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September 26, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Powerful tool for developers that use JSON and connect to API services. Document based structure, drag and drop support, OSX lion versions, export ObjC Classes with automatic parsing and type check, browse and fetch own or public APIs or even stream your created JSON directy to your iOS or Mac app during development.

Import =====
Start new JSON Model
Import from text
Import from URL
Open .json files, or any text files with valid json.

API Requests =====
API Groups, API Endpoints, JSON Payloads
Base urls support for (Production, Beta, Stagging) environment switch
Shared parameters
Parameter sets
OAuth2.0 token retrival helper

Local Connection =====
Application acts as Http server (Useful for jQuery, web development)
Application acts as Bonjour server
Stream JSON to your Browser, iOS or Mac application during development
Local Server ID for json nodes, fetch as http requests such as http://localhost:8080/jsonid

Object Bulk Editor =====
Edit objects with same key structure in bulk
Rearrange, add new, rename, delete within all copies.

Array Bulk Editor =====
Edit array of objects in a quick editor
Object traversing, traverse array of objects and its child objects
Create node from all values

Smart Objects =====
Create smart objects (Think in class structure)
Smart objects maintains its key structure
Suits for associative Arrays

Wrapping =====
Object Wrap
Array Wrap

ObjC Class Export =====
Export ObjC Classes
Classes with type check
Automatic conversion between int,float,double,NSNumber
Export whole JSON response as a object tree with automatic parsing.
ARC support

Edit =====
Edit JSON nodes tree
Cut, Copy Paste, Delete Duplicate JSON nodes.
Drag And Drop between documents, and text files
Reorder support

OSX Lion =====
Full screen support
Versions support

What's New
1.1.2 - Fix for document saving problem
1.1.1 - New Features
  • Get JSON directly from browser as accessing localhost address, http://localhost:8080/LocalConnectionID
  • Usefull for JQuery, javascript development, Mobile or desktop apps.

  • Select an object template, and edit all objects with same key structure in a bulk operation.
  • Re arranging of keys, creating new, renaming, or deleting affects all objects with same key structure.

  • Array bulk editor improved with object traversing.
  • Multilevel traversing. Edit associative arrays of objects and its child objects in a list structure.
  • Create Array project node with values.

  • Application will popup an modal window when invalid json is detected.
  • You are able to correct the json, revalidate and import corrected json.
  • Enabled on: Plain text files opening, Drag and Drop, Import Text.

    API EXPORT ====
  • Export the API Group as a description file that you can reimport in another document or save for backup.

  • Model Groups added. Group your models, class template models in a logical groups.
  • Patch, Options HTTP methods added.
  • Basic HTTP Authentication has been added in API Group
  • API Groups contains shared headers option.
  • New Document with json text clipboard.
  • New Plain text document option added.
  • ARC Class export, Copy of instance variables, Properties, Synthesize, Parsing or dealloc definitions to clipboard.
  • Class export can now omit, instance variables and synthesize, for new additions of Xcode automatic synthesize generation.
  • Disable new document opening on startup.

    Bug Fixes ====
  • Import text refresh bug fixed.
  • Number nodes without values are exported with 0 as default value.
  • Put request corrected.

  • Cocoa JSON Editor (com.artproweb.cocoajsoneditor) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Cocoa JSON

    Minimum OS version: 10.6

    Copyright: (c) 2011, Jan Kubny Kubna.