GeoGebra 5

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  • What's New
  • fix for f == g (for multi-variable functions) and for Intersect[curve, curve]
  • fix for Triangular[0, 50, 25, x, false]
  • new version of Giac with fix for Integral[((x-2)(x-3))^2,2,3]
  • new command Polar to find the Pole of a Line
  • allow transparent SVG export
  • fix problem with Relative Copy of If...
  • allow Translate[B, (1, 2, 3)] as shortcut for Translate[B, Vector[(1, 2, 3)]]
  • SetValue[list, number] to change the selected index (for drop-down list)
  • CAS View: new version of Giac with bugfixes including Join[{{{1}}}] and round(3.1+3.7ί )
  • CAS View: fix for a/(1E8)²
  • CAS View: fix for Dot[(-5+k,-5+k), (3,9)] and improvement for mixing 2D/3D points
  • new commands TurtleUp and TurtleDown
  • fix for angles appearing in Graphics View 2
  • floor/ceil/round() for complex numbers / points / vectors
  • new version of Giac with fixes for (1,1/sqrt(3)) and floor/ceil/round() for complex numbers
  • round(pi,2) syntax added (CAS View and Input Bar)
  • floor/ceiling/round working for complex numbers (CAS View and Input Bar)
  • fix for Sequence[LowerSum[x², i, i + 1, 1], i, 1, 5]
  • fix for Sum[Sum[x+2y, x, 1, 3], y, 2, 4]
  • 3D View: fix for picking points rather than eg lines for dragging
  • various PGF/TikZ export improvements
  • CopyFreeObject[] working for Rays, Segments
  • improvement for checking equality of polynomial functions
  • CAS View: make sure Distance[(1,2),3] gives an error
  • ToBase[0.25,2] working
  • new version of Giac with fix for NSolve
  • fix for (1,Iteration[x +1, 0, 2])
  • fix for Sequence[If[...
  • make sure undefined lines work better with Input Boxes (y = ? not ?x + ?)
  • make sure point can't be dragged to undefined region
  • correct object selected when Object Properties opened
  • fix for Sequence[CircumcircularArc[(0, 1, 0), (cos(t), 0, 0), (0, -1, 0)], t, 0, pi/2, pi/18]
  • CAS View: better support for planes
  • CAS View: fix for NSolve[{3=c*a^5, 3=c*a^4},{a,c}]
  • new version of Giac, including support for Tangent[(2,5),Ellipse[(1, 1),(3, 2),(2, 3)]], fix for Distance[(0,2),y=x^2]
  • support for pasting (most) numbers with decimal separator into the spreadsheet
  • easier piecewise syntax
  • If[] working for multivariate conditions
  • bugfix for Angle slider's label appearing in the 3D View
  • Turtle: image can be changed
  • fix for RandomBetween[5.5, 5.5]
  • Derivative[ Curve ], Tangent[ Point, Curve ] and ApplyMatrix[] working in 3D
  • fix for CurvatureVector in 3D
  • new commands SetPointSize[ Polygon, Number ], SetPointSize[ Net, Number ] and SetPointSize[ Polyhedron, Number ]
  • new commands Cube[ Point, Point, Point ], Tetrahedron[ Point, Point, Point ], Octahedron[ Point, Point, Point ], Icosahedron[ Point, Point, Point ], Dodecahedron[ Point, Point, Point ]
  • fix axis problem in TikZ output
  • CAS View: Partial support for Vectors
  • fix for right angle style in 3D
  • fix problem with right-angle style (when 3D View showing)
  • new command SetSpinSpeed[ Number ]
  • Distance[ Point, Plane ]

    See for more details.

  • GeoGebra 5 (org.geogebra5.mac) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is GeoGebra 5 20141126213317. The most popular version of this application used by our users is GeoGebra 5 20150905145128.

    Operating System: Mac

    Bundle Identifier: GeoGebra 5 (org.geogebra5.mac)

    Minimum OS version: 10.8.0

    Copyright: 2014 International GeoGebra Institute.