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February 15, 2012
January 9, 2013

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The Bubble - Harmonic Time Oscillator

"A must have app"

The Quantum Mechanics

The Bubble an audio interactive harmonic time oscillator through visual brain entrainment.
Go cross-eyed to merge the two bubbles into one bubble in the middle, creating total of three bubbles, to get better understanding of the brains third dimension.
Requires 10.6 or higher. Audio input required for Audio Interaction.
64bit compatible.


⌘+F:Toggle Full Screen
m :Toggle TimeOscillator
v :Toggle Tune In / Tune Out
c :Toggle Color
b :Toggle Background Audio Interaction
a :Toggle Circles Audio Interaction

TimeOscillator [1:1]:
Harmonic time oscillator that oscillates seconds. Keeping the two moving bubbles fused as one with your eyes crossed
helps with visual depth training in the third dimension.

Tune In [Synced:Fast] MD:
The MassiveDynamik Engine is a Schumann Resonator designed to create a harmonic pulsation to connect and synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain with the natural resonance of earth.
By generating the Schumann Resonance, there is an effect that it neutralizes electromagnetic waves generated from an audio equipment and external harmful radio waves. So interference of electromagnetic waves and radio waves that exist among equipments is disappeared, it becomes possible to reproduce the music clearer, the S/N (sound to noise) ratio is improved higher and the distortion is reduced. 
Also, by generating the Schumann Resonance, there is an effect that it neutralizes harmful standing waves. And it has the feature of improving the viscosity of the air in the listening room. Therefore, you can reproduce the excellent music, the sound is improved clearly audible, and the depth of the sound image is increased dramatically. 
It is established medically that generating the Schumann resonance activates the cellular immunity. And it is said that the Schumann resonance produces the good relaxation effects, and the attentiveness is raised greatly. So you can hear the details of the sounds that could not be heard before.
With the use of the MassiveDynamik Engine, it is also possible to stimulate the brains visual to auditory cortex abilities for even deeper sound experience.

Tune Out [Phase Shifted:Slow] SDI:
The SDI [Space Defense Intelligence] Engine is designed to create natural alertness and focus while resetting the brain to normal brain activity.

Toggle withe/black background.
In background audio active mode, toggle bright/dark background toggle.

Toggle audio interactive background.

Audio Interaction:
Toggle audio interactive bubbles.

SDI developed by Sina & Dr S.B. Wagner for Mainvolume.
MD developed by Sina & Dr. S.B. Wagner for Mainvolume.
Interface and Programing: Sina
Testing: Mainvolume AudioLabs

TheBubble (com.mainvolume.thebubble) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/

Minimum OS version: 10.6

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012 Mainvolume. All rights reserved.