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January 5, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Cocoa Color - CSS, Mac and iOS color and gradient app.

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CocoaColor is a color finder for CSS, Mac, and iOS development.

CocoaColor provides a much more robust interface for color picking, including CSS HSLA controls.

You can copy CSS color code as:
rgb(187, 109, 96)
rgba(187, 109, 96, 1.000)
rgb(73.6%, 43.0%, 37.8%)
rgba(73.6%, 43.0%, 37.8%, 1.000)
hsl(9, 40%, 56%)
hsla(9, 40%, 56%, 1.00)

You can copy Mac color code for NSColor, UIColor and CGColorRef too.

Use CocoaColor to pick your color. Then you can paste your color code into your CSS or Mac source files.

Pick your CSS gradients and Mac gradients too.

CocoaColor allows you to edit and tweak your gradients to perfection. Then copy the code to create that gradient in CSS or Mac and iOS development environments. You can save your gradients by dragging them to the gradient swatch right above the gradient editor.

To see what a color looks like in your source files, simply copy the CSS, Cocoa, or iOS color code and then hit the button "Color From Clipboard" to easily view and adjust that color.

What's New
Updated CSS Gradient output for modern browsers:
  • webkit-linear-gradient
  • moz-linear-gradient
  • ms-linear-gradient
  • o-linear-gradient

    Added the following CSS colorspaces in CSS Gradient output:

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