What's New

What's new in 5.5:

  • Subcategories. This way, the "drinks" category doesn't mix beer, milk, and coffee anymore
  • The new view grid — oh boy, it's fast
  • New, more compact database — it loads faster
  • Removed tons of crappy code — there is plenty of refactoring

What's new in 5.4.3:

  • Browsing just got better. You can find a horse in both animal and astrology topics now.Icons appear pixel-perfect now. So, Windows 10 icons appear 32x32 px, and Android L icons are 24x24 px
  • Synchronizations consume much less bandwidth now
  • Color palette bug fixed. If you switch to Sketch and back to Icons8 with the open color picker, it keeps working
  • New application icon. What is that? Hint: "Draw me a sheep!" Answer: It's the box from The Little Prince

What's new in 5.4:

  • 2,400 icons are available in Office style
  • Synchronization is rewritten from scratch, the good news is that it requires way less processor time; the bad news is that we can’t make coffee on our processor anymore
  • It fixes sharing of color icons (icons were losing details previously)
  • The app has both simplified and original versions of each icon. You can switch them in the Preferences
  • It shows improved search (now, you can search for symbols like +, -, and @)
  • At first launch, there’s no penis icon in sight
  • We collect and analyze the crash reports now. Sorry for all the crashes we had in the past; thank you for all the crashes you’ll send us
  • There’s a build version in the About dialog now

Icons8 App (com.visualpharm.icons8) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Icons8 App 55000. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Icons8 App 20010.

Operating System: Mac

Bundle Identifier: Icons8 (com.visualpharm.Icons8)

Minimum OS version: 10.9

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2016 VisualPharm. All rights reserved.