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December 16, 2015
December 17, 2015

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What's New

Announcing the next evolution of Inklet:  Version 2!

Current owners will receive a massive coupon for Inklet 2.If your license is less than two years old, Inklet 2 is completely free!

Headline Features

  • All new Virtual Sliders. Zoom in or change the brush size just by sliding your finger on the edge of the trackpad.Virtual Sliders may be customized for each application, and several popular presets are already included.
  • Turbocharged trackpad scanning rate for smoother, better drawing performance in all drawing applications.
  • New Auto-pause feature. Inklet detects when you move an external mouse and will automatically pause until you're finished interacting.
  • Massively improved pressure control for multitouch trackpads, and solid gains on force-touch trackpads as well.

Additional improvements in Inklet 2

  • Brand new slide-to-start feature for instant access to Inklet without accidental activations.
  • Improved tablet compatibility with all drawing programs, including pressure support in Painter 2015.
  • Introducing full support for the wonderful, pressure sensitive, Magic Trackpad 2
  • New custom-designed audio feedback when drawing starts and stops.
  • Overhauled UI and setup flow.
  • Inklet workspace will auto-detect and conform its aspect ratio to match the active trackpad.
  • Control-click to activate context menu is now supported when using the spacebar to ink.
  • Improved support for older operating systems, starting with 10.7 Lion.
  • Lots of under-the-hood improvements and foundation for future updates.

This upgrade is free or very inexpensive for as many people as possible.However, if Inklet 2 isn’t for you, select "Skip This Version", and Inklet 1 will continue as always.

Thank you to everyone who contributed suggestions and made this update possible.We hope Inklet 2 will continue to be a solid platform for creative expression.

Older Updates

v1.6.1 - Inklet adds haptic feedback

This Inklet update enhances drawing on all trackpads

  • Force Touch trackpads will no longer click when being drawn upon.
  • Force Touch trackpads now have the option of using haptic feedback to indicate drawing has started and stopped (turn on in the Inklet Drawing Preferences).
  • Updated status icon for compatibility with Dark Mode.
  • Reduced inking sound volume.
  • Improved drawing performance for all trackpads.

If you’ve got a Force Touch trackpad and want to have some mild fun with your machine, read about the new Finger Massage app on our blog.

v1.6 - The Force is strong with this one

Inklet is the first 3rd party application to support the Apple’s new Force Touch trackpads.This means you’ll have amazing pressure control on newer machines, and in a pinch you can even use your finger.

  • Enhanced pressure control for machines with a Force Touch trackpad.
  • Improved pressure response for machines with a regular Multitouch trackpad.
  • Fix for occasional issue with a stroke ending unexpectedly.
  • Various other minor fixes.

v1.5.1 - Multi-Monitor Hotfix

The name says it all, but see details below for the recent 1.5 update

    v1.5 - Maverick Attitude

    This update adds support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks!

    • Multi-screen support.Inklet will now start properly in your active screen on Mavericks.
    • Fix for lost workspaces.Sometimes a workspace can get lost in a corner.Inklet now detects and fixes this.
    • Inklet is now code-signed to avoid Gatekeeper security warning.
    • Various other minor fixes.

    v1.4 - And Retina Rained Down Upon Them

    This update adds support for 13" and 15" retina MacBooks and also the following tweaks:

    • A new hotkey to enter Inklet preferences (default is control-option-p).
    • Close button can now be on the upper-right (controlled by handedness drawing preference).
    • Fix for bug that moved the application to the incorrect folder in Mac OSX 10.8.
    • Inklet is now code-signed to avoid Gatekeeper security warning.
    • Various other minor fixes.

    v1.3.4 - Flyin' with the Lion

    Full Support for Mac OS 10.7 Lion

    • Workspace panning is corrected back to 10.6 behavior.
    • Better handling of 3- and 4-finger gestures.
    • Other minor fixes

    v1.3.3 - A Quick Tune-Up

    Improved Magic Trackpad Support

    • In addition to the Pogo Sketch, fingers are now accepted for drawing on the Magic Trackpad.

    Updated support for Adobe CS4 and CS5 applications

    • Improves handling of mouse clicks so application does not latch onto hotkey presses.

    v1.3.2 - External Magic Trackpad Handling Update

    Improved Magic Trackpad Support

    • Inklet now does a better job discerning a Magic Trackpad from a Magic Mouse.
    • If you have a MacBook with Multitouch, but prefer to use the Magic Trackpad, choose 'Prioritize external trackpads' in the Inklet general preferences.
    • If you encounter any hiccups with the Magic Trackpad, please let us know using the feedback link in the Inklet menu.

    Notes from v1.3 - Quick update for Magic Trackpad

    Magic Trackpad Support

    • If you don't already have a multitouch trackpad, Inklet will ask to use a connected Magic Trackpad.
    • Magic Trackpad sensitivity is limited, so Inklet pressure sensitivity is only partially supported.
    • If you encounter any hiccups with the Magic Trackpad, please let us know using the feedback link in the Inklet menu.

    The usual maintenance

    • Fix for v1.2 workspace display glitch.

    Notes from v1.2 - Inklet just got a little bit better!

    Full multi-monitor support

    • Use the normal two-finger pan gesture to move your workspace over to an external display.
    • The Inklet workspace will seamlessly work with any monitor configuration.
    • Great for using an external monitor with your MacBook Pro.

    Navigation-focused release

    • Lots of little tweaks that make Inklet easier to use while selecting items and using Finder.
    • New navigation preferences pane.

    New anti-jitter algorithm

    • Inklet helps you be more precise when selecting items.
    • Jitter reduction makes working with larger workspaces even easier.
    • For extra smooth operation, choose 'advanced jitter reduction' from the Inklet navigation preferences.


    Inklet requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or greater.

    Inklet (com.tenonedesign.inklet) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Inklet 40. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Inklet 27.

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.7

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2015 Ten One Design All Rights Reserved.