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October 13, 2011
January 9, 2013

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It is the year 2087, and Earth has once again found itself under threat of alien invasion! The people have called on you to fly Earth's lone Star Fighter against the countless waves of alien aggressors!

  • Art and Gameplay inspired by classic Arcade Shoot 'em ups
  • No two games alike: randomly generated waves for endless variety
  • Epic boss battles!
  • 9 Power-Ups boost your Star Fighter's destructive and defensive capabilities
  • Unique Power-Up collection system: use them immediately or save up to three for later
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Automatic saving: your progress, score, and power-ups are saved continuously as you play. Leave, come back, and continue where you left off!
  • Compelling music and sound: in space, no one can hear you scream... unless you turn up the volume

  • Invaders from Space (gauthier.invaders1) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Invaders from

    Minimum OS version: 10.5