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April 23, 2012
January 9, 2013

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Templates for Xcode gives you a head start on app development with a collection of ready-to-use templates that can be used to build working iPhone and iPad apps, saving hours of labor and frustration. Putting a wide range of source codes right at your fingertips this app is packed full of value. Some of the templates would cost hundreds if not thousands to develop.

New Templates:

  • Four game templates : Children's math game, endless runner game, poker game, and dart game - all in Objective C
  • PDF Viewer with pagecurl animation that can be used to create your own eBook app
  • Currency conversion template: Shows how to pull data from internet and get user input
  • Radio app: Fully functional radio app with recording feature
  • Jumping Game: Learn how to create your own iPhone game and keep score
  • Magazine app: Create an iPad magazine app from text file and images
  • Camera app: Shows how to overlay images and print from iPhone
  • Image Filter: shows how to apply filters to images, take pictures with camera, or choose from users photo library

    Use each template independently or combine codes to create fully functional apps ready for the app store. If you're already an Xcode expert this probably isn't for you - but if your a beginner this app will give you a very useful toolbox to draw from to build your own apps.

  • File Downloader - Shows how to download and extract the contents of a zip file and use it later in code. Great for building in-app purchase apps that download media.
  • Audio Player - lets the user pick an audio file to listen to from a selection displayed in a table view. Then displays detail screen with selected image while audio file plays. The user can set the length of time the audio plays.
  • Core Image - Learn how to use some of the new iOS 5 core image codes to do simple image processing.
  • Flashcards - a simple flashcard app. Randomly displays artistic images, when user taps an answer button information about the image is displayed.
  • Live TV - plays a live TV feed
  • RSS Reader - A simple RSS reader. Loads headlines from specified feed, when user taps a given headline the full article is loaded in a web view.
  • Tweeter - this app combines a web view, email functionality, and new iOS 5 twitter integration. Demonstrates how to load a web view and email the link from within an app. The user can also send tweets from inside the app.
  • Swiping Images Wallpaper app - this app displays images in a scroll view and can be set up for vertical or horizontal swiping of images. The currently visible image can be saved to the phones photo gallery for use as a wallpaper.
  • Split View Movie Player: This iPad app uses a split-view controller to display a list of video names and images showing the first frame of each video. When the user taps on the Play button, the video plays in a frame where the image is located. Easily adaptable to play your own videos.
  • iPhoneMovie Player - Uses a UIPickerView to allow the user to select a video and then plays video full screen.
  • Accelerometer - simple example that demonstrates use of built in accelerometer
  • Alarm - a functional app that plays different alarm sounds. Allows user to pick alarm sound with picker view, pick background for clock, and set alarm using a UIDatePicker.
  • Bouncing Ball - shows how to do a simple animation of a ball bouncing around between four walls, with a bouncing sound when ball encounters a wall. Also shows how to add trailing animation of ball.
  • Pinch and Zoom - iOS 5 UITapGestureRecognizer.
  • Phone Dialer - imports contacts and dials.
  • Plot Graphs - demo app that plots a quadratic equation in a graph and a pie chart. Uses the core plot library.
  • PickerView - Example medicine dosage app using PickerView interface. Loads data using NSDictionary displays dosages for medications based on user input.

    If you're a beginning or aspiring developer, Templates for Xcode will save you a large amounts of time and money.

  • What's New
    Added 4 game templates plus PDF viewer with page curl animation.

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