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July 13, 2014
April 23, 2016

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This app lets you create art with a distinct cartoon style, thanks to its unique drawing tools that include a Doodle Pen, a Gradient Doodle Pen and a Puff Pen.
You will also find an ordinary pen and eraser as well as Lighten and Darken, which you can use to add more life to your drawings.

Full Screen Drawing:
Full Screen mode is fully supported.
In addition, you can press the Tab key to hide the toolbar.

Zooming And Panning:
Pinch (trackpad) or use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/out.
To pan, drag with two fingers (trackpad), slide with one finger (Magic Mouse) or use arrow keys.
Double tap with two fingers (trackpad) or press Space to reset the zoom/pan.

The image consists of 2 (3 if you upgrade to Pro) transparent layers on top of each other.
To switch between the different layers, use the button that has what looks like a stack of papers in addition to a small symbol (e.g. a flower) of the currently selected layer.

Color Sets:
Click once on a color to select it. Click a second time to bring up a menu where you can change or adjust the color in a number of ways (this menu also features an Eyedropper tool if you upgrade to Pro).
Adjacent to the colors you will find buttons to switch between the different color sets.
Press a second time if you want to replace the color set with one of the default ones.

Popup Help:
For information on what a specific button does, just hover the mouse pointer above it for a few seconds and a short explanation will appear.

  • Pinch to Zoom
  • Full Screen Support
  • Multiple Undo/Redo Steps
  • Layers
  • Customizable Color Sets

  • Ad-Free
  • Up to 24 Works in Progress
  • Change Paper Color
  • Up to 3 Layers
  • Merge, Swap, Flip Layers
  • Straight Line Mode
  • Eyedropper Tool
  • Individual Tool Settings
  • Scale and Adjust Size

    You can upgrade the free app to Pro through a simple in-app purchase.

  • What's New
    Scale and Adjust Size (Pro).
    It's now optional whether the app crops imported photos to fit the screen or retains the original size (default).
    Various improvements and bug fixes.

    Daydream Doodler (com.norbyte.daydreamdoodlerfreemas) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Daydream Doodler 3.0.2.

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.8.2

    Copyright: Copyright 2011 - 2014 Norbyte