What's New


  • Fix a few Rare crashes


  • Fix a bug causing dragged in Principle files to become layers instead of components


  • Mirroring performance improvements
  • Fix bug preventing animation and driver panels from remembering their height
  • Fix a bug on 10.11 causing the preview toolbar to disappear when docking the preview window
  • Fixed crash when editing or undo edits on components
  • Fixed crash when entering an invalid number value in the inspector
  • Fix bug in which driver keyframes wouldn't get added after making an edit
  • Principle will be less annoying about letting you know there is a new version
  • Made it easier to rearrange layers in the layer list without accidentally adding them to a group
  • Undoing create component now correctly restores the layer's original positions
  • Improved import compatibility with Sketch 42 layers with multiple radiuses


  • Support importing from Sketch 41
  • Fix a crash on OS X 10.11


  • Freezable component state
  • Preview Toolbar hides when preview is fullscreen
  • Driver and animation keyframes stack when they're on top of each other
  • Animation timeline can be zoomed
  • Artboards are automatically spaced out if you move a layer outside its artboard
  • Principle is smarter about where it places new and pasted layers on the canvas
  • Sketch artboards are now imported in the order they are positioned in Sketch's canvas.
  • Principle is smarter about what artboard size to use when importing from sketch when there are several artboard sizes
  • New artboards have the same background color as the current artboard
  • Resizing an artboard will resize all other artboards around the same origin
  • Performance improvements when previewing complicated designs
  • Duplicating and grouping layers results in better layer names
  • Accept drag and drop promises to support compatibility with Sketch 40
  • Fix an issue that occasionally prevented rewind from resetting preview
  • Fixed 0% opacity layers importing incorrectly from Sketch
  • Fixed "play once" for audio and video layers
  • Fixed color picker's hex field now showing the full hex value
  • Fixed an issue preventing stepper buttons from appearing in the color picker's RGB values
  • Fix an issue causing drivers and canvas to get out of sync when undoing
  • Fixed an issue that caused components to transition to their next artboard too soon when using spring animations
  • Fixed an issue that could make it difficult to select a layer
  • Fixed an issue that caused animation info on component instances to be reset when you edited the master component
  • Fixed an issue that caused components to ignore their animationsettings
  • Fixed an issue causing long animations to continue playing after rewinding the preview window
  • Ensure only component is selected after clicking "back to parent"
  • Fixed a memory leak


  • Fix a crash when launching tutorials


  • Fix an issue causing the lightning button to disappear


  • Fix an issue causing canvas to display incorrectly
  • Fix an issue causing canvas to get out of sync with drivers after undoing


  • Fix a crash caused by opening corrupted files
  • Fix driver and animate panels on macOS 10.12
  • Fixed a bug that caused Preview window to get very small


  • Restart video layers when you rewind the preview
  • Fix a bug that cause long press events to get triggered during scrolling
  • Workaround Sketch bug causing imported layers to be missing
  • Workaround Sketch bug causing imported text layers to be super wide
  • Fix a crash caused by a bug in OSX 10.10
  • Fix crash triggered when opening corrupted files


  • Fix scrolling start/released/end events
  • Fix bug related to ungrouping components
  • Fix bug that would prevent events from fireing if you used auto events in a very specific way :)
  • Fix bug caused by detaching a component and then editing another component
  • Ensure layer names are unique after detaching a component


  • Components
  • Drag from lightning button to quickly create tap events
  • Number label for current driver value
  • Show a spinner until recording starts
  • Color picker applies some common sense to common color situations
  • Duplicating multiple artboards adds after the last selected artboard
  • Hide animation panel when editing unrelated artboards
  • Improved playback performance
  • fixed animation properties being mis-applied after selecting a keyframe


  • Fix another Sketch import bug related to symbols that have multiple nested groups.


  • Fix Sketch import when importing symbols that have a single group as their only sublayer
  • Workaround Sketch bug that caused import to fail if you created an artboard in Sketch 39


  • Fix Sketch import when importing from Sketch version 39
  • Fix Sketch import for files that have symbols with no layers in them


  • New artboards are created to the right of the current artboard
  • Show layer names that have identical properties in the animation panel
  • Reduce the number of driver rows that are shown due to frozen properties
  • Fix rendering of groups with negative size
  • Fix bug causing audio to not stop playing
  • Fix bug with video layers animating their size incorrectly
  • Fix bug that caused duplicate layers after importing from sketch a second time


  • Group multiple changes together before sending to Principle Mirror over USB
  • Improve shadow handling for layers with transparent images
  • Fix font size and color animations
  • Fix a rare crash caused by file corruption
  • Fun version number (1.2.3)


