What's New

Improvements in 2.2.7 (v26753):

  • Fixed a crash when printing with PDF image fills
  • Graphic elements no longer flipped when pasted into OpenOffice, Gimp and sometimes Preview
  • Custom pages sizes no longer flip width and height on re-open

    Improvements in 2.2.5 (v23960):

  • Added "Lock" and "Unlock" in the 'right-click' pop-up menu
  • Image Style filter thumbnails are using the correct 'stylised' preview thumbnail again
  • Unfiltered images are no longer being filtered by the 'Image Filter Resolution' setting
  • A4 templates top margins are now the same size as the other margins
  • "Fall" template now works correctly
  • When saving as "Comic Life 2 Archive" the file icon uses the 1st page of the comic
  • Element ordering is no longer lost after a copy and paste
  • Images no longer exported at double size (Retina machines only)

    Improvements in 2.2.4 (v23128):

  • Improved overall memory management
  • Copy and pasting preserves transparency again
  • Can now zoom (ctrl + two finger swipe up) without issue (affected only OS 10.8 users)
  • Now able to use the Ancient History template without issue (affected only OS 10.8 users)
  • Plus other various bugfixes and stability improvements

    Improvements in 2.2.3 (v22896):

  • Mountain Lion compatible
  • When a blank template is selected the panel layouts are now selected
  • Added a 'Blank (with Styles)' template. This is the same as 'Blank Deluxe' template - but is more obviously named
  • Improved compatibility for users with Aperture + iPhoto libraries that have been unified
  • Improved importing of Comic Life 1 files
  • Now saves active text edits
  • Ability to export a page with a transparent background restored
  • Copying a panel into another app (like Preview.app) now keeps the clipping path
  • ePub exporting no longer adds white border on export
  • CBZ exporting no longer has its pages out of order
  • The inspector now displays the correct size unit as selected in "Page Size Units" preferences
  • Improved progress bar now appears when saving
  • Differences between platforms clarified in Help documentation
  • The "Fall" template is saveable once more
  • Plus other general stability improvements, memory leaks and bug fixes

    Improvements in 2.2.1 (v22069):

  • Images again temporarily move to the top while being dragged so you can drop them in any panel
  • Image no longer moves within the panel when it's resized
  • The Document margins now work correctly with mm, cm, or inches
  • Plus other various bugfixes and stability improvements

    Improvements in 2.2 (v21732):

  • Now you can export comics as e-books using the ePub format or to popular comic reader applications using the CBZ format. Also cross-platform file format compatibility and various bug fixes and stability improvements.

    Please note: The file format created with 2.1 and beyond is not backward compatible with earlier Comic Life 2 versions due to making it compatible with the iPad version. This might be a good time to make a backup of your Comic Life 2 comics (.cl2doc files) before resaving in the new version.

    Improvements in 2.1.1 (v21672):

    Various bug fixes for issues encountered with the 2.1 update. That update incorporated a number of under the hood changes made in order to prepare for comic sharing with the iPad edition. Unfortunately it caused some issues which are addressed in this update.

    The bug fixes are:

  • Trouble/crash opening some 1.X comics
  • PDF output orientation locked to portrait
  • PNG files losing transparency on export
  • Image in panel moving when resizing the panel
  • DigitalStrip limited to italics
  • Lint McCree font line height differences between regular/italic/bold
  • Slight misalignment of images in panels causing gaps
  • Images missing from comics created from user templates
  • Flickering editing area when working with vector images

    Improvements in 2.1 (v20418):

  • New templates from the iPad edition
  • Improved style management
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

    NOTE: This update is 81MB - you may download from our Downloads page without using this Updater if you prefer.

  • Comic Life 2 (com.plasq.comiclife2) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Comic Life 2 26753. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Comic Life 2 19295.

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.4

    Bundle Information: 2.2.7, (c) 2005-2013 plasq LLC

    Copyright: (c) 2005-2013 plasq LLC