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July 16, 2012
January 9, 2013

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Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Frank. Frank DeLoupe. Your new color-picking friend.

With Frank you can pick any color, anywhere on your screen and then:

  • The USUAL: copy paste the value from the clipboard to your editor of choice
  • The COOL: have it right into Photoshop with no extra effort

    That. Easy.

  • Retina Display support for ALL pixels
  • 8x Loupe so you actually see what you're picking
  • Unobtrusive menu bar presence and automatic launch at login so he's there when you need him
  • System-wide Hotkey to perfectly match your workflow
  • Click to pick Foreground color or Alt (⌥) Click to pick Background color
  • Keyboard control for super accurate picking (hit spacebar or Alt Spacebar to pick the color)
  • CSS (HEX, #HEX, HSL, RGB), NSColor, UIColor, CGColor and GLColor formats available!
  • The fattest eyedropper on the menubar ever (if you want it)

    Show Frank your love, help spread the word. There are a lot of designers in need out there.


    Frank talks to Photoshop via Adobe Remote Connections so you will need Photoshop CS5 (12.0.4) or higher if you want the COOL to work.

  • What's New
    Real Retina Display support!!
    You can finally pick all those tiny pixels thanks to:
    a) super-close-up-loupe™ that zooms in enough for you to see them
    b) keyboard movement that allow you to really select with precision ALL the pixels and not just a quarter of them (the mouse alone can't do that yet due to how the Retina display works)

    Keyboard movement support!!
    Worth reiterating because it's also supported in standard resolution displays.
    Move the loupe with the arrow keys and hit Spacebar (or alt + Spacebar) to select your foreground (or background) color

    Keep track of your colors with the History and click on any of the entries to select it again!

    New Preferences options!!
    New Color Modes for the standard picker (Hex without #, GLColor)
    New Menubar icon mode select, to suit your aesthetic preferences.

  • Fixed the multi-server environment behavior in which Frank would disregard local connection in favor of external ones. From now on Frank will only ever choose the Local Photoshop server
  • Removed ";" from clipboard output (NSColor, UIColor and CGColor)

  • Frank DeLoupe (com.jumpzero.frankdeloupe) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Frank

    Minimum OS version: 10.7

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012 Jumpzero. All rights reserved.