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April 15, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Just Tested Videos Sept. 21 : THE VIDEOS DO WORK. If you are having problems please email:

CalculusTutor is a set of books and videos designed to help you get through calculus class. Covering most of the topics of first year calculus, this app includes a book with 281 pages and 6 hours of video-all of it showing solved examples. The emphasis is on showing you how to solve calculus problems in step-by-step fashion.


Calculus Tutor makes calculus easier for anyone to learn. Using a teach by example approach you get these videos showing you how to do homework problems:

  • Basic limits
  • Limits at Infinity
  • Derivatives
  • The Product Rule
  • The Quotient Rule
  • The Chain Rule
  • Derivatives and Limits of Trig Functions
  • Higher Order Derivatives
  • Implicit Differentiation
  • Integration using u-substitution
  • Integration by parts
  • Integration using partial fractions
  • Integration of rational trig expressions
  • Integration using Trig Substitution
  • Integrating powers of trig functions

    These topics are covered in 18 videos with a total of 6 hours of course material. In addition you get 7 PDF books with 281 pages of material including many solved examples:

  • Functions, limits, and continuity
  • Computing Derivatives
  • L'Hopitals Rule
  • Basic Integration
  • Integration Techniques
  • Working with Infinite Series
  • A brief introduction to differential equations

    Learn how to apply the theorems and definitions of calculus to real problems and take your fear out of calculus. This product is great for:

  • Students taking their first calculus course
  • Adults looking for help learning calculus by self-study
  • Returning students looking to brush up
  • Great for students taking AP calculus or home-schooled students

    Overcome your fear and difficulty with calculus by having someone show you how to do it.

  • What's New
    Changed from built in videos to streaming to reduce app size. Current users that want to keep built in videos should not update, new version has much smaller file size but requires internet connection to view videos.

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