machine" section of the "Tools" menu.

Noise Machine does not need to be running for this to work, but it will need to be installed in the Applications folder and you do need to restart Vitamin-R after installing Noise Machine so that it can detect the sound files.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

Version 1.30

28th September 2010

The new version adds an improved version of the noise machine included in version 1.29:

  • completely gapless playback for white, pink and brown noise
  • synchronized with the beginnig and end of a time slice
  • second completely separate noise machine that can be manually controlled via the Tools -> Noise Machine menu
  • important Leopard fix that should effectively work around a Leopard bug that caused crashes on some systems
  • improved error logging for problems when switching between "full application" and "dockless" operation

Version 1.29

11th September 2010

This is afix for a situation where you potentially had to click the unlock code link twice in order to unlock the program.

Version 1.28

7th September 2010

This release improves support for Francesco Cirillo's Pomodoro Technique by allowing you play a continuously ticking clock sound during your time slices.

The Vitamin-R productivity system and Cirillo's Pomodoro Technique have much in common and many Pomodoro users are using Vitamin-R to implement a more flexible version of this technique. Cirillo advocates the use of a continuously ticking clock to focus attention on the task at hand and to "condition" yourself to concentrate as soon as you hear the sound.

Version 1.28 also includes a basic white, brown and pink noise generator.

We are working on a standalone noise generator called "Noise Machine" which will be released in the next few weeks. It will also be able to play a variety of "soundscapes". Most if not all of its features will be integrated directly into Vitamin-R as well and "Noise Machine" will be free for all Vitamin-R owners. It will unlock automatically if it finds an unlocked version of Vitamin-R.

Version 1.27

25th August 2010

This release adds sound and speech notifications during and at the end oftimed breaks.

Tip: If you have not yet tried timed breaks, please do. They provide a good way of enjoying a guilt-free break while making sure that you get back to work within a reasonable amount of timed. They only need a little getting used to while delivering great benefits.

Version 1.26

18th August 2010

This release simplifies the way in which the duration of a timeslice is reported in the user log to avoid confusion.

Version 1.25

12th August 2010

This release (hopefully permanently) fixes a intermittent crashing bug affecting some Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard machines, caused by a memory management problem in the Mac OS X 10.5 text system.

Version 1.24

5th August 2010

This release fixes a problem where the sound preferences would not work correctly.

Version 1.23

4th August 2010

This latest release brings back the log book feature introduced in version 1.22:

  • more resilient to missing, incomplete or incorrectly formatted data
  • user logs only read at the moment when the information is needed

The new version also adds:

  • the ability to select between three different menu bar icons (useful mostly when running on smaller laptop screens)
  • fixes the gear menu on the Now & Later Board to correctly allow click and drag operation
  • fixes a size problem with the objective text view

Version 1.22

30th July 2010

This latest release fixes a crashing bug with the previous release.

The Log Book feature which caused these crashes has been removed until the problem can be fixed properly.

If you have already auto-updated to version 1.21, you will need to manually download this version from the web site to replace the old version. Sorry!

Version 1.21

28th July 2010

This latest release adds a log book that allows the time slice logs to be consulted more easily.

You can reach this feature via the Command-L keyboard shortcut or under the "Log" menu.

Version 1.20

22nd July 2010

This latest release make a number of improvements and refinements:

  • can now speak a custom sentence at the end of a time slice
  • adds a new alarm sound for signalling the end of a time slice
  • updates the preferences pane
  • makes some cosmetic refinements to the menu bar item

Version 1.19

15th July 2010

This latest release fixes a bug with the unlocking mechanism introduced by the Things integration.

Version 1.18

13th July 2010

This latest release delivers the much awaited integration with Things from Cultured Code.

  • drag & drop to dos from Things into Vitamin-R's objective field
  • click the newly created hyperlink to get back to your to do in Things
  • when you mark the objective as completed in Vitamin-R, all associated to-dos are marked as completed and moved to the Log Book in Things
  • Help Book updated with "Things Integration" section

It is also now possible to dis-able the auto-hiding of Vitamin-R's the main pop up window.

