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July 2, 2011
January 17, 2013

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Zooom/2, v2.6.0 Mavericks andYosemite

05/08/14 00:12This release provides official support for the Mac OS XMavericks (10.9) and beta support for Yosemite 10.10.

This release contains no new features. The releasecontains important changes to the way the Mac OS XAccessibility API is accessed and enabled.

Version2.6.0 drops 32 bit support and will only run on Mac OSX 10.9+

Zooom/2, v2.5.0 LionCompatibility

02/07/11 08:49With this release - Zooom/2 now functions properly onLion 10.7 (as well as 10.6 and 10.5).ReadMore...

Zooom/2, v2.4.5 TrialPeriod

04/02/11 23:44Version 2.4.5 fixes an issue with the trial period codethat caused the trial period to expire immediately. Thetrial period has now been replaced by a nagware stylesolution.

Zooom/2, v2.4.4 Office 2008& iTunes 10

25/09/10 16:50Version 2.4.4 has a much smoother integration andexperience with the following programs:
iTunes 9.1+ and iTunes 10
Microsoft Office Suite 2008

Zooom/2, v2.4.2 iTunes 9.1.1fix

30/04/10 14:57Version 2.4.2 re-enables Zooom/2 for use with anyiTunes version (except 9.1 - which is still excluded).As long as you are running the latest iTunes, thenZooom/2 should work properly with it.

The first fix for iTunes crashing problems appeared inversion 9.1.1 of iTunes.

Zooom/2, v2.4.1 iTunescrashing

27/03/10 12:28Version 2.4.1 stops the iTunes crash which is specificto version 9.1 of iTunes. Later versions do no exhibitthis problem. This version is initially only availableas a beta version.

Zooom/2, v2.4.0 sparkle +stability

09/03/10 12:07Version 2.4.0 introduces Sparkle for automated updates(hooraah!), as well as the following important fixes:
  • A fix to stop Zooom/2 from crashing on startup.When Zooom/2 is started too early - the OS sometimescannot tell it yet how many displays are attached,Zooom/2 now copes with this properly.
  • A fix to make storage of preferences data workproperly on case sensitive file systems.
  • Sparkle of course!

Please report any problems tosupport@coderage-software.com, thank you.

Zooom/2, v2.3.9 fixes SnowLeopard crash, improves license handling

27/02/10 10:23Version 2.3.9 provides the following fixes andimprovements:
  • A crash situation was resolved for the SnowLeopard build
  • License data is now stored in a separate file inanother directory - all in order to try and solve the“license lost” issues that many users have reportedafter a cold restart. You should not need to enteryour license information again, nor should Zooom/2ever lose your license information after a coldrestart / kernel panic or other unscheduledshutdown.
  • License information is now stored in the/Users/Shared/Zooom2License directory

Please report any issues tosupport@coderage-software.com, thank you.

Zooom/2, v2.3.6 Trial Periodfix and 64 bit goodness

04/01/10 16:03Version 2.3.6 provides 64-bit support for the Intelarchitecture - and fixes a critical bug in thetrial-period logic. (we skipped version 2.3.5 as thiswas a beta version).

Zooom/2, v2.3.4 fine-tune theauto-raise shortcut

30/12/09 20:58Version 2.3.4 tunes the auto-raise logic slightly. Theprevious (2.3.3) update changed auto-raise so that itfired even when the mouse hadn’t been moved. This turnsout to be a bad idea if the ‘Shift or Control’ key isused as the shortcut for auto-raise, as windows willraise under the mouse when typing into a text field.

Version 2.3.4 fixes this by only allowing auto-raise ifthe mouse has been moved.

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Zooom2 (com.coderage.zooom2) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Zooom2 4009. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Zooom2 4179M.

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