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July 30, 2012
January 18, 2013

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Yasu Version History

v2.8.2 (337)

  • Fix bug clearing font caches on 10.4 and earlier systems introduced in 2.8.0 release.

v2.8.1 (336)

  • Rebuilt as Universal binary for PPC users.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the main window from opening for Lion and Mountain Lion users.

v2.8.0 (335)

  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion compatibility.
  • Add paths for Apple sandboxed app container cache files.
  • Prevent unexpected system reboot on blank password error.
  • Fix nag screen progress bar to redraw properly if displayed more than once in a launch.
  • Update copyright year in Info.plist.

v2.7.6 (330)

  • Addressed an issue where Yasu would not remove user cache files that had incorrect permissions.
  • Changed how Yasu logs errors so they're easier to find in the log file (at the very end now).
  • When Yasu does log errors, the application will perform the final steps (restart, shut down, etc.) after user has dismissed the error notification panel.
  • The Cancel button on the run panel now disables as tasks are being performed, and re-enables between tasks.
  • Other small code factoring.

v2.7.5 (325)

  • Fixed a bug introduced in the Lion release that prevented the app from quitting when the main window was closed. (credit to Dr. Smoke - http://www.thexlab.com)

v2.7.4 (324)

  • Lion (OS X 10.7) Compatibility

v2.7.3 (323)

  • Excluded "~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage/" path from browser history cleaning for OS X 10.6 since Apple stores pertinent info there now.
  • Added additional system kernel cache cleaning routines.
  • Added additional Safari History cache cleaning routines.
  • Changed to Sparkle Update Engine v1.5
  • Other minor UI tweaks

v2.7.1 (321)

  • Recompiled to run on OS X 10.4 PPC machines.

v2.7 (320)

  • Finally moved Firefox favicon removal to the favicon removal routines.
  • Removed the implied "Safari" only reference for favicon removal.

v2.6.8 (317)

  • Failure to clear all system & browser cache files if there were an overly large number of files to be removed.
  • Adding the “-r” (recursive) switch to the reset launch services option for Snow Leopard which was mistakenly omitted.
  • Fixed an issue where the maintenance preferences were not being written to disk when Yasu was quit.
  • Other minor UI fixes and code factoring.

v2.6.7 (314)

  • Added browser cache, history and cookie removal routines for Google Chrome.
  • Addressed a rare issue that caused the "Reset home permissions" option to fail on some systems.

v2.6.6 (312)

  • Fixed the “Error number: 2 - sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file” error some users have been reporting.

v2.6.5 (309)

  • Updated reset launch services for better Snow Leopard compatibility.
  • Rewrote cache removal routine. Allows removing large number of files, and logs exactly which files are being removed.
  • Added Flash Cookie removal as part of "Remove cookies" option.

v2.6.4 (307)

  • Final updates and changes for Snow Leopard (10.6) compatibility.

v2.6.3 RC1 (305)

  • Added updates and changes for Snow Leopard (10.6) compatibility.

v2.6.2 (303)

  • Added Firefox 3.5 history removal.
  • Fixed bug that caused errors when trying to delete a large number of browser cache files for both Safari & Firefox.

v2.6.1 (302)

  • Fixed Tiger only bug introduced in changes made to "Clear system logs" routine.

v2.6.0 (301)

  • Updated Safari cache & history clearing for latest versions (3.2.x & 4.0.x).
  • Added back "lsregister" command as part of Reset Launch Services for appropriate systems (Tiger/Leopard).
  • Update/add new log file paths for Leopard.
  • Other small under-the-hood tweaks and fixes.

v2.5.8 (298)

  • Minor fix to Traditional Chinese Localization that was causing crash at startup when trying to set Sparkle update preference.

v.2.5.7 (295)

  • changed "done" sound to aiff from wav since it was freaking out some machines
  • made "done" sound toggleable via "defaults write"...
    • Sound on: defaults write com.jimmitchelldesign.yasu PlaySound -int 1
    • Sound off: defaults write com.jimmitchelldesign.yasu PlaySound -int 0
  • changed doNSTask() routines to doShellScript() to fix spurious keychain corruption issues
  • fixed French localization (missing/incorrect strings)
  • added additional DARWIN cache paths
  • fixed archived log removal paths where applicable to Tiger/Leopard
  • changed references of "jimmitchell.org" to "jim mitchell design" in help
  • added routine to change name of "com.jmo.yasu.plist" to "com.jimmitchelldesign.yasu.plist"
  • changed links in software from "jimmitchell.org" to "jimmitchelldesign.com"
  • added Sparkle.framework for better update checks
  • removed "curl" based application update checking
  • disabled user preferences related to curl based update checks

v2.5.4 (280)

  • Minor fix to keychain closing method to prevent app crash on faster machines when restarting/shutting down

v2.5.3b3 (278)

  • Added DNS cache flush to browser history

v2.5.3b2 (277)

  • Added cache & temp file removal to system domain for /private/var/folders/ specific to Leopard

v2.5.3b1 (276)

  • Update reset launch services for Leopard
  • Changed/updated many paths that were shared, Tiger only, and/or Leopard only
  • Locks all keychains before restart, shut down and log out to hopefully prevent spurious reports of keychain corruption

2.5.2 (275)

  • Fixed Safari Favicon removal issue.
  • Fixed Safari History index removal.
  • Added new French translation (thanks to Ronald Leroux).
  • Added additional user font & cache cleaning specific to Leopard (thanks to Tom Neveu).
  • Added credit for Italian localization by Giovanni Gualeni to help files.
  • Removed unnecessary pages from help file.

2.5.1 (270)

  • Fixed a condition that would prevent the indeterminate progress indicator of the status window from animating in Leopard (10.5).

