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February 10, 2013
July 31, 2016

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HungryMe V2.2.2 is a recipe manager for serious foodies, which is both simple and intuitive. Add, edit delete recipes, categories and photos. Print (any/all) and PDF. Batch file import and export user-defined recipes. Such import and export permits the user to keep recipe data in sync between HungryMe on OS X and iHungryMe+ on iOS. iOS with iCloud can then automatically sync iHungryMe+ recipes from one device to all your iOS devices.

Features include:

  • 91 preloaded recipes
    Andalusian Shrimp Pancake
    Annie's Fajitas
    Apple Pancake
    Apricot Flan with Nuts
    Baba Ganoush
    Bambury Pie
    Barb's Sausage Chili
    Batata Harra
    Bechemel Sauce
    Beet Salad Mustard Vinaigrette, Roasted Pecans and BlueCheese
    Black Bean Cakes
    Blue Cheese Burger
    Buffalo Wings
    Caramelized Berry Cake 2
    Celery Potatoes
    Chicken Wings Teriyaki
    Chinese Beef Shreds
    Chinese Hot and Sour Soup
    Chocolate Dipping Sauce
    Cinnamon Molasses Sugar Crisps
    Citrus Peel Candy
    Cobb Salad on Pita
    Codfish Cakes
    Comice Pear, Roquefort and Red Wine
    Crème Brûlée
    Curried Lentil And Chickpea Soup
    Danish Rice Pudding
    Edith's Plum Crumble
    Eggplant and Pomegranate Sauce
    Fattoush Salad with Purslane
    French Toast
    Fried Rice
    Frisian Sugar Cake
    Fruit Crumble
    German Apple Cake
    Goat Cheese Spread
    Hot Chicken Curry
    Hummus 2
    Indian Chipati
    Instant Semisweet Chocolate
    Italian Tomato Sauce
    Jao Tse Dipping Sauce
    Jim Lahey's No Knead Bread
    Katheleen's Spicy Nuts
    Lake Whitefish with Paprika and Aioli
    Lime Garlic Soup
    Long Grain Rice
    Mexican Bean Soup
    Mexican Tomato Salsa
    Mexican Tomato Sauce
    Middle of the Night Cheesecake
    Milk Rice (Reisbrei)
    Moroccan Chicken
    Mushroom and Garlic Lasagna
    Myrtle Allen's Brown Bread
    North African Shrimp
    Onion Tomato Chutney
    Open Face Anchovy Sandwich
    Pasta alla Carbonara
    Pasta alla Carrettiere
    Pesto with Roasted Pecans
    Pork Satay
    Potsticker Dumplings (Jao Tze)
    Processor Hollandaise
    Raised Waffles
    Red Wine Reduction Sauce
    Reuben Sandwich
    Roasted Nuts
    Roasted Tomatoes
    Romaine Salad with Vinaigrette
    Roquefort Peppers
    Russian Mennonite Plum Tart
    Russian Mennonite Sugar Cookie
    Russian Mennonite Tweebak
    Russian Mennonite Tweebak Dough
    Smoked Haddock Gratin
    Spätzle with Cheese and Onions
    Swedish Meatballs
    Sweet and Sour Cabbage
    Swiss Chard with Indian Lime Pickle
    Swiss Potato Cake (Rösti)
    Tomato and Onion Frittata
    Tomato Ginger Chutney
    Tomato Lentil Soup
    Turkish Coffee
    Welsh Rarebit
    World Class Mashed Potatoes
    Yogurt Delight

    Snacks(4), Treat(30), Dessert(17), Veggie(14), Entree(23), Vegan(28), Soup(6), Sauce(10), All(83). Some preloaded recipes have multiple search categories.

  • printing, including PDF printing

  • search bar to quickly find recipe(s) with a given search string in their Name, Ingredients, Directions or Comments.

  • any number of photos can be added to any recipe using drag and drop. For more help on how to edit user-defined recipes by using DGX batch file import, be sure to visit:

  • text to speech support for all recipe text

    Backup user-defined recipes to DGX frequently. Its easy insurance against sudden loss of all your recipe work

  • HTML help using Mac Help Viewer.

  • full keyboard support

  • navigate tabs using right and left arrows, refer to: System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Keyboard -> Change the way Tab moves focus

  • full font and font size support

  • speed edit and then reimported user-defined recipe(s) in HungryMe this way:

    1. delete one or more user recipe(s) in HungryMe.
    2. edit same recipe(s) in DGX import text file.
    3. reimport DGX file.

    For more help on using DGX batch file import, be sure to visit:

    Backup user-defined recipes to DGX frequently. Its easy insurance against sudden loss of your latest recipe work

  • What's New
  • this is a maintenance update only
  • improved text, links, photos and videos for onboard HTML help system, specifically for understanding the creation and usage of DGX files.

  • HungryMe (com.drumminggrouse.hungryme) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is HungryMe 2.2.2.