  • Fix clipping not animating properly
  • Fix bug causing videos to start over even if "media time" was frozen


  • Fix a crash when clicking the media button for certain types of images
  • Fix a crash on 10.10.5
  • Fix another crash that isn't easy to explain :)


  • Video Layers
  • Audio Layers
  • Drop shadow
  • Click the media button to change a layer's image / video / audio asset
  • Animate panel shows which layer names are not matched between artboards
  • Import Sketch 3.7 symbols' sublayers
  • Allow the media property of a layer to be frozen
  • Improved file open performance
  • Fix a bug that caused "null" events to get added to your design when pasting 2 or more artboards
  • Fix Sketch import bug that set layer opacity to 100%
  • Fix bug that caused Sketch Import to fail
  • Other bug fixes


  • Image layers look much nicer in the canvas when zoomed out
  • Check to ensure that Sketch 3.5 or later is running before trying to import
  • Sketch's background blur effect can now be imported
  • Sketch layers with non-pixel-aligned positions are now imported properly
  • Import's "Merging Sketch and Principle Assets" phase is much faster
  • Fix bug causing weird artboard animation for some people.
  • Fix bug preventing selection and resizing of layers that have non-zero scroll X / Y
  • Fix color mis-match after importing from Sketch
  • Fix some types of layers not being imported from Sketch properly
  • Fix bug that marked newly created document as needing to be saved
  • Added rewind shortcut (W) to viewers created with "Export for Mac"


  • Support importing from Sketch Beta
  • Fix bug that erroneously imported some Sketch layers with a rectangular border
  • Fix bug showing only the first event arrow of several between two artboards
  • Fix bug that prevented Principle from finding Sketch if it had been renamed
  • Fix import failure for Sketch documents with slice layers
  • Fix import bug that unnecessarily flattened some Sketch circle layers
  • Fix bug that imported Sketch layers with dashed borders incorrectly


  • Sketch Import
  • Asset replace (Drag new image onto inspector's image property)
  • Quicklook Principle files in Finder
  • Significantly smaller files for large projects, sometimes 85% smaller!
  • Touch cursor animates on mouse down
  • Copying and pasting two artboards pastes the events between them (makes it easy to merge multiple Principle designs)
  • Improved editing performance for large projects
  • Pasted images now appear at the top left of the artboard
  • Inspector fields are blank if multiple values exist.
  • Dragging inspector labels shifts across whole selection, instead of setting
  • Automatically enlarge preview window for recording.
  • Fix color picker on secondary monitors
  • Fix spring animation on scale properties
  • Fix bug that caused undoing delete to re-add layers in the wrong order
  • Fix bug in alignment feature
  • Fix editing of multiple spring animations at once
  • Fix bug in Export for Mac that caused OS X to say the app was corrupted
  • Fix bug causing end keyframe to move when dragging the start keyframe


  • Mouse Hover events
  • Driver panel can be zoomed
  • Multi-select keyframes in Drivers Panel
  • Scroll prototypes with the mouse scroll wheel or trackpad gestures
  • Preview cursor type is remembered across file opens
  • Hovering over a transition arrow highlights its layer
  • Selection handles are now hidden when nudging layers with arrow keys
  • Added box select to drivers panel
  • Clicking Layer names in drivers panel selects the layer
  • Clicking in the animation panel sidebar selects the associated layers
  • Dragging spring animations no longer overwrites the spring properties
  • Hold alt in artboard size preset dropdown to see landscape presets
  • Fix a bug causing the Preview window shadow to disappear
  • Spring animations show only their start keyframe, since physics determines end time
  • The inspector resizes much more nicely
  • Fixed sluggish scroll bounce-back
  • Updated keyframe icon to make it clear when keyframes are selected
  • Color picker will ignore "#" in the hex value field
  • Layer name no longer overlaps hide button in layer list
  • Ensure Canvas is pixel aligned at 100% zoom
  • Fixed bug that caused auto events to run at unexpected times
  • Fixed bug causing clicking on the canvas to zoom in on older computers
  • Fixed drag and drop not working for certain image types
  • Fixed crash on OS X 10.9
  • Lots of other little changes


  • New color picker
  • Pick color shortcut: Ctrl+C
  • Clicking record lets you hide the cursor, or use an arrow cursor
  • Gifs are now much smaller
  • File > Export Viewer: fixed bug that prevented interaction
  • Updated animation UI for Frozen properties
  • New Presets for iPad Pro, TV, Desktop and Web
  • Added an alert if recording will be smaller than design
  • Improved layer distribution algorithm
  • Event arrows unrelated to current artboard are dimmed
  • Allow tabbing between curve popup textfields
  • Fix bug preventing the preview from updating after deleting events or drivers
  • Improve memory handling during dragging
  • Fixed crash triggered when mirroring to iOS


