Vvidget Builder is a powerful point-and-click graph building tool. With it, you can fine tune data presentations, add graphics and figures, layout entire pages, drag-and-drop charts and a whole lot more. In addition, chart tasks provide quick starts with a table interface. With Vvidget Builder you are given the freedom and power to layout presentations the way you want them. Vvidget Builder is both powerful and intricate so view the movies at for a good introduction.


  • Graphs: Linear, One to Sixteen Y Axis Linear, Log, Semi-Log (X and Y directions), Log-Log, Full-Cycle and Sub-Cycle Log, Polar, R-Log Polar, Date, One to Sixteen Linear Y Axis X-Date, Date-Log and 3D Rectilinear Perspective.
  • Data Graphics: Function (Line), Scatter, Trajectory, Point Map, 3D Surface, 3D Scatter and 3D density (Volumetric) graphics.
  • General Graphics: Line, Rectangle, Oval, Parallelogram, Circle, Ellipse, Pie Wedge, Curve, Polygon, Cubic Bezier Sections, Path, Label and Image graphics.
  • Chart Tasks: Chart tasks take data and make graphs. You can make a simple line graph to more unusual polar-point-map graphs.
  • General Attributes: Shadow, diffusion, gradients and standard fill and stroke type effects.
  • Real-Time: Attributes edit and change in real time. 3D graphics rotate and update in realtime.
  • Data Attributes: Dashes, markers and labels. Unlimited capabilities to make new markers and end caps.
  • Graph Attributes: There are a large amount of tunable graph attributes including grid and subgrid color, width, dash, limit values, tick and subtick placements, color, length, width, label format, frame and background color, title values and placement, font type and size, label angles, offsets and gaps.
  • Editing: Point-wise vertex and spline knot editing, smoothing, a large quantity of direct attribute inspector editing, rotate, skew, copy, paste, delete, etc.
  • Palettes: Includes standard palettes for drag and drop creation and the ability to create your own palettes.
  • Export and Import: Export figures to PDF, print them, or copy the data directly. Importing data is as simple as pasting a space delimited sequence of numeric text values. Export high resolution images into your favorite applications like Power Point.
  • Documents: Stores results in a Vvidget Builder document.
  • High-Level Design: You are never trapped into a limited design. For example, you can have any marker because markers are graphics and the editing and graphic design is recursive.


  • Mailing with your concerns is the best way to provide feedback regarding this product. Your input is very valuable and is more meaningful with direct input.
  • Vvidget Builder offers a generous amount of help features including comprehensive manuals, forums and contextual help buttons. In addition, contact VVI for individual help.
  • The movies at give a good introduction.
  • The forums at can provide valuable information.

  • What's New
  • Added Bubble Graphs.
  • Added the ability to mark each point on 2D line graphs, scatter plots and trajectory plots with a string or number label.
  • Added label and bubble value tables to the Point Tags Inspector Editor.
  • Added label and bubble value tables to the Set Of 2D Points task.
  • Updated the manual to describe the new features and also significantly enhance existing documentation sections.
  • Fixed user reported feature deficiencies.

  • VVidget Builder (com.vvi.vvidgetbuilder) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Vvidget/VVidget