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January 24, 2012
February 22, 2013

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"Come with me as we explore the magic of Flame fractals. Whither they come no one knows, yet in your hands is a tool of great power. Cast it forth and may your world be populated with wonderful images."

What are Flame fractals? (See
Images of great beauty, endless unique textures, video animation material.

Two paths for creating fractals:
◆ Random, yet with Control --- Random fractals can be further tweaked and improved in the Variants creator.
◆ Traditional Triangle Transform Editing with Total Control

Fractal Architect (OpenCL GPU on Mac Lion) unleashes the power of the GPU onto fractal rendering, providing 4X faster rendering than the last release.

Art should be fun and Fractal Architect has lots of different tools to play with:

◆ Random generation - easy starting point for creating new fractals - lots of Creative control

◆ Preview Home Base - point of departure to other editors - adjust the fractal orientation, position, aspect ratio
◆ Variants creator - wow so fast and so unpredictable - create random color, transform, matrix, final transform, and symmetry variations

 ◆ Traditional Triangle (Transform) Editor - Hint: check out its Quick-Spin interpolation & video clip animation features

 ◆ Color Gradient Editor - which colors makes your fractal come alive?

 ◆ Cross Breeder - want to create fractal babies? What will you get by breeding two different fractals?
◆ Keyframes - create collections of your favorite fractals or use them to create video animations - easy assembly of keyframe collections by drag & drop
◆ PDF Folios - create Folios showing all the keyframes in a file
◆ Video Animation - create looping/morphing video animation from multiple keyframes - create video clips by animating fractal parameters in the Triangle editor & Cross Breeder
◆ Finder support - automatic fractal file thumbnails - Finder thumbnails can also be interactive Folios or Movies too
◆ Finder Quicklook - Quicklook can show either a single large image, a PDF Folio, or a Video animation for a fractal file
◆ Thumbnail Grids - ultra flexible -resizable - Quicklook support- see Variants of any thumbnail- see XML text view - full drag & drop - copy/paste
◆ Thumbnail Stash - keep the best images of the session in the stash - one click to create a fractal collection from the Stash
◆ Best keyframes management, archival, and video animation production in the business
◆ Create long looping/morphing video animations from keyframe collections (similar to Electric Sheep screensaver)
◆ PDF Folio creation from keyframe collections.
◆ New File format (.fa) - holds not just the fractal , but choice of pre-rendered large image, PDF Folio, or Quicktime movie
◆ Vastly Improved Finder Quicklook support - it can show either a large image, a PDF Folio, or a Quicktime Movie

State of the Art Rendering -------------------------------
◆ GPU Accelerated Rendering - OpenCL rendering on either CPU or GPU (some restrictions apply)
◆ Flam4CUDA rendering engine for OpenCL - supports all Flam3 variations
◆ Render to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, JPEG 2000, BMP, or EXR image file formats
◆ Incremental Rendering option allowing you to add extra quality to image renders
◆ Rendering state can be saved to a file, so you can pause & resume at any time.
◆ Repeatable (tweak-able) fast render post-processing to get the very best images you can
◆ Histogram view - helps you see diagnose hard-to-render fractals
◆ State of the Art seamless tiling makes it possible to create giant images
◆ Render Direct to Video as well as Image File Batch Rendering support

Electric Sheep and Apophysis compatible (pre 7-X). Export for Apophysis.
Complete user documentation (150+ pages with many tutorials).

Fractal Serendipity is a modularized, "a la carte" alternative to this app (also sold on the Mac App Store).

What's New
Version 2.4 Features
Retina Mac Support (Optional High DPI display)

Mountain Lion Only Features =====
iCloud support
Popup Notifications
File Sharing

Version 2.4.2 Bug Fixes
Fix for Looping/Morphing Animation video
Fixes for Quick-Spin interpolator for Triangle Editor

FractalArchitect2 (com.centcom.fractal-architect2) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is FractalArchitect2 2.4.2. The most popular version of this application used by our users is FractalArchitect2 2.4.1.