What's New
Release 2.6.6
  • Fix 48kHz AAC files recognized wrongly as 44.1kHz
  • Fix rare case where automated synchronization was not working
  • Other minor bugs fixes
Release 2.6.5
  • Fix missing tracks/albums/artists and rare crash when importing
  • Fix incorrect bitrate for tracks imported from iTunes library
  • In Play Queue: if playing track selected, selection follows it to keep tracks details display playing track
  • Add Cmd . shortcut to completely stop playback
  • Fix manual playlist display not updated when removing all its tracks
  • Fix Play Queue duration was displayed zero
  • Fix migration from version 2.5 of albums view sort criteria
  • Other minor bugs fixes
Release 2.6.4
  • Fix FLAC loader issue leading to playback stopping sometimes in last 2s of a track
  • Fix inability to remove offline sync folder
  • Fix inability to select multiple albums in albums view with cmd-click
  • Fix Play Queue not updated upon track metadata change (e.g. play count)
  • Fix shuffled playlist on shuffled at start
Release 2.6.3
  • iTunes sync: correctly compute album artists when this metadata is missing
  • Minor bug fixes
Release 2.6.2
  • Better metadata handling on files with erroneous values
  • Correctly disengages in iTunes integrated mode to allow Apple Music and other DRM protected content to be played in iTunes
  • And various minor bug fixes, some that were potentially leading to crashes
Release 2.6.1
  • Use only album title and album artist(s) as criteria for grouping tracks in albums
  • Fix empty selection issue in multi columns filter browser
  • Fixed drop dsf/dsdiff files wrongly truncated to 1/8 size
  • Fix bugs leading to crashes
Release 2.6
Major improvements including:
  • Rewritten database engine bringing strong improvements in the library manager performance and reliability
  • Album and tracks dynamics with EBU R128 3342 loudness dynamic range, and DR rating analysis
  • ReplayGain automatic volume levelling at track and album level
  • Management of multiple artists per track or album
  • Full Text Search and Hyperlink Navigation within the whole library
  • Sort names for artists names, tracks and albums titles for sorting with a different name than the displayed one
Release 2.5.4
  • Direct Mode is disabled by default when running on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) that has a regression preventing Direct Mode from working
  • Initial Chinese translation
  • Add TEAC NT-503 to DSD white list
  • Minor bug fixes
Release 2.5.3
  • Fix crashes when upsampling to DSD
  • Add SDM filter order information in the selection menu (in user preferences)
  • TIDAL: show all related artists (adding influenced by, followed by) in addition to the similar ones
Release 2.5.2
  • Fix crashes when upsampling to DSD
  • PCM to DSD upsampling: auto SDM filter reset if it has diverged (due to too loud track with hard clipping)
  • Fix not synching correctly FLAC files with not fully compliant metadata
  • Sound Quality optimization
  • Compatibility of Direct Mode with OS X 10.11.5
  • Synched folders: Fix when a folder was moved into a synched folder, its contents were not synched
  • Fix compatibility issue with OS X 10.9
  • Fix last track in playlist play count update when stopping playback
  • Fix iTunes integrated mode compatibility with iTunes versions prior to 12.4
Release 2.5.1
  • PCM to DSD (64, 128 and 256fs) upsampling using Måns Rullgård SDM implementation (still experimental)
  • TIDAL browsing: display album description and credits (when available), with active hyperlinks to navigate among albums/artists
  • TIDAL browsing: add button in artist view to show its most listened (top) tracks
  • Qobuz promotion: 1 month free trial of Qobuz HiFi voucher for Audirvana Plus purchased license owners
  • Compatiblity of iTunes integrated mode with iTunes 12.4
  • Explicit error message telling to deactivate Direct Mode when facing the new bug introduced in OS X 10.11.5 that prevents Direct Mode from working
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix playing track play/skip count not updated when stopping playback
    • Allow disconnect from streaming service, even when connection failed
    • Fix sort criteria not correctly saved for some track lists
    • Other bug fixes
Release 2.5
  • TIDAL Streaming Integration
  • TIDAL Streaming promotion: 3 months free trial of TIDAL HiFi voucher for Audirvana Plus purchased license owners
  • TIDAL Streaming remote control with A+ Remote 1.6
  • Hyperlink navigation (albums, artists, composers) for streaming services
  • Streaming browse history (previous and next buttons)
  • Streaming favorite tracks set/unset
  • Bug fixes:
    • Play Queue playing track highlight fixes
    • Fix tracks duplication when the network share id changed
    • Fix unable to restart playback after having tried to play a non streamable album
    • Other bug fixes
Release 2.4
  • Functions for A+ Remote 1.5 (Qobuz and HighResAudio navigation, playlists view as albums, ...)
