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July 15, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Have you ever wanted an app, that lets you simply bring your vocabulary efficiently into your long term memory? An app, that is not forcing you to learn, what the programmer wants you, but with is enabling to learn what you want to learn? An app using a clever and effective system to take vocabulary from book to mind? There is one, it is labeld iLearnVocab.

Imagine a box. In this box are 6 folders. And in every folder are some flashcards with vocabulary, you took in there. You can take a folder, and the box is questioning the vocabulary in the folder. If the answer is correct, the flashcard goes into the next folder, if the answer was wrong, the flashcard goes back into the first folder. This way, you will learn all your vocabulary, until they are in the last folder, the long term memory. And now imagine a shelf, full of such boxes. You can add some, and you can remove some. That is iLearnVocab. You make boxes with flashcards. You can fill your boxes with your own flashcard, containing the vocabulary, you want to learn. It is easy, it is effective. You are free in why you want to learn, but it gives you the ability to take vocabulary from book to mind. It uses the 6-phase method, developed by educators, proved by students. It has special features, setting you free, e.g. you can decide, weather the answer was wrong, or just another way of expression. It is simple, effective and fun. It is iLearnVocab

What's New
Added Export and Import for files for file exchange!
Added tooltips, that explain, how to see the full text at questioning

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