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July 6, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Egyptian Ratscrew (also commonly known as Egyptian War), is a a card game for two players. The game is not unlike Slapjack, though the rules are slightly more in depth.

Players alternate playing a card down until a face card is played. The next player is then challenged to play a face card in a certain number of tries: 4 for an Ace, 3 for a King, 2 for a Queen, and 1 for a Jack. If the challenged player successfully plays a face card, then they become the challenger and the other player must do the same. When a player is unable to play a face card, then the challenger takes the pile of cards. When a player runs out of cards, then they lose.

In addition to this, players can slap the pile if certain sequences of cards are played. Example sequences are "doubles", two of any card, or "sandwiches", two matching cards with one other in between. The sequences are agreed upon before beginning play. If a player slaps when no sequence was there, they are penalized one card.

In this game two players can play on one computer. Each uses two buttons on the keyboard (customizable).

  • Two players can play on one computer.
  • Large numbers on cards are easy to read quickly.
  • Face cards are inverse color for quick spotting.
  • Hints show what to do for new or young players.
  • Advanced players can disable the hints for a greater challenge.
  • Buttons are customizable.
  • Valid slaps can be changed at any time in the preferences.

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