  • HighResAudio VirtualVault integration
  • Load sequentially streaming tracks to reduce network load (network bandwidth is the bottleneck)
  • Qobuz: option to limit the max quality for low bandwidth connections
  • Streaming: show playlists as albums (in addition to tracks list)
  • Manual playlists can now be sorted (for local and streaming playlists)
  • Add Mytek Manhattan to known DoP compatible DACs
  • Add shortcut (⌥⌘B) to display album booklet when the album tracks view is displayed
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix artist, composer, album artist text truncated in tracks list view
    • Update Sparkle framework to 1.13.1 (security fix). https connection to audirvana.com was already used though
    • FLAC metadata saving: For ensemble, replace the existing tag ORCHESTRA or ENSEMBLE if any, not forcing to have ORCHESTRA tag
    • Other bug fixes
Release 2.3.3
  • Asynchronous loading initiation of tracks, not blocking UI, especially if the track is located on a slow remote server
  • Add AppleScript integration into Airfoil (track title, ... and remote control)
  • Clicking on artist in play queue for a streaming track opens the artist albums view
  • Do not show composer in album tracks view grouping rows when the composer column is shown
  • Add menu command to play the selected album (in albums view), with Option + Space key shortcut
  • Save album booklet view preferred view mode. (View mode can be changed by option clicking on the displayed pdf)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix transport info with large text (artist or album title) enlarging the window
    • Fix double click, right click on track making no action
    • Fix crashes with some Audio Unit plugins
    • User search field to work also with manual playlists
    • Other bug fixes
Release 2.3.2
  • Folder Albums and SACD ISO can be set as Favorite albums
  • Bug fixes:
    • Tracks list view smooth scrolling when using mouse wheel
    • Fix incomplete loading of last track in a list when user seeks directly to it
    • Other bug fixes
Release 2.3.1
  • Bug fix:
    • Fix crash when viewing folder albums with search text
Release 2.3
  • Qobuz hires streaming complete integration
  • User interface modernization for local library track lists and albums views
Please note Qobuz control from A+ Remote is currently limited to play queue and playlists until the upcoming update of A+ Remote.

Release 2.2.6
This is the last version that supports OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8

  • Compatiblity of iTunes integrated mode with iTunes 12.4
Release 2.2.5
  • DSD256 playback with DoP 1.1 devices (in addition to DoP 1.0)
  • Add Merging Ravenna (Merging+Nadac) to DSD DoP 1.1 devices
  • Bug fix:
    • Fix loading of 20bit FLAC files
    • Workaround for El Capitan bug with 16 and 24bit USB DACs when playing in iTunes integrated mode
Release 2.2.4
  • Mute during sample rate is now an option, set to off by default
  • Bug fix:
    • Search in tracks list in Snow Leopard
Release 2.2.3
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix audio device reconfiguration when exiting Audirvana Plus while playing
    • Fix possible muting of audio output when whanging sample rate
    • Fix imported playlist not visible in rare cases
Release 2.2.2
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix crash when using some criteria in smart playlist
    • Fix File menu items for English and German locales
    • Reduce database migration memory footprint
Release 2.2.1
  • Added Date: store for each track the date it has been added to the library, or the iTunes added date when doing iTunes synchronization.
    Note that when upgrading from a previous Audirvana Plus library, for tracks in synchronized folders the last modified date will be used as the added date for existing tracks.
    Added date can be used as a criterion in a smart playlist (a.k.a Recently Added).
  • Playlists import/export (M3U format)
  • OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) compatibility
  • Add Marantz PM 7005 to DSD DACs white list, and automatically limit its PCM output to 192kHz
  • Display info line (nb albums/tracks, duration) in tracks list and album views
  • Other usability improvements, especially in the playlists management
  • Optimize loading time
  • Bug fixes:
    • Add explicit wake up of the Mac upon connection of A+ Remote
    • Fix missing tracks coming from iTunes library synchronization, give error list with not found ones (volume on which are the files is not mounted, or files have been deleted since and iTunes library has not been updated)
    • Several other minor fixes
Release 2.2
  • This release brings the server capabilities to be controlled by A+ Remote, the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch app to remote control Audirvana Plus.

