Have you ever tried stop smoking? Of course, like every other smoker you did! Let this be your next final attempt to quit smoking. Be successful!
How can Stop Smoking help you achieve this target? Stop Smoking is your little helper in the menu bar. If you do not smoke, a certain amount of money (the average of what you
pay per day for your cigarttes) is added to your virtual account. Once you have enough "money" on your account you can grab your reward and spent it on whatever you like.
If you fail to quit smoking instantly, you can see your daily and overall expenses on cigarettes. You will be shocked what smoking costs you in total! If this
doesn't get you quit smoking nothing else ever will!

We wish you good luck with your final, successfull attempt to quit smoking!

Stop Smoking (de.wickedbytes.stopsmoking) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of