What's New
Version 2.3 - Add support for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar: use the Touch Bar to browse and select iOS applications. - The applications browser has been completely rewritten to use modern macOS components. - Fix a bug preventing Quick Look to show the correct artwork when displaying the Quick Look Preview Panel with .ipa files.Version 2.2.1 Fixed crash that could occur when extracting assets from applications built against iOS 10. Extracting assets for these applications requires Crunch running on macOS Sierra.Version 2.2 Improvements: - Improved the export of asset catalogs. - Fixed asset catalog extraction on macOS Sierra. - Added latest supported icon sizes when exporting application icon assets. - Improved the resolution of application names. - Application now requires OS X 10.11 (OS X El Capitan) or later.Version 2.1.1 Bug Fixes: - Fixed a crash that could occur at launch due to corrupted iOS applications in the library. - Fixed registration failure due to security updates on our website.Version 2.1 New: - Ready for OS X El Capitan. - Export resources (images and media files, including asset catalogs) from OS X applications. - Force Touch application icons in the browser to open Quick Look. - San Fransisco is the new user interface font. - Support of App Transport Security.Improvements: - Fixed a bug that could prevent to load the iTunes library. - Improved resource extraction from watchOS applications.Version 2.0 Welcome to Crunch 2.0. This one’s a big one!- Redesigned interface and icon: A new look and feel inspired by OS X Yosemite. - Asset Catalog extraction: Images bundled in Asset Catalogs are now extracted when exporting applications.Crunch 2.0 requires OS X Yosemite.It's a totally free update for existing customers.Version 1.61 Fixed code-signing issue in version 1.60 who could prevent the app to start. V1.60: - Fixed a possible crash when exporting images. - Update of the crash reporter.Version 1.60 Improvements: - Fixed a possible crash when exporting images. - Update of the crash reporter. - Update of the license registration.Version 1.51 Improvements: - Support of App Nap for Mavericks (avoiding that OS X puts the app to sleep when exporting). - Fixed the UI when the registration is made with the callback url.Version 1.5 New: - iOS 7 icon style (Icon Export, Quick Look, Apps browser thumbnails). - Icon Composer: Render icons with iOS 6 or iOS 7 style from artwork images. Export icons assets in all the required sizes for the application bundle. Show Icon Composer using the Menu File > Icon Composer (there is also a dedicated button in the toolbar). Bug Fixes: - Fixed export issues for applications having a name with special characters.Version 1.45 Bug Fixes: - Fixed a crash on OS X Mavericks. - Minor bug fixes.Version 1.44 New: - Display and export High Resolution (1024 pixels) app artwork icons if available. Example of apps already having a High Resolution icon: Dropbox, Chrome, The Magazine, Vine. - Support of artwork icons for applications built in ad-hoc mode.Version 1.43 Bug Fixes: - For Lion users (OS X 10.7): fixed a bug happening on 10.7.5 and causing a crash during the export of applications. Due to this bug, Crunch doesn't use anymore the OS X APIs on 10.7.5+ to convert the png images. Xcode needs to be installed (Crunch uses a tool provided with Xcode to convert correctly the iOS png images). Make sure that Xcode is installed and check the “PNG Crush Tool” Settings in the Application Preferences by choosing Crunch > Preferences. You can download Xcode 4 from the Mac App Store for free. - Minor bug fixes.Version 1.42 Bug Fixes: - Fixed an issue where localized application titles could be incorrect.Version 1.41 Improvements: - Improved performance when exporting applications (up to 2.15x speed). Bug Fixes: - Fixed an issue when exporting the icons of an application. - Fixed miscellaneous issues.Version 1.4 New: - The Export File Window has been remade to export iOS PNG image files (Menu File - Export File...). The export reverts the optimizations on the png images. - Notify the end of an export using System Notification (Mountain Lion). Clicking on the notification reveals the exported files in the Finder. - Shortcut to save icons: drag and drop the image of the icon preview to the Finder. - Pressing the Enter key in the apps browser exports the selection. - The sound played at the end of an export (defined in the Preferences) is disabled if the export takes less than 10 seconds. - Xcode is no more needed for OS X 10.7.5 and higher: Crunch uses the OS X APIs to uncrush the .png images. Improvements: - Better saving and restoration of the windows positions and sizes.Version 1.3 New: - The content of the Library can be customized in the preferences: iTunes, Spotlight, or a custom folder. With Spotlight, Crunch will find any application on your Mac whatever the folder. - When applications are exported using the filter "Icons", the large icon (iTunes artwork) is also exported. Improvements: - In the Icon Export Panel, a warning is displayed if the size is larger than the original image. Bug Fixes: - Fixed a layout issue in the applications browser.Version 1.2 New: - Ready for High Resolution (Retina Display) for both the Application and the Quick Look Plugin. Support of Application Icons up to 1024 pixels (previously, it was 512 pixels). PS: Starting in July, submitted iOS apps require high-resolution icons with a minimum resolution of 1024 pixels. Improvements: - The iTunes Artwork window has been refreshed to easily preview the icons.Version 1.1 New: - The .ipa Quick Look plugin has been refreshed. The thumbnails are much nicer. The preview panel is cleaner and lets you look at the application icons in real size. - A new export panel to export the iTunes Artwork: Export the application icons in 3 styles: original, rounded or decorated. - A zoom slider lets you change the size of the icons in the applications browser. - Application Icons Export: A new feature to round automatically the corners of the icons. - Gatekeeper ready for OS X Mountain Lion (Developer ID).Version 1.0.4 New: Added a new export filter: icons. Standard application icons are exported and renamed following the iOS naming convention (Icon.png,Icon@2x.png,Icon-72.png,Icon-72@2x.png,...). All iOS standard icons are supported: iPhone and iPad app icons, settings and Spotlight icons.Version 1.0.3 Bug Fixes: - Fixed a issue where applications were not correctly sorted in the browser.Version 1.0.2 Improvements: - Support of Xcode stand-alone application in the "/Applications" folder. - Clarified the selection of the PNG Crush tool in the Preferences. Bug Fixes: - Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting multiple applications. - Fixed scrolling and selection issues in the applications browser. - Fixed a problem with the selected filter in the save panel not showing the actual state.Version 1.0.1 Improvements: - No longer switches to the higher-end discrete GPU on MacBook Pro Bug Fixes: - Fixed some misspellings. - Fixed some memory leaks.Version 1.0 - Initial release.

Crunch (com.pragmaticcode.crunch) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Crunch 441. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Crunch 1.41.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Crunch.app

Minimum OS version: 10.7

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012 Pragmatic Code. All rights reserved.