  • iTunes integrated mode: Disengage automatically to let iTunes play directly DRM protected files (.m4p)
  • Add Luxman DA-06, Wadia di122, Devialet (from firmware v8) to whitelist of automatically recognized DSD capable DACs
  • Display play queue total # tracks and time
  • Add and modify toolbar at bottom of the hierarchical list of playlists
  • Audio volume icon and value in dB
  • Rename "Libraries" to "Sources"
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix setting another album with same title but different album artist not working when editing single or multiple tracks metadata
    • Fix sync not creating correctly album with same name as existing, but different album artist
    • Fix deleting one track in play queue was also deleting all the other occurrences of the same track
    • Add Artist as a criteria when searching "All" in the Albums
    • Several other minor fixes
Release 2.1.1
  • Implement Prune Play Queue menu command
  • Filter out movie files
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix Drag&Drop to handle Cue Sheets & SACD ISO
    • Remove the remember playlist between starts deprecated option
    • Dropped files: sort dropped files, but not inside .m3u playlists
    • Fix rating metadata read/write in m4a files
    • Fix Recycle Bin not displayed in German locale
    • Several other minor fixes
Release 2.1
  • "Drag&Drop": ability to add temporary tracks to the Play Queue by dropping files, folders, .m3u playlists, and iTunes tracks directly in the Play Queue (or on the Dock A+ icon, or using the Finder "Open with..." command)
  • In albums view, display folders (and SACD ISO) with tracks missing album metadata as albums (using the folder name as album title). Proposal to convert the tracks in such folder into an album
  • Upon iTunes sync, import all albums iTunes album art and propose to save in the audio files the ones only iTunes database
  • Add user selectable (in Volume Control page of the preferences) max bit depth for the dithering algorithm. Please note that the dithering algorithm is in function only when the volume is not at 100%
  • Add number of audio channels as column in tracks list view, and as criteria in structured filter browser, smart playlists
  • Display playing track enlarged cover art image at pixel resolution, offering a user preference setting to scale it down for sharp display on Retina screens (default to no)
  • Add BPM in the track metadata editor
  • Add blue color on the played part (left of the playing position cursor) on the playback transport bar for better visibility from distance
  • Pressing stop while playback is stopped resets the playing track to the first one in the Play Queue
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix library shuffled playback not playing all newly added tracks
    • Forbid to collapse album tracks detail view
    • Fix very rare track duplicates
    • Several other minor fixes
Release 2.0.12
  • Playback of FLAC, AIFF, MP3, ... from a http server
  • Undo handling on playqueue and all playlist operations
  • Cut/Copy/Paste between playlists
  • Add number of audio channels as column in tracks list view, and as criteria in structured filter browser, smart playlists
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix delete command not working on pre-Yosemite systems
    • Several minor fixes in the playlists and playqueue management
Release 2.0.11
  • Add warning about still running background tasks when application is quitting
  • Better detection of Bluetooth devices to automatically deactivate Direct Mode for them
  • Add iFi DSD DACs, and DidiT High-End DAC212 to native DSD DACs white list
  • Various User Interface improvements (pause release upon double click on track, Cmd F shortcut for Find/Search text, ...)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix manual playlist reordering using drag and drop of tracks inside the manual playlist
    • Fix deletion of tracks in a manual playlist
    • Fix slow synchronization when displaying tracks list view of whole library
Release 2.0.10
  • Display all tracks/albums in children playlists when selecting a playlist folder
  • Add file type and album artist as smart playlist criteria
  • Add file location as last sort criteria for the track list default sort criteria to still sort for files with missing metadata
  • Bug fix:
    • Fix to skip corrupted FLAC files instead of hanging
    • Fix clicking on license file not loading it when the trial license has expired
    • Fix noise reading some rare 16bit FLAC files
Release 2.0.9
  • SysOptimizer: give explicit error message upon installation failure, especially for permissions issue
  • Add warning message when asking to move library database to external drive
  • Mount in background thread the network folders at startup
  • Compute bitrate for SACD ISO
  • Update libs: libFLAC to 1.3.1, libOgg to 1.3.2 ,WavPack to 4.70.0
  • Bug fix:
    • Fix missing WAV INFO tags leading to empty track title
    • Fix issues reading DSDIFF tags
    • Fix rare issue writing DSDIFF tags leading to damaged files
