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April 2, 2012
January 9, 2013

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If you need a fast convenient way to convert your graphics design to PNG files with Alpha channel, this application is just for you!!!

PNG32 will convert existing files to PNG file format keeping the alpha channel layer valid. This allows you to use semi transparent images in your applications and web pages.

As an XCode developer, it's been a lot of pain for me to generate PNG files with alpha channel; Photoshop does not save it by default, and requires an additional procedure to create them, which is a pain. I ended up using this complex procedure just to create a simple alpha supported PNG file:
1. Create an alpha channel in Photoshop with a copy of the mask of the visible parts of my image
2. Save as a copy to a BMP file with alpha channel
3. Delete the alpha channel I created on the Photoshop document.
4. Load the BMP file into GIMP
5. Save the file as PNG

Now, you may have a faster technique to do that, but I bet it is not as trivial as a simple drag and drop operation to window on your desktop. Is it?

Think of how much time you can save with this wonderful app, especially if you are a designer or a developer that needs to make rapid changes to your designs and test them fast to see if they fit nicely in the "real-world".

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