Version 1.17

6th July 2010

This latest release fixes minor issues with the keyboard navigation and operation as a dockless application.

Version 1.16

29th June 2010

The new release features numerous refinements of the text editing features and improves OmniFocus integration.

Version 1.15

24th June 2010

The new release prevents accidental deletion of now & later board sheets.

Version 1.14

22nd June 2010

The new release allows for greater control over text editing features:

  • a default font for all text views can be selected
  • rich text editing features, such as spell checking, grammar checking, smart dashes, smart quotes, etc can now be switched on and off globally from the preferences

Reminders are now also played during time slice extensions and a Leopard-only crashing bug has been fixed.

Version 1.13

15th June 2010

This release focuses on the Now & Later Board.

Some people have expressed confusion about the strikethrough text trait and felt that it had become "sticky". The new release makes it much easier to understand what is happening and how to get out of the "strikethrough" mode. The main text traits (bold, italic, underline and strikethrough) are now displayed in a mini text toolbar at the bottom of the window. This makes it obvious which text traits are currently active, and allows them to be toggled on and off more conveniently.

In addition, two new items were added to the gear menu to facilitate working with the strikethrough text trait. "Make Plain Text" strips the selection of all text traits and "Strikethrough" toggles the trait.

Version 1.12

8th June 2010

This release adds the Command-Up Arrow shortcut key for accessing the "gear" menu quickly via the keyboard.

Version 1.11

1st June 2010

This release allows the tool to run as a "dock-less" application being accessible solely via its menu bar status item and its global keyboard shortcuts, thus making it much less obtrusive as it does not appear in the dock or the Command-Tab application switching list.

Click the (R) icon in the menu bar or press Control-R to activate the application. Right-click the (R) icon to bring up the main menu.

If you prefer working with a "full" application that presents a menu bar, a dock icon and appears in the Command-Tab application switching list, select "Run as Full Application..." from the "Gear" menu.

Version 1.10

17th May 2010

This release fixes the global Control-R shortcut.

Version 1.09

17th May 2010

This release fixes a bug that affects only users who have chosen to remove the "Start Timed Break" shortcut.

Version 1.08

17th May 2010

This release fixes a bug that affected the later pad keyboard shortcut and its customization.

Version 1.07

11th May 2010

This release delivers an integration with OmniGroup's popular OmniFocus to-do list manager.

Vitamin-R is designed to complement traditional to-do list managers and enrich them with better support during actual task execution. The integration allows tasks to be dragged and dropped directly from OmniFocus into Vitamin-R's "objective" field where this will create a clickable link that brings the user straight back to the task in OmniFocus. These links are included in the time slice log files created by Vitamin-R and remain clickable.

When a time slice whose objective is linked to an OmniFocus task is logged as "completed" in Vitamin-R, the item will automatically be marked as completed in OmniFocus.

This behavior can be switched off from the Preferences dialog.

Similar integrations with Cultured Code's Things and other to-do list managers are planned for future releases.

Version 1.06

5th May 2010

This is a fairly big release that delivers a number of usability improvements and cosmetic changes.

We have changed the default "pop-up" window style to more closely resemble the Mac OS X Snow Leopard dock menu "bubbles" complete with rounded corners, transparency and white outline.

Better still, we have provided you with extensive control over how the pop-up window is drawn. Select the "Appearance" item in the "Vitamin-R" menu and you will be furnished with controls allowing you to change the window background color and opacity, the rounding of the corners, the insets, the size of the "top arrow", the borders, the gradient, etc.

If you preferred the "old" more rectangular style, it's easy to imitate it with the help of the appearance panel.

We'd love to see what you come up with so, please feel free to send screenshots of your own creations to support@publicspace.net. We are thinking about adding a few "user presets" so if you want to share your creations, please do not hesitate.

