It is the scientific graphing calculator which can plot 2D and 3D graph. It is similar to Texas Instruments TI-83, TI-84. It has more features such as plotting 3D graph for mathematics functions.

  • plot 2D and 3D graph
  • plot multiple functions on one graph
  • can operate on very large number mathematics.
  • convert number to any base
  • compute permutation, combination - compute greatest common denominator
  • compute least common multiple of a set of rational numbers
  • compute factorial and fibonacci number.
  • provide many trigonometric functions
  • calculate the norm of value
  • provide matrix addition, multiplication
  • compute matrix determinant, inverse matrix.
  • stream line interface so you can easily change the input with finger.
  • copy/paste your result to any other application
  • provide many other scientific functions
  • build-in Help manual for user.

    It is very simple and easy to use.

    Functions in scientific graphing calculator:
    ➺ it can plot f(x), f(x,y)

    ➺ The following math functions you can use to plot 2D and 3D Graph:
  • abs, norm, rand, acos,
  • sin, cos, tan, asin, atan,
  • sinh, cosh, tanh, log, ln, exp, sqrt,
  • any linear, quadratic or x to n, exponential functions.

    ➺ The following math functions you can use for calculation:
  • max, min, avg, gcd, root, cot, coth
  • asinh, acosh, atanh, base, perm, comb,
  • ceil, floor, round, lcm, fib

    ➺ The following function use to compute matrix
  • determinant: det(x)
  • inverse matrix: inverse(x)

  • What's New
    Bug fixes for the crash

    GraphingCalculator (com.alteru.graphing) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.6