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August 13, 2015
July 17, 2016

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●●● Are you ready to take a self-development ride? Put your seat belts on!

Bolero is going to take your life to a whole new level ●●●

RICHENCO has done it once again! The gaming company behind the blockbuster hit Professor McMurphy have put their heads together and developed another winner.

Bolero is not just a game; it's a journey into a new dimension. Unlike so many other puzzle games, it doesn't give you boring formulas to rely upon.

It relaxes you while testing you.

Since it is revolutionary, we find it difficult to entirely describe the experience. When you invent something new, the biggest challenge is making it relatable. Just imagine Thomas Edison's challenge in trying to describe the light bulb to a candle lit world. We sympathize with him and understand his challenge...

You may be thinking, "Isn't it a bit preposterous, hot headed even, to be comparing your puzzle app to the light bulb?" In a certain way it may be considered a severe case of hyperbole, but hear us out. Bolero is not just a game. Although it is an extremely entertaining experience, the gameplay coddles the mind, challenging you all while calming you. One man even said it made him begin to understand the meaning of life, but that isn't something we guarantee or stand behind. Then again, who knows what you'll find in a new dimension?

Are you finding it hard to believe that a game can unlock your mind? And yet, at the same time, are you intrigued by the idea?

Just as pressure points can temporarily shut down parts of your body or open them up, a certain combination can do the same for your mind.

Bolero's objective is to score the most points by connecting a minimum of three blocks by lining up the placement of each dot despite the differing position of each one. Think of a padlock for the mind. As your mind finds the solution for every puzzle, it effectively utilizes your analytical and management skills.

But, in the end the magic is in the trick, isn't it? There is a list of reasons how it works and what it's doing to help, but that would really be like us explaining how a massage feels instead of just letting you get one. The majority of the fun is in the experience. We don't want to give too much away.

There is no getting around it: brainstorming puzzle apps exist by the thousands. And all of them claim to challenge your mind and sharpen your focus. They promise a good time, a challenge, and nothing more. In reality, their challenge will actually stress you out more. Sure, you might have fun in the beginning but when the levels increase in difficulty and the puzzles become more complex, anxiety will step in. A challenging game is one thing; a challenging game that unlocks your calm is something completely different. We aren't just a puzzle game, we are treatment. What makes this app special? It is:

  • An app that will set you apart from most gamers out there! It's jam packed with FUN, FUN and FUN!!

  • Designed using friendly interface if you want to avoid wasting time on boring games!

  • An app with BANG sound quality! Listen it! Feel it! Play it!

  • A revolutionary app and a great time killer... without lifting a finger!

  • Designed with no more guess work involved... it's so easy a child could follow it!

  • A great de-stresser! You're going to knock your head against a wall for not grabbing it sooner!

  • A pure genius when it comes to great graphics

  • An absolute must for any gamers... especially you! After all, it's pleasant to play.

  • Designed to put yourself ahead of the millions of other gamers trying to enjoy the puzzles...

  • A secret app for enjoy playing games that Gaming gurus not only enjoy, but one that they rave about to their friends.

  • Intuitive, Engaging and Addictive. You might not get enough time to sleep ;)

    So, unwind, kick back, and enter into the world of Bolero. You might just mistake it for a spa. ●●● Click on the GET button NOW !! ●●●

  • What's New
    Fixed minor issues.
    We hope you'll love this new Game :)
    We would be more than happy to hear from you, you can send us your feedback by email...

    Bolero (richenco.bolero) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Bolero 1.1.21.

    Operating System: Mac