On the usability front, the biggest improvements center around keyboard control. You can now control the entire application without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Command-Left Arrow
Command-BackspaceGo the previous screenCommand-Right Arrow
Command-EnterGo to the next screenEscape
Command-WClose the pop-up windowControl-RToggle Vitamin-RTabNext fieldShift-TabPrevious fieldControl-TabNext field when in text fieldControl-Shift-TabPrevious field when in text field

In order to be able to tab through all controls, you will need to switch on "Full keyboard access":

  1. go to the "Apple" menu
  2. select "System Preferences..."
  3. Select "Keyboard"
  4. Select the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab
  5. choose "All Controls" in the "Full Keyboard Access"

The other major improvement in this new release is that it is now possible to pause time slices.

Other changes include better menu bar item tracking, minor bug fixes, tweaks, etc.

Version 1.05

27th April 2010

Fixes a few more teething problems:

  • Now & Later Board contents are now once again saved automatically to prevent data loss in the event of a crash.
  • the pop-up window now sticks to its menu bar item even when this is moved.
  • thepop-up window now positions itself properly if the dock menu is positioned to the right of the main screen.

Version 1.04

26th April 2010

Major changes to the Now & Later Board and the FastType feature:

  • "gear" menu gives easy accessrich text controls: rulers, fonts, styles, colors
  • bullets now create RTF text lists providing more intuitive control over list creation, indentation, etc.
  • new "numbered" lists
  • much improved undo behavior
  • Command-W and Escape key dismiss the window

Workflow changes:

  • can now move to next screen via Command-Right Arrow or Command-Return
  • can move back to previous screen via Command-Left Arrow or Command-Backspace

Version 1.01/ 1.02/ 1.03

20th April 2010

Version 1.03 fixes Leopard compatibility that was briefly broken in version 1.01 and 1.02 that were uploaded earlier today; if you have already downloaded 1.01 or 1.02 on a Leopard machine, you need re-download and install the application via drag & drop. Sorry!

This is the first of a series of hopefully quick releases that try to sort out some teething problems with version 1.0.

This release:

  • fixes the shortcut customization option for the "Read Objective Aloud" feature
  • adds a help book entry on how to choose the "right" duration for your time slice.. and in the process it clarifies the significance of the "Motivation Level" and "Resistance Level" indicators
  • updates the help book with clarifications, corrections and additions
  • replaces the term "totalling", which in US English is spelled with one L and in UK English is spelled with two, thus causing unsightly red underlines either in the UK or the US..
  • activates Undo for the objective text area in the "Rate Your Time Slice" UI
  • allows the font and color to be freely chosen for the objective text area

Version 1.0

17th April 2010

This is the first full release of Vitamin-R.

Version 0.10

15th April 2010

It would appear that the iCal integration introduced in version 0.8 yesterday is causing high CPU usage on some machines.

This release disables the feature until the problem can be properly analyzed and a full fix can be released.

Version 0.9

15th April 2010

This is the first release candidate for version 1.0 of Vitamin-R.

The release adds a new feature for managing to-do lists within the now & later board.

  • Typing -- (two minus signs) at the end of a line of text will strike out (draw a line all the way across) the entire line.

In practice this works better than adding the checkmark (type done' ) at the end of the line, because it's easier to see, not to mention more satisfying than just deleting the line.

The new version also:

  • updates the Help Book
  • solves a quitting problem where the Now & Later Board would obscure the
  • quit dialog.

The performance analysis and statistics features are not ready for prime-time yet, but will be rolled out shortly after the upcoming 1.0 release.

Version 0.8

14th April 2010

The new version adds more sophisticated time controls allowing you to easily judge how a time slice fits into your schedule.

On Snow Leopard, the time control shows calendar events around the current time slice to provide a better context for your decisions.

The new version also:

  • make changes to how the windows work with other applications eliminating some awkward situations
  • changes some font settings in the Now & Later board
  • makes the objective area fully aware of hyperlinks (useful when working with OmniFocus for instance), images, etc.
  • corrects some spelling mistakes and UK English phrasings
  • sets the defaults to more frequent speech and sound reminders

Your feedback is always important but especially crucial at this stage of development, so please do not hesitate to contact us at: support@publicspace.net.

