Make your own flash cards and take the pressure out of test preparation. Flashcard Hero keeps track of what facts you already know so you can focus on what you don't know and save a lot of time.

Beyond your average-vocab-app: We made Flashcard Hero for those of you who want to fit more than a few words on each card. You can add lists and use text formatting to structure your content. Cards even expand as you add more text so you can take notes during class and turn them into study cards later. All decks can easily be shared with others via the web.


  • Up to 20 cards per deck (unlimited decks)
  • Downloaded decks can be studied, but not changed
  • Unlock unlimited cards and add image-support via In-App Purchase

    FEATURES (all versions):

  • Group cards by topic (e.g. text book chapters)

  • Basic text formatting (lists, bold font, italic,...)

  • Many deck cover styles

  • Difficulty level for each card

  • Detailed study session summaries

  • Import decks you already have (TSV format[1])

  • Take notes during class; cards expand automatically

  • Share decks via the web

    What's Next?
    This is just the beginning. If you'd like to see a certain feature, let us know through the feedback button in the app. An iPhone app is already planned, by the way :)

    [1] Cards should be in "tab separated values" format, no text formatting, multiple lines per side are OK.)

  • What's New
  • New: Better formulas with sub and superscript
  • New: Multilevel lists: pressing the Tab key inside a list indents the line (Shift-Tab the opposite)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for inserting lists
  • Dragging images onto a card now highlights the area where they can be dropped at
  • Better compatibility with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks: icons in study mode were twice their original size on Retina displays
  • Full version upgrade: Print your flashcards
  • Full version upgrade: Copy & paste images from the clipboard and insert screen shots via the context menu
  • Full version upgrade: Switch question and answer while studying

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    Operating System: Mac

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    Minimum OS version: 10.7

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2013 Kitestack Software. All rights reserved.