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July 18, 2012
January 16, 2013

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What's New

Fixed in 1.3.7 (105)

  • Fixed certificate problem when running under Mountain Lion


Fixed in 1.3.6 (102)

  • Randomize button has been moved to prevent accidental selection when using play or pause


New in 1.3.5 (100)

  • Retina support has been added so that it's now possbile to select both the standard and retina resolutions within the device window

Fixed in 1.3.5 (100)

  • More fixes around saving. When saving the particle texture filename should now be used as the texture name. This was defaulting to particleTexture.png before causing texture caching issues in Cocos2D e.g. all particles were using the same texture rather than their own texture. When loading a previous emitter in this version the texture image will need to be dragged into the editor again to make sure the correct filename has been registered.


Fixed in 1.3.1 (80)

  • Fixed a number of bugs around setting the texture file name when saving.
    • When saving with an embeded image, the textureFileName property of the particle emitter will be set to the name of the particle texture image filename that was used. This will either be the filename loaded when the emitter was loaded, or the name of an image that was dragged into the emitter config screen since loading.
    • When saving with NO embeded image, the textureFileName property is also set to the name of particle texture image filename either loaded with the emitter or selected since loading. This name can be changed in the save panel
  • It is now possible to copy and paste from fields within Particle Designer. This includes being able to paste a name into the texture file name field in the save panel.


New in 1.3 (75)

  • Particle Designer now uses a Quad based particle engine rather than using point sprites
    • Particle textures can now be up to 512x512
    • Particle sizes can now go up to 512x512
    • Particle rotation now supported
    • New element names for rotation are
      • rotationStart
      • rotationStartVariance
      • rotationEnd
      • rotationEndVariance
  • Images can now be dragged onto the device image and used as a background
  • Small GUI changes
    • Device orientation buttons moved to the device view
    • Clear background button added to the device view
    • Highlight ring on selected shared emitters
    • New iPhone image for the device view
  • Emitter config is automatically displayed when double clicking an emitter file or loading from the menu
  • Now possible to change the name of a texture being exported if it is not embedded in the config file
  • Possible to lock individual parameters so they do not change when using the randomize button

Fixed in 1.3 (75)

  • Life span variance is now being used correctly in Radial Mode
  • Randomize now changes all settings including the radial and tantengtial values

Known Issues in 1.3 (75)

  • The included ParticleEmitter class does not yet use the quad particle engine and therefore does not support rotation. This will be addressed in the next release. The new rotation properties are still available in the PEX file though

New in 1.2 (56)

  • Added new parameters Radial Acceleration, Radial Acceleration Variance, Tangential Acceleration, Tangential Acceleration Variance. These were available within the cocos2d particle system and are now supported in Particle Designer and the 71Squared Particle Emitter Project. To make use of these parameters in cocos2d you will need to download the latest "develop"
  • Small GUI changes to allow for the new parameters to be shown i.e. the Texture Panel is now in the top right hand corner
  • Added buttons to the blend function panel to easily set the blending to normal or additive
  • Changes the background colour of the texture panel so that textures can be more easily seen
  • Texture panel will only light up green if a file of a supported type is dragged onto it

Previous Release Details

New in 1.2 (55)

  • Added support for the iPad. The deivce window is now seperate from the config window allowing for both the iPhone and iPad devices to be displayed with the correct resolutions.
  • Added support for landscape mode using both the iPhone and iPad.
  • Added default values for the radial emitter type so that the emitter actually looks radial when you create it.

Fixed in 1.2 (55)

  • Bug fixes applied to the particle emitter code supplied by Ricardo of Cocos2d.
  • Fixed issues with the contents of shared emitters causing some emitters to not function when loaded.
  • Now able to load plist (cocos2d) config files using the open menu, recent files menu and dragging the plist file onto the Particle Designer icon.

Fixed in 1.1.49

  • Fixed a bug which was causing values typed into textfields on some controls to not be accepted.
  • The pause button is now correctly shown when starting Particle Designer rather than the play button.

Fixed in 1.1.48

  • Fixed a bug which would cause Particle Designer to crash if a non-image filetype was dragged onto the texture well.Supported image types are PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPG

New in 1.1.47

  • Added the ability to change the OpenGL ES blend function to be used when rendering particles
  • Improved reflections in the shared emitters view
  • Ability to export to a plist format that can be used by cocos2d
  • Final version that supports purchasing and the unlocking of the save features

ParticleDesigner (com.71squared.particledesigner) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is ParticleDesigner 105. The most popular version of this application used by our users is ParticleDesigner 102.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.6