MP3 Normalizer improves quality of MP3 files. It amplifies too quiet audio, or decreases volume of too loud files automatically. It also smoothes sound peaks and clicks in MP3 tracks.
Simultaneously with normalization, MP3 Normalizer can apply audio effects, such as trim of silence, fade in and fade out for smooth playback.

  • amplifying too quiet voice records like interviews, lectures, podcasts with special processing of voice (enable it in Preferences)
  • flatting accidental clicks and peaks in voice records by special processing of voice (enable it in Preferences)
  • adjusting the volume level and improving quality of too quiet music

    There are just some common cases of using MP3 Normalizer. However, you can apply it for much wider range of purposes.

    MP3 Normalizer accepts .mp3 and .wav files. As an output you will have new MP3 file with adjusted volume level.

    Please, note, that if you would like to normalize audio files of another formats, you have to convert them to MP3 first. We recommend using our "To MP3 Converter" for this purpose.

    EASY AS ONE, TWO ...
    To normalize your MP3 files you have just drop them in application icon or window. The application will let you know when volume adjusting is done. MP3 Normalizer supports batch processing so you can process single file or the whole tree of folders at one time.

    MP3 Normalizer allows to adjust volume of unlimited number of files and folders in one click, and supports multiple normalisations simultaneously. MP3 Normalizer can replicate structure of source folders. It is especially convenient if you need to adjust volume of entire music collection.

    By default, MP3 Normalizer analyses every audio track and apply the most suitable method of normalization automatically. If you have knowledge of digital processing, you can normalise either by Peak or RMS method by choosing required method in Preferences.
    For improving sound of too quiet or poor quality voice records, we recommend to enable special processing of voice in Preferences / Normalization.

    MP3 Normalizer estimates Bit Rate, Sample Rate and Channels, and applies optimal settings to output MP3s. It guaranties the best possible sound quality, saves your time and hard drive space.
    If you would like to convert to a particular Bit Rate, Channels, etc., just change settings in the Preferences.

    MP3 Normalizer can Fade-In, Fade-Out; trim silence at the start and at the end automatically. You also can limit the duration of output audio for testing and saving your time. To apply these effects simultaneously with volume adjusting, just enable them in Preferences / Effects.

    MP3 Normalizer can transfer all tags from source .mp3 or .wav file to normalised file, as well as create missing tags from files and folders names, or load music tags from online databases - such as MusicBrainz, AcoustID, CoverArt. If you would like to check or modify tags after normalization please, use our Tag Editor.

    MP3 Normalizer allows to export normalised tracks to new or existing iTunes playlists by quick and easy way.

    Please, email to sup.amvidia@gmail.com about any problems or feature requests. We always glad to improve our applications for you. If you like "MP3 Normalizer", a review at the App Store would be very appreciated.

  • Note, we recommend set Bitrate at 128 or lower number if you are going to burn MP3 files to CD and use it in your car. Many CD car players may not playback MP3 files with Bitrates higher than 128 kbps.

  • What's New
  • new option 'Special processing of voice', for processing podcasts, interviews and other voice audio.
  • ability to load missing tags from network servers, such as MusicBrainz, CoverArt and AcoustID.
  • ability to load missing tags from source files and folders names.
  • ability to pickup and load artworks from source folders.
  • new panel in Preferences - 'Tags'.

  • MP3 Normalizer (com.amvidia.mp3-normalizer) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Aploader. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is MP3 Normalizer 493. The most popular version of this application used by our users is MP3 Normalizer 1.0.8.

    Operating System: Mac

    Minimum OS version: 10.7

    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2015 Nikolay Kozlov. All rights reserved.