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January 10, 2012
January 9, 2013

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To use these templates effectively you will need to firstly have a working copy of Apple's Pages installed on your system as well as understand the basic functions of Pages and be comfortable adjusting elements within a Pages document.

If you do not have a copy of Pages you can purchase one through the MacApp Store or by visiting the link below. If you have never (or rarely) used Pages, Apple provides some awesome resources to help you learn more about this wonderful App.
Pages on the MacApp Store
Pages Tutorials

1. You can double click on any text elements and edit them with your own details, change color, fonts and edit other parameters available in the Pages Inspector window.
[If your details are longer than the characters in the template text box you can easily "Highlight the text and adjust the size of the font to fit.]

2. You can move or resize any element by clicking on the card then
  • Select the drop down menu "Arrange"
  • Select "Ungroup"
    (Click an empty space and the cards design elements will now be available to adjust individually. Note: It is a good idea to regroup the elements again once you have finished editing them to make it easier to copy and paste them into the sheet for DIY printing.)

    The Nature of Templates
    As with all templates, we have tried to cater for everyones needs but unfortunately you may still need to tweak/adjust each element to your exact liking. Please don't hold this against us:) It is our aim to arm you with at least an 80-90% time saver through these templates. If we could make a template that suited 100% of users 100% of the time we would do that.... it would be better for both us. Unfortunately the laws of the universe and human nature do not let us achieve this. Dang it.

    That being the case... each template may need small tweaks and adjustments to achieve exactly the look and feel you are after. Each template may also require small changes to fit the size card you are planning to output.

    Designing Your Card
    Don't hold back. Change the stuff you want or need to. The golden rule with design is "if it looks good... then it is" and only design snobs will tell you any different. There are also bleed allowances(bleed allows for slight mis alignment from one print to the next). Make sure you keep all the important content inside the bleed lines. Remember to do a test print before you commit to multiple prints to make sure everything is how you expect it to be.

    These business cards are designed as:
    Millimeters: 89mm x 54mm
    Inches: 3.5 inches x 2.1 inches
    (including bleed where appropriate)

    Note: Developers have no official affiliation with Apple and/or the Pages App. We have just provided you with templates that are in the .pages file format to help you produce some cool stuff using this wonderful App. Always print a test copy/proof of your template on the final paper chosen to make sure colors, sizes and other aspects are what you expect them to be.

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