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iVinci is a professional vector design app, iVinci Code instantly generate the drawing source code for iOS and OSX developers, what you see in iVinci is what you can draw with code!

As developers, we know that hand-write drawing code is very hard, painful. iVinci Code make it so easy, save your time, make your Apps slim, and kill your pain!

The most important benefit of the vector drawing is resolution-independent, naturally applies to the retina screen, even if we meet the @4x screen in the future, you don't need to change anything. Of course you can still export your designs to bitmap images if you like.

iVinci provide another unique feature: Live Trace, which can convert your old icons or logos from bitmap to vector, and get the high resolution version instantly!

Features of Code:
  • The code use C-Style Core Graphics APIs, which is simple, widely used and very stable, means your code would never be deprecated.
  • The code is commented, readable and re-editable.
  • Expose the transform matrix for each path, perfect for custom UI design.
  • Uniform coordinate system for both iOS and OSX.
  • No extra function or class required, you just paste code inside "-(void)drawRect:" and run.

    Notable features of iVinci:
  • Use SVG as native file format. You can use files created by iVinci directly in may other Apps.
  • Powerful Bezier path edit system.
  • Directly gradient editor embedded on the objects, differently and much easier compare from what you have ever used.
  • Easy to use style controller.
  • Navigate the document like viewing a map. (Mouse wheel to zoom, Right Mouse button drag to move)
  • Completely Retina display support.
  • OpenGL hardware rendering support, incredibly fast.

    Other features:
  • Path boolean operation.
  • Pen and Pencil tool.
  • Basic shapes.
  • Text. Convert text to path.
  • Gradient for both stroke and fill.
  • Dashs and arrows.
  • Grid, snap to grid.
  • Shadow effect.
  • Image filling in paths.
  • Join 2 open paths.
  • Make compound paths.
  • Outline stroker.
  • Make mirror objects.
  • Layers control, and you are allowed to select multiple layers.
  • Object sequence control.
  • Alignment.
  • Group/Lock.
  • Export to PNG or JPG.
    ...And much more!

    Important Tips:
  • Use mouse wheel or Pinch on trackpad to zoom in/out.
  • Right mouse drag or slide with two fingers on trackpad to move the canvas, aka. Hand Tool.
  • Double Click to switch from object drawer to object selector.
  • Double Click on any object to switch between object selector and point selector.
  • Press and hold "alt" key to move the tangent point individually. If the curve is not smooth at the point, you do not have to press "alt" key.
  • Press and hold "shift" or "command" key to select multiple objects with object selector.
  • Press and hold "shift" or "command" key to select multiple points with point selector.
  • Press and hold "shift" or "command" key to select multiple layers.
  • To add new control point on the path, select object with point selector, right button click on the position you want to place the new point, select "Add Point" menu item.
  • To make the path smooth or sharp at any control point, select point with point selector, and then right button click to see options.
  • To make one cuver be straight line, simply remove the tangent point.
  • To modify gradient, select object with object selector, click gradient type for stroke or fill(even if it is already selected), or right button click on the object and use corresponding menu items.
  • While editing gradient, both the position of gradient line and position of gradient color is movable.
  • To change gradient color, select any color item in gradient first, then select color in the color panel.
  • Use arrow keys to move the selected objects.
  • To do Live Trace, import an image first then select the image, now you can access the "Live Trace" from the "Modify" menu.
  • Drop image files to iVinci window to import images, Drop SVG files to iVinci window to open it.

  • What's New
  • Keyboard shortcuts to switch tools. Make the cursor hover on the tool icons to check out the corresponding keys.
  • Trackpad gestures. Pinch to zoom, two fingers slide to move the canvas.
  • Option to lock the proportion of size while edit in Info Panel.
  • Watch the tutorial videos about amazing features on our web site.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

  • iVinci Code (cn.phyar.ivincicode) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is iVinci Code 4.1. The most popular version of this application used by our users is iVinci Code 4.2.

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/iVinci