iSpades on Mac DOES NOT FEATURE online play. This is offline only.

iSpades is a classic Spades game for your Mac. You can play a game of Spades with three robots either teaming up with the player sitting across to play partnership or play solo (also known as cut-throat) where each player bids for himself.

iSpades offers a lot of features and options and has the best AI than any Spades game on any platform.

Spades Variations

iSpades allows the following variations of Spades game -

Standard (Solo or Partnership) - A Standard Game of Spades with a Standard Deck
Classic (Solo or Partnership) - A game with Big and Small Joker
Suicide - A game were both the teams must have at least 1 nil bidder each
Mirror (Solo or Partnership) - A game were you can only bid exactly as many spades as you have
Bag Em (Solo or Partnership) - A game were you bid 1 and sandbag the opponents
Deuces High (Solo or Partnership) - A game were all the four deuces are replaced with a Joker and the deck thus has four Jokers - Big, Small, 2 Diamonds, 2 Spades
Other features

Here is a list of features iSpadez offers, as of now -

  • Three robots play with you. The robot sitting across co-operates in achieving your team bids and expects the same from you.
  • Nice animations express the events in the game.
  • Games get saved and can be resumed later
  • The scoring details can be viewed anytime during the game.
  • Keeps statistics
  • Customizable game rules
    Change the target score or play a fixed number of deals
    Enable/disable Nil bids
    Enable/disable Sandbags.
    Enable/disable Blind Nils
    Enable/disable Spades whenever
    Choose the Robot intelligence - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

    iSpades is also available on iOS devices (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad).

  • What's New
    1. Bug fixes
    2. Stability fixes.


    Many people are giving 1 star reviews asking for Online play. This is not fair. We have NOT mentioned online play anywhere in the description. Please review the app for the feature it provides rather than the feature you want.

    It does not make any sense to give online play on Mac when you can play Spades anywhere on the internet for free.

    iSpades (com.ispadez) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.6