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August 22, 2014
September 16, 2015

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SampleBox is no longer supported, and is now free!

Visit our site for the new SampleBox 2!
SampleBox is an audio sampler. Load your sound clips, trigger them with your keyboard, play a groove!
There are 48 players available. Each one with separate settings, controlled by a key on your keyboard.
Four stereo master outputs, to pan and spread your sound. Each stereo outputs supports up to three audio plugins. Separate panning, separate output channels.

SampleBox can be used for either creating groovy music and making wonderful soundscapes real-time, with full control over your sounds.

== Features ==

  • Players -
    SampleBox has 48 players. 36 are triggered by your typing keyboard, and all 48 can be triggered either by a midi keyboard or your mouse!
    Each player has THREE modes.
    1. OS (One-shot) mode, plays the sample once through and then stops.
    2. LP (Loop) mode, toggles the player ON/OFF. When ON, the sound is looped until the player is stopped.
    3. KV (Key velocity) mode has two functionalities. The sound is played for as long as the corresponding key is held down, once released, the sound stops.
    When a MIDI keyboard is used, the keys velocity controls the players velocity, giving control over the sounds dynamics.

  • Master Outputs -

    There are 4 stereo outputs.
    Each individual channel support up to three audio plugins with bypass option.
    Audio gain up to 18 dB.
    Separate stereo panning.
    Toggle channel ON/OFF.
    Channels can be set to Stereo or Mono output.

  • Player Options -

    Each player has it separate settings.

    Top left shows the key and MIDI note that triggers the player.
    Set the audio file's level envelop. There are four presets but you can create a completely customized envelop.
    The level output sent to each output channel, as well as the panning for the stereo outputs.

  • SampleBox (com.adiorthotos.samplebox) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is SampleBox 1.0.0.