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May 11, 2012
January 9, 2013

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GoodPainter is a lightweight image edit tool to edit and paint your image.
when you need some comments,crop, text for a image,GoodPainter is what you are look for.

GoodPainter is also a good app to tech kids paint.
Simply load an image from local file or create an empty canvas, and let kids paint directly.The familiarity with the images will allow kids to have some amazing fun all around.

GoodPainter is an extremely simple app,You've got a toolbox which allows you to use a brush,line,curve, area selector and little more than that.Other words, GoodPainter won't appeal to any serious artist but it could be useful to keep your kids happy.

Clean All,Line,Curve,Rectangle,Ellipse,
Rounded Rectangle,Text,Eyedropper,Zoom.

GoodPainter (com.moft.goodpainter) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

Operating System: Mac

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