2.5 (265)

  • Updated how periodic scripts get run due to changes made in Leopard.
  • Yasu still runs on Tiger (10.4), and is fully compatible with Leopard (10.5).

2.1.1 (260)

  • Fixed a condition that would cause an error when a user’s home directory resides on a different partition than the system, and the home directory is protected by FileVault.

2.1 (255)

  • Many under the hood optimizations for faster and more reliable performance.
  • Update prebinding no longer requires a restart.
  • Added cache paths for Firefox, and fixed a couple of paths pertaining to Safari.

2.0.7 (250)

  • Fixed an issue where non-standard characters in registration name would not allow the application to properly store registration info.

2.0.6 (245)

  • Added time-out to version checking.
  • Registration validation for improperly entered registration info.
  • Disabled the donate menu once Yasu has been registered.

2.0.5 (240)

  • Fixed authorization window UI issue that would allow it to be closed and cause Yasu to get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Reset home permissions” option that would pop up if the User Cache folder was already empty, or didn’t exist.
  • Changed the version checking option to be off by default on a new installation for those who still use dial-up.

2.0.4 (235)

  • Fixed a bug that would cause an AppleScript error to be thrown when app closed main window while still trying to write to preferences file.
  • Changed nag behavior to hassle unregistered users at every run (sorry).

2.0.3 (230)

  • Addressed an issue related to swap file removal while a “Previous System” was still on the machine.
  • Corrected a path related to Reset Launch Services which was causing the task to not do anything.

2.0.2 (225)

  • Removed all keychain storage functions. Keychain Scripting is just too flakey.

2.0.1 (220)

  • Fixed an issue with keychain access on slower machines with a large number of keychain items.
  • Corrected a bug that would cause an error in freshly created accounts where ‘~/Library/Logs/’ didn’t already exist.
  • Added Italian localization.

2.0 (215)

  • Complete rewrite (again).
  • New options added, new preferences and behaviors.
  • Many UI enhancements.
  • Nearly every suggestion or request has been added.
  • Too many new options to mention here.


  • Fixed an issue with Intel machines that would prevent PPC based apps from launching after running Yasu.
  • Added Danish localization
  • Other minor tweaks.


  • Built as a Universal Binary.


  • Fixed authentication issues brought about by changes in the Apple Security Update 2005-009.


  • Fixed a minor bug that prevented browser cookies for Safari to not be deleted.
  • Added a few new System Cache cleaning routines that are specific to Tiger.


  • Fixed minor issue where Yasu would not quit if the main window was closed. This fixes a bug that would result in an AppleScript error when trying to open the preference sheet if the main window did not exist.


  • Corrected authentication issues that prevented the periodic tasks from running as the real “root” user.
  • Fixed an application prebinding issue that would result in an error for some configurations, or prevent it from running completely.
  • Changed the preference storage method, fixing a bug that would not properly write changes to the .plist file.
  • Changed UI from brushed metal to aqua.
  • Fixed a couple of broken links in the help file.


  • Rewrote several routines to allow for Tiger compatibility, which made it no longer compatible with systems prior to 10.4.
  • Fixed a minor bug that would cause the application to eliminate it’s own log file.
  • Also tweaked a few interface elements.


  • Fixed issue with authentication field not getting focus when panel opened.
  • Also mapped thekey to remaining “Cancel” buttons.


  • Fixed a minor bug with log archive removal for console app logs. Directory structure is different between Panther and Jaguar.


  • Total rewrite, adding many new options, refining code and new help file.
  • Changes are too numerous to list here.


  • Rewrote many routines from the ground up.
  • Consolidated authentication operation to be more secure and better integrated.
  • Also added Panther multi-user notification option for admins.
  • Removed ‘reboot’ option for non-admin users since it was unnecessary.


  • Changed reboot method to fix a bug relating to Apple’s System Events.


  • Internal code optimization and addressed how a workstation gets rebooted to be more graceful.


  • Minor UI tweaks to accommodate non-admin user operation.


  • Finally figured out the Jaguar blank admin password issue and fixed it.


  • Added non-admin account access to the “Clear user cache” and “Clear internet cache” options without the need to authenticate


  • Fixed preference reading bug for first time users when changing the “Update prebinding” or “Clear system cache” switches.


  • Added option to clear out archived log files.


  • Fixed bug in main window “action” button that would cause AppleScript error if user clicked button while Yasu was counting down for reboot.
  • Also changed behavior of button once all tasks are run.


  • Fixed bug in the way authentication handled blank administrator passwords.


  • Fixed bug creating log file if the path “~/Library/Log” does not already exist.


  • Added an application log (~/Library/Logs/Yasu.log) with menu items to open and clear it.


  • Interface enhancements to require a reboot if the ‘Clear system cache’ or ‘Update prebinding’ options are selected in the main and preference windows.


  • Combined the ‘Safari’ cache removal with the ‘internet’ cache removal and removed that option from the UI.


  • Added “rm -rf /private/temp/*” to system cache removal routines.


  • Removed internet cache removal for Camino, Mozilla & Netscape due to how the apps store their caches which caused some users troubles. Will work on reinstating the options better in a later build.


  • Added internet cache removal for Camino, Mozilla & Netscape Navigator.


  • Added internal error checking.


  • Added user preferences to define preferred default tasks at launch.


  • Minor help file, interface and read me document tweaks.


  • Moved authentication field from the main window to its own panel.


  • Implemented simple built in Help file.


  • Added ‘user’, ‘internet’ & ‘Safari’ cache cleaning routines.


  • Revised “reboot” code.


  • Application icon tweaks.


  • First public release.


  • Added application icon resource.


  • First (lame-o) build.

Yasu (com.jimmitchelldesign.yasu) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Yasu 337. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Yasu 324.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Yasu.app