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April 30, 2011
January 24, 2013

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Frogatto is a classic-style 2d adventure game, starring a certain quixotic frog. It's made by the same team that brought you Battle for Wesnoth, and features the same handcrafted love of high-end pixel art. Frogatto is a side-on "platformer" or "jump and run" game, where you lead our titular character on a humdrum errand that turns into a daring adventure.

Frogatto's key mechanic is an unusual twist; like any frog, he jumps, swims, and snags bugs with his tongue, but unlike any frog before him, can spit those bugs out with deadly force. Not merely an action game, frogatto is a full, classic adventure game, with characters to talk to, things to buy, puzzles to solve, and a wide, complex world to explore.

  • grab enemies with your tongue and spit them to deal damage
  • buy powerups to enhance and unlock new abilities
  • arcade mode, giving instant access to action-only gameplay on randomized levels
  • forgiving savegame/respawn system so you don't have to be afraid of losing progress
  • playful dialogue writing that tries not to insult your intelligence
  • massive soundtrack with over an hour of original music
  • sprawling, complex world with over 50 levels to explore, and tons of secrets to find

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  • [3/4] "a fun and surprisingly deep platformer"
  • [4/5] "boy-howdy is this an amazing visual feast!"
  • [n/a] "totally worth checking out."

  • What's New
  • Translation Fixes

  • Expansion and improvements to the plot and dialogue, adding new cutscenes that give you a closer look at the antagonists' motives.
  • Several new levels were added to the dungeon environment; with some of them being optional, there's much more to explore now.
  • Some new enemies to be vanquished: a red bat that's much more tenacious than the regular ones, and the hard-hitting ninja-kitty, that has many tools at his disposal to fight you. And these are just a few examples!
  • New difficulty level: Challenging. Some enemies will be faster, hardier, smarter, or all of those put together.
  • A better "New Game/Load Game" screen, that allows the selection of save slots.
  • New power-up system, based on a common "mana" resource - now players can choose what powers to use at any time, if they've acquired them and have enough mana to use them.
  • Two new power-ups: Fire-breath attack and an energy shot that homes in on enemies.
  • Graphical improvements abound: ground tiles on most environments were reworked, adding better perspective, and being improved on in general.
  • Lots of new objects show up in the foreground and background, giving more depth and diversity to each map.
  • Many new tracks were added to the soundtrack, while most of the previous repertoire has been enhanced.
  • A much wider and smarter usage of sound effects; now you'll be able to notice flying enemies' wings flapping, kitties running around, and even the sounds Frogatto make are when moving around are dependent on terrain.

  • Frogatto (com.frogatto.frogatto-mac) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Frogatto 1.3.1.

    Operating System: Mac

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    Copyright: (c) Ben Anderman, 2011