Version 0.7

8th April 2010

We are quickly approaching version 1.0, so there are plenty of refinements in the latest update:

  • Now & Later Board uses black text on de-saturated coloured backgrounds for better legibility and easier integration with other text sources
  • main window now remains open when the application is inactive which makes dragging and dropping task items from OmniFocus, Things and other sources much easier
  • all text templates revised with easier to follow and shorted descriptions
  • priming template rewritten
  • hiding and quitting dialogs updated
  • background colors for the different pads can now be set in the Preferences dialog
  • various minor and cosmetic refinements

Version 0.6

2nd April 2010

New release in this release:

  • Now & Later Board background transparency can now be adjusted with a slider
  • darker Now & Later Board window
  • links to website
  • updated main window

Version 0.5

31st March 2010

This new release:

  • fixes some issues with the logging feature
  • fixes objective editing from the info window
  • makes various cosmetic changes
  • displays the current day of the trial in the window

Version 0.4

30th March 2010

This new release features a complete user interface re-vamp based on early customer feedback.

The wordy interface is replaced with a streamlined menu bar pop-up that is somewhat reminiscent of the iPad menus. We feel that this has made the whole user experiencemuch more intuitive as it is much simpler to figure out what is happening at the moment and what options you have.

Version 0.3

29th March 2010

This release fixes a start-up bug on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Version 0.2

29th March 2010

This release fixes a start-up bug that affects some systems. Apparently we have run into a limitation of the ShortcutRecorder framework that we are using.

Meanwhile, the main feedback we have received so far is that the interface is too wordy and thus feels clunky and overcomplicated.. so we are currently busy re-working the interface to bring it to minimalist perfection. Work is going very well and we think you'll love the sparkly clean new style. We sure do. Expect a first glimpselater this week.

Version 0.1

26th March 2010

After the first fews days of public testing, the consensus amongst testers seems to be that the program is already stable and has caused no major problems, so we are dropping the "beta" and are going for the pre-release countdown.

The current version number basically means "stable enough to work with on day-to-day basis, but some features are not yet 100% complete". Expect a 1.0 release in the next few weeks.

Overnight a crash report relating to Apple Data Detectors in the Now & Later Board reached us. Data detectors are Apple’s wizardry that detects phone numbers, addresses and dates in your text documents and brings up options like creating an appointment in iCal, etc. They can be very handy which is why I switched them on, but they have never been very stable on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to address the problem because the crashing code is all Apple's and all third party developers can do is to switch the feature on or off.

While investigating the problem, I came across lots of crashes in Mail.app on Leopard, so it looks like the data detectors simply are not working that reliably on Leopard.

As a result, the 0.1 release of Vitamin-R switches off the automatic data detection on Leopard by default. Data detectors remain switched on in Snow Leopard. Whichever platform you are on, you can manually switch automatic data detection on or off in the Preferences dialog. This may lead to the occasional crash on Leopard, but this is probably a very rare problem.

In my experience, people are very reluctant to report problems or give feedback on pre-release software, assuming that the developer must be getting tons of reports of the problems that they experience. Unfortunately, this also means that it is not uncommon that no problems are reported in beta testing and then when the 1.0 release comes out, everybody goes “I can’t believe that still haven’t fixed this!”.

So please, please. Report any problems you encounter. We can only fix problems that we know about!

Version 0.01 beta 2

25th March 2010

This second beta streamlines the workflow so that you can start a new time slice as soon as you have completed the previous one without having to take a break in between.

Taking regular guilt-free breaks is still important, but there is no point in forcing breaks when none is needed.

The new release also fixes a bug where Vitamin-R would quit instead of hiding.

Version 0.01 beta 1

24th March 2010

This is the first public beta release of our new productivity application.

Vitamin-R (net.publicspace.dist.vitaminr) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Vitamin-R 1.98. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Vitamin-R 1.48.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Vitamin-R.app

Minimum OS version: 10.6

Bundle Information: version 1.73

Copyright: (c) Frank Reiff, 2011. All rights reserved.