Apple Design Award Winner, 2012

Sketch is a designers' dream toolbox. Specifically created for designers, it powers a beautiful interface and powerful tools. Tools every designer will appreciate. Here's one feature - multiple shadows per layer. Making beautiful graphics isn't challenging anymore. We set out to build a better app for graphic designers. Not to copy - rather to improve.

The vector tools and basic shapes are a fantastic starting point for any drawing, whether you design for web, icons, and more. Sketch has more advanced layer style options than you can dream of: multiple shadows, multiple fills, gradients, noise, blending, blur, and more. To top it off, Sketch has boolean operations to combine multiple shapes into much more complex ones - all of this is non- destructive. Forever.

Coming from the developers of Fontcase, text rendering is as good as it can get. Sketch also supports OS X's built-in versions and auto-saving. To ensure you'll never lose any files.

All this power is deliciously baked into Sketch's single-window interface. Everything is there, but only visible when you need it. A simple interface with seriously powerful tools.

Now everything is possible.

Take a look at the screenshots to see creations made with Sketch.

  • Simple but powerful interface, built for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion
  • Optimized for Retina and non-Retina displays
  • Powerful styling; multiple shadows, multiple fills, gradients, blending, blur, noise and more...
  • Flexible boolean operations to combine simple shapes into complex shapes
  • Artboards and Slices for exporting multiple images out of a single document
  • Automatic @2x export for Retina graphics
  • Unique Color (with RGB and HSB modes) and Font pickers
  • Beautiful native text rendering and text styles
  • Vector and pixel zoom; zoom in with infinite vector precision or see individual pixels
  • Multi-stop and radial gradients editing right in the canvas. Powerful WYSIWYG rendering.
  • Shared & Linked Layer Styles that automatically update each other
  • Powerful, easy-to-use Vector Tool
    Additionally, designers in the following areas will enjoy these features:

  • Copy CSS Styles to clipboard (including gradients!)
  • Slices: export areas on the canvas as images
  • 960px grid, with support for more advanced grid options
  • Multiple pages support inside a single document

  • Artboards; each size is its own square
  • iOS Icon Templates
  • Pixel Grid
  • Pixel Effects, such as Gaussian and Motion Blur

  • Among the App Store's 'Best of 2012' *

  • What's New
  • You can now select multiple items in multiple groups simultaneously
  • Groups can now be configured to click-through; taking away a lot of double-clicks in the process
  • Command+click now immediately selects layers buried deep in groups
  • Artboards are now actual Groups themselves; they show up in the canvas and group your layers in the layer list as well.
  • Slices are now attached to their Artboards and move around with them and show up in the layer list when exporting.
  • Greatly improves SVG Importing and Exporting support
  • Various Performance improvements
  • A New mini toolbar gives access to common-used settings such as alignment and more
  • Alpha Masks; Give a mask a semi-transparent gradient and it will be used to for the masked layer's opacity
  • Copy CSS Attributes now also includes Font, Size, Letter and Line
  • New line shape tool. Much requested, so; enjoy
  • Exporting in Sketch now renders text using sub-pixel anti-aliasing (vs normal anti-aliasing)

    Other improvements:
  • Enabling Inner Shadow on Text objects no longer makes them jump
  • Fixes the Screen Color Picker for dual monitor setups
  • When dragging objects around in layer list, the list now scrolls if you get close to the top or bottom
  • After changing text attributes such as colour or font in the text inspector, the blue selection now hides temporarily to give you a better look at how it fits in with the rest of your artwork
  • Improves naming of new layers (No longer you'll get Rectangle 312 etc)
  • Images now properly support overlaying gradients
  • Vector point rounding is now more logical and available in the mini toolbar
  • Adds a new tool to align one or more objects in a grid
  • Artboards now have preset sizes to choose from
  • Bitmap images now crop to fit their minimal size after cutting parts out of them
  • Changes to vector editing: The Command key no longer draw straight lines but is now used to draw a straight line after a curved one has been placed, like people expect. Similarly, can no longer be used to make a selection; use the toolbar button instead. Instead it now draws straight lines
  • Shadows under semi-transparent fills are now clipped
  • When opening a document Sketch will warn you if any of the fonts in the document are missing
  • Saving Pattern Fills now results in smaller file sizes
  • Improves text-on-path rendering
  • Layers in the slice tool no longer appear in reverse order
  • Fixes non-standard colour spaces bug in the screen colour picker
  • Fixes a bug in 'Move Backward'
  • Previously one could use the CMD key to drag a selected layer without having to fear you'd actually select a different layer. This behaviour has now been remapped to the 'A' key.
  • Improved Scripting Support
  • Various stability improvements
  • The Color picker shortcut now properly updates the inspector
  • Fixes various positioning and layout issues

  • Sketch (com.bohemiancoding.sketch) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Sketch 5370. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Sketch 4288.

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.7

    Copyright: Copyright Bohemian Coding, 2009-2014