Papapapaya Lite is the lite version of Papapapaya but has the main features of its bigger brother like the Intelligent Quiz and Statistics. Papapapaya Lite comes with THEMATIC VOCABULARIES for FRENCH, GERMAN and ENGLISH with over 600 WORDS each.

Get Papapapaya (full version) for $19.99 with these additional features:
  • add and edit your own words
  • sync your vocabularies with your iPhone
  • import / export capabilities

    The idea behind Papapapaya
    Just like your brain, Papapapaya organizes your words in different MEMORY LEVELS instead of files and folders. This makes it easy to see which words you already know well and what you need to rehearse again.

    Papapapaya includes a LEARNING MODE that uses the newest concepts from learning psychology and teaching sciences to help you get new words into your mind.

    Rehearse the words and test your knowledge with Papapapaya's INTELLIGENT QUIZ. It will always ask you the words that are best to be rehearsed at the very moment. Using topic tags, words will even be asked in meaningful groups.

    You can also get asked single words from the background while you do something else using Papapapaya's unique POP-UP QUIZ.

    To motivate you, Papapapaya keeps track of your progress in the detailed, graphic STATISTICS.

  • includes French, German and English Vocabularies
  • clear interface
  • innovative learning mode
  • intelligent quiz
  • background PopUp quiz
  • search
  • support for ALL scripts & keyboards
  • automatic keyboard switching
  • detailed statistics
  • sort words alphabetically, group in tags, comments etc.

    With Papapapaya you can focus on learning the language and not on complicated software. Our program is clearly structured, and so you will intuitively understand it and find what you need.

  • Papapapaya Lite (com.mrfridge.papapapaya-lite) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Papapapaya

    Minimum OS version: 10.6

    Copyright: (c) 2011 Gabriel Reimers, Julius Peinelt, Anna Neovesky