StuntMANIA - the super fast paced 3D car stunt exploration game, where you get to go crazy spinning and jumping your car all over some amazing environments!.

StuntMANIA is not just a driving game... It's a 3D platformer. You don't have to drive from point A to point B. Collect poweru-ps and jump from platform platform, or from location to location.

StuntMANIA is all about exploration and fun, there is no penalty and no way of playing it wrong - just go wild and enjoy!

With global and local high scores you can compete against you family and friends both at home and all around the world - can you compete?

ELEVEN Unique Cars
You can select any of the ELEVEN amazing stunt cars each with differing suspension, weight and handling. Any car can be played in any level in any game mode from an easy to navigate game selection menu.

ELEVEN Amazing Levels
Choose from ELEVEN unique driving environments, filled with stunt and trick ramps, bonuses and hidden challenges including an awesome Power-Ups that will allow you to take your tricks to a whole new level!

Each level has randomly placed Power-Ups for you to find and when you do, you will have some amazing new abilities to help you reach even the highest points in the level, or the hardest to find areas.

MEGA DRIFT - Your car has mid air drift to alter your car's direction. Collect the MEGA DRIFT powerup to really get some mid air drift action happening.

GRAVITY - Once collected this Powerup turn down the worlds gravity allowing you to increase your airtime and jump height! Get to places you couldn't reach before!

NITRO - Will give you temporary bursts of AWESOME speed that will allow you to perform the most incredible Tricks and Spins. The Nitro depletes quickly, but also regenerates for you over time.

TELEPORT - Will place teleport gates within each level that you can drive into and be instantly teleported to another random teleport gate. The is great for moving around the level quickly.

MIRROR - Will mirror your direction (turn you 180deg) instantly, allowing for some amazing bonus pickup moves.

SUPERJUMP - Will increase your jump force when you jump. Get to places you never thought possible!

StuntMANIA works with keyboard OR joypad - use the handy joypad configurator in Game Options.

How to play StuntMANIA
StuntMANIA is a very easy game to play and a challenging game to master. Not only is there Freeplay letting you go anywhere and just mess around there are FIVE other game play modes, offering both quick and long form game play.

Your aim here is have fun, muck around, explore each level, try new tricks and well, just go crazy. You earn scores in this mode that will be saved so you can try to accumulate as high a score as possible if you like.

Air Speed Freak - Challenge Game
Your aim is to keep your car in the air going as fast as you can to reduce your air speed score to ZERO. How quickly can you do it?

Bonus Roundup - Challenge Game
Your aim is to collect the number of indicated bonuses (green, yellow and pink boxes) in the level as fast as you can!

Bubble Bonus - Challenge Game
Your aim is to find and collect all of the 11 numbered bubbles, in order, starting of course at number ONE.

Trick Master - Challenge Game
Your aim is to complete a certain number of each trick type as quickly as you can to become the ultimate trick master.

Timed Games
Your aim is to accumulate as high a score as you can in FIVE minutes.

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What's New
  • Added improved camera handling when changing direction (forward/reversing)
  • Added saving of screen-grabs into Users/Pictures/SM directory (G key while game is running)
  • Fixed game not remembering fullscreen mode when re-launched
  • Added ZQSD driving for AZERTY keyboard layout

  • StuntMANIA ( is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Bundle Information: StuntMANIA - Copyright (c) 2007-2011 by Sector3 Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.