  • Stroke properties
  • Manual spring animation settings
  • File->Export Viewer *In BETA*
  • Notify Principle Mirror when frontmost window changes
  • Animation curve selector is now inline with the keyframes
  • Auto scroll when dragging keyframes or a new event arrow
  • Added community and documentation entries to Help menu.
  • Added "Custom Size" to artboard size presets
  • Improved performance when mirroring designs with lots of image data
  • Improved gesture routing (For example: tap and long press on same layer)
  • Fix bug that caused undo/redo to insert driver keyframes
  • Fix bug that caused alignment buttons to not work, or be off-by-one
  • Fix bug preventing auto events from firing if a touch was held down
  • Fix bug that made selecting transitions impossible if a layer was behind it
  • Fixes several crashes


  • Drivers view can be scrolled with space+drag
  • Animation view can be scrolled with space+drag
  • Preview window can be made fullscreen
  • Zoom to mouse
  • Swipe down + alt and swipe down + cmd now zoom the way you’d expect
  • Prevent opacity field from going above 100% when multiple layers are selected
  • Fix bug causing layers with a grayscale color to become transparent
  • Fix layer list scrolling to first selected row when extending selection
  • Fix bug causing layers to appear in the wrong order in playback
  • Fix bug causing drivers to be applied to wrong layer
  • Fix bug that caused artboards to space out for clipped layers
  • Fix a recording crash triggered by colorsync
  • Crash on exceptions instead of continuing in bad state. (Let us know if it crashes!)


  • Animate scroll position when transitioning between artboards
  • Layers can now be dragged between artboards
  • Added Cmd+Arrow shortcut to resize layers
  • Added support for enter key on numpad
  • Update Principle Mirror text to reflect app store approval
  • Update visibility icons in layer list after scolling
  • Fix animation glitch caused by layers changing parents between artboards
  • Fix pasted/dragged in layers being added in the wrong order
  • Fix bug that added keyframes to drivers when scrubbing
  • Fix bug that prevented gif exports from being canceled
  • Fix crash related to OSX 10.10
  • Fix crash related to connecting and disconnecting USB devices


  • Gif size export options
  • Gif export progress UI
  • Show video or gif in Finder after export
  • Rows related to selection are highlighted in the Drivers and Animate panels
  • Record button starts blinking once the recording actually starts.
  • Fix bug that caused artboard contents to overlap under special curcumstances
  • Fix curve popup clear background when "reduce transparency" is turned on.
  • Fix bug that caused scrubbing a driver to drag keyframes
  • Fix right-Cmd not working
  • Fix bug that prevented keyframes from being added properly to a driver
  • Improved trial-end experience


  • Fix video recording being scale down a bit and producing blurry files
  • Driver view can be scrolled vertically
  • Fix layer renaming bug in OSX 10.11
  • Added rename shortcut: Cmd+R
  • Toggle visibility shortcut Cmd+Shift+H
  • Shortcut for video recording: Ctrl+V
  • Shortcut for video recording with hidden cursor: ctrl+Alt+v
  • Prevent box select from selecting hidden layers
  • Fix preview window sticking around after the editor window was closed
  • Fix for international languages that use a comma instead of a point for decimal numbers
  • Fix bug that prevented layer list from updating after grouping
  • Fix beachball triggered by scrubbing in the driver panel
  • Duplicating a layer will make it appear directly above the original


  • Improve feedback back-end


  • Fix feedback not sending. Speak up folks!
  • Note: Let us know if you're having trouble renaming layers.


  • Let everyone know that Principle Mirror is still in app store review


  • Arrow keys can increment inspector text fields
  • Highlight the affected layer when hovering over driver and animation UI.
  • Keyframes are now automatically added to drivers
  • Improve performance when grouping, ungrounding, deleting and selecting many layers
  • Pixel align middle and center alignment controls
  • Pixel align resize around center now
  • Reversed Alt+Space+drag direction
  • Made keyframe snapping weaker
  • Snapping on canvas takes current zoom into account
  • Extend recording limit up to 15 minutes (up from 30 seconds)
  • Fix bug that caused layers in large documents to appear in the wrong order
  • Fix unresponsive UI on OSX 10.9
  • Fix bug that caused event button to not stay next to selected layer
  • Fix transition arrow text on retina screens
  • Fix reordering layers/artboard undo
  • Fix bug that deleted all links on an artboard after moving a layer between artboards via the layer list
  • Fix bug preventing box select in animation timeline

Principle (com.danielhooper.principle) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Principle 285. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Principle 24.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.9

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Daniel Hooper. All rights reserved.