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WebDrive for Mac OS X

Release Notes - Version 3.0

Version: 3.20.388Release Date: October 30, 2013
Important Information
WebDrive for Mac OS X version 3 has been updated to leverage the latest features of the Mac OS X operating system and Intel® based processors. As such, WebDrive for Mac OS X version 3 and later require OS X 10.7 Lion or OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion running on an Intel based processor. OS X Snow Leopard and older OS's are not supported. If you are running OS X Snow Leopard or older or are running on a non-Intel (PowerPC) based system, please use WebDrive for Mac version 2. Links to version 2 are located at the bottom of this document. Note: South River Technologies is not able to provide technical support for older versions of the product.
What's New?

  • Added: Support for OSX Mavericks 10.9.
  • Added: WebDrive can now be installed for the current user, bypassing the Admin login credential requirement.
  • Added: Support for Amazon S3 site profile types.For more information on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3), visit the Amazon S3 website.
  • Added: Support for Google Drive site profile types. For more information on Google Drive, visit the Google Drive website.
  • Added: WebDrive now includes better logging options including a "Trace Protocol Level Commands" setting for each individual site profile which allows the user to enable low level traffic logging. This is useful when diagnosing connection issues.
  • Added: During a Mount operation, a status dialing is now displayed with the ability to Cancel the mount.
  • Added: The WebDrive installer is now signed by SRT's certificate.
  • Added: The '/allprop' option for WebDAV Servers is now supported.
  • Added: The 'Add Trailing Slash to Directory Requests' option for WebDAV Servers is now supported and Enabled by default in accordance with the recommendations of RFC2518.
  • Added: Anonymous access is now supported by the FTP engine.
  • Added: More granular caching objects which are more in-line with WebDrive for Windows.

What's Changed or Fixed?

  • Fixed: Issue with the Google Drive connector which would cause Rename to fail (Build 382)
  • Fixed: WebDAV issue which could cause subdirectories to show up twice if the WebDAV URI pointed to a subdirectory such as http://hostname/dir1/dir2/ (Build 381)
  • Fixed: Extended the allowable length of a URI for WebDAV to 132 characters (Build 380)
  • Fixed: Problem with the Localization files which failed to display English text if no localized text was available (Build 379)
  • Fixed: Problem which caused Microsoft Office 11 'Save File' to fail on WebDAV and WebDAV/S servers (Build 377)
  • Fixed: Problem which caused Microsoft Office 11 'Save File' to fail on SFTP servers (Build 376)
  • Fixed: UTF-8 could not be disabled for FTP servers (Build 375)
  • Fixed: WebDAV issue which failed to include server supplied cookies during an authentication attempt (Build 373).
  • Fixed: The OSXFUSE installer was missing from the application. OSXFUSE is now included and a check is made to ensure that OSXFUSE 2.5.4 or later is installed before allowing WebDrive to run (Build 372).
  • Fixed: FTP issue which could parse dates incorrectly from remote FTP servers if the file was less than 6 months old and MLST was not support and the server was Unix based (Build 370).
  • Fixed: FTP issue which would cause problems with folder attributes being retrieved properly if server supported MLST (Build 370).
  • Fixed: Issue which could cause an application exception if WebDrive sat idle for an extended period of time while a drive was mapped. (Build 370).
  • Fixed: Potential directory listing issue in S3 which could cause the current directory to be listed as a subdirectory too. (Build 370).
  • Fixed: Fixed minor performance issues in the caching engine. (Build 360).
  • Fixed: Fixed issue in the Dav engine which could prevent an upload from being reattempted if it failed in the middle. (Build 360).
  • Fixed: Fixed issue in the connection manager which could corrupt an internet connection object under heavy load leading to transfer failures. (Build 360).
  • Fixed: Fixed various issues in the Google Drive engine when using an initial remote directory. (Build 358).
  • Fixed: Fixed various issues in the caching subsystem which made the system run slow. (Build 355).
  • Fixed: Fixed problem with WebDAV folder enumeration when the folder had spaces in it and the items in the folder had spaces in them. (Build 355).
  • Fixed: Fixed problem with S3 rename of a folder containing spaces. (Build 355).
  • Fixed: The FUSE options were not being saved in the Advanced Settings window. (Build 355).
  • Fixed: Fixed Wizard problem which left the "Authenticate Google Drive" button visible even if the server type was not Google. (Build 351).
  • Fixed: When mounting a WebDrive, the WebDrive Site Manager would not recognize a failed mount in a timely manner. (Build 351).
  • Fixed: The Google Drive Site Profile Wizard is now back enabled after some bug fixing (Build 350).
  • Fixed: Fixed bug which prevented drive from being mounted (Build 349).
  • Fixed: The installer was not signed properly which prevented the sparkle Update framework from upgrading from an older release (Build 348).
  • Fixed: The 'Next' button in the Amazon S3 wizard would enable even if there was no bucket selected (Build 348).
  • Fixed: The Amazon S3 Wizard now has a link to "Click Here To Retrieve S3 Access Keys" to take you to the S3 website (Build 348).
  • Fixed: For WebDAV Servers, the URI is now preserved to contain both the IP address and the remote path.
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary/inapplicable menu items from the main WebDrive menu.
  • Fixed: 401 permission denied for WebDAV Servers was causing multiple login attempts, it will now only try this once to prevent banning from the server.
  • Fixed: The installer now checks for OS/X Lion and later and prevents installation if this minimum OS requirements are not met.
  • Changed: WebDrive now utilizes OSXFUSE as the underlying file system engine replacing the now defunct MacFUSE.
  • Changed: WebDrive now has a new and updated User Interface.
  • Updated: N Software framework to v9.2013.Q1 (Build 370).
  • Updated: Sparkle framework to 1.5 b6.
  • Removed: deprecated Mount Options from the site profile.

Please download the latest release of WebDrive to your computer. This will create a .DMG file. Double-click on the .DMG file which will open the file to display the WebDrive installer, called WebDrive.PKG. Double-click on the .PKG file to launch the WebDrive installer. The installer will walk you through the process of installing WebDrive to your Applications folder. Once the WebDrive installer has completed, launch WebDrive by double-clicking on the WebDrive application in the Applications folder.

Obtaining Technical Support

Although we strive to make WebDrive as easy to configure and use as is possible, sometimes you may need some assistance. We've gone to great lengths to publish information on our website which is availablefor review. However, if that's not your style, we understand, so we also offer freeonline technical support for registered users of WebDrive. To submit a question to our technical team, launch WebDrive on yourcomputer and click the 'I Need Technical Support' selection under the WebDrive Help Menu. You can also visit our websiteonline at www.SRTHelpDesk.com


These links provide access to old versions of WebDrive for Mac OS X. These links are provided for reference only. South River Technologies does not provide technical support for older versions of our software. We highly recommend using only the latest version of WebDrive for Mac, and on a fully patched version of the latest OS X operating system. Please keep in mind that using old software is done at your own risk.

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WebDrive for Mac (com.southrivertechnologies.webdrive) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is WebDrive for Mac 3.20.388. The most popular version of this application used by our users is WebDrive for Mac 16.0.476.

Operating System: Mac

Bundle Identifier: WebDrive (com.southrivertechnologies.WebDrive)

Minimum OS version: 10.7