    • Don't open library file if it is in Trash
    • Fix orphan artists not deleted
    • Fix allowing to delete synched folders on not connected devices
    • Fix for removing artist, album,... of tracks that have been edited outside and whose artist, album,... has been removed
    • Remove duplicate COMMENT tag in FLAC files when modifying the comment tag
Release 2.0.8
  • Bug fix:
    • Fix issues with a synched folder an external drive volume that is not connected (inability to remove it, and potential track duplicates)
Release 2.0.7
  • Add rating and album rating as criteria for smart playlists
  • Read/write InfoTags in WAV files
  • Read/write ID3v2 tags in FLAC files when the standard XiphComment tags are not present
  • Add album artists in the fields searched when using "All" criteria in the search field in tracks list view
  • Add switch to Library mode in scripting interface
  • Add title as 3rd sort criteria (after disc and track number) for tracks sorting inside an album (helps with files missing track number metadata)
  • Delete key can be used to delete the selected playlist or folder
  • Creating a folder or playlist triggers editing its name (no need to explicitly click on rename just after)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix wrong formatting of duration criteria in smart playlist editor on some systems
    • Fix 00:00 duration on some tracks with unreadable metadata
    • Fix inability to read some DFF files
    • Fix duplicate tracks appearing sometimes after having renamed a synched folder
Release 2.0.6
  • Folder sync speed optimization
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix sync not skipping existing and not modified tracks, potentially leading to duplicates
    • Fix album details not correctly refreshed after changing rating when in a manual playlist
Release 2.0.5
  • Remember playing track position in play queue after having stopped playback or quit program
  • Dark Mode (option in the View options, set to on by default) for albums view
  • Sort synched folder list by path
  • Highlight structured filter browser summary line as a button when mouse is over it
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix unable to delete synched folder on a not mounted device
    • Fix unwanted import of full volume where only some folders are in synched list
    • Auto-completion in metadata editor: nicely handle diacritical or case differences to allow entering different values than the ones in the suggestion list
    • Fix case in which some .m4a files were not imported
    • Fix potential crash when synching iTunes database
    • Fix external hard drives synched folders list issues
    • Fix database migration issue that could lead to damaged database
Release 2.0.4
  • Audio Engine optimizations
  • Change title of library change in preferences to state clearly it is only the database file that is to be moved
  • Add Bit Rate, last modified date columns in tracks list view
  • Remember metadata panel open/close status when re-opening Audirvana Plus
  • Yosemite dark mode better compatibility
  • Add Library settings to Debug Info
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix About Box not showing in French and German locales
    • Fix play count, skip count = 0 criteria not working in smart playlist
    • Fix albums wrongly imported split
    • Fix album tracks list view not updated upon track metadata update (in album view mode)
Release 2.0.3
  • Add file location (relative to volume root path: e.g. /Users/damien/Downloads in volume / is handled as Users/damien/Downloads) in smart playlist criterias
  • Play queue: set text color to selectedTextColor for selected row, for better visibility
  • Add a splash window to let user know library is being moved
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix potential crash at startup on Yosemite
    • Enable to remove folder from sync list, even when it has been deleted from the file system
    • Fix for iTunes sync potential crash under 10.6
    • Fix potential crash when reloading playqueue at start
    • Fix Disc Number issue in smart playlist criteria
Release 2.0.2
  • Add artist as albums search criteria for search filed in albums view
  • Add year as albums sort criteria in Albums View
  • Add audio file location column in tracks list view
  • Optimize playback start time for large libraries
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix for auto sync not working for file changes done when Audirvana Plus is not running
    • Fix wrong playing track duration displayed when sample rate converter is in action
    • Workaround to read AIFF metadata created with iTunes that are not fully compliant with AIFF standard (second fix)
Release 2.0.1
  • Add Artist as sort criteria and subtitle property for albums view
  • Add Year to Smart Playlist criteria
  • Fix discCount tag not read correctly in ID3V2 tags (AIFF, WAV, MP3, … files)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Loosen the FLAC files validation to allow reading of metadata for files created with Wavelab
    • Restore user notification upon track change (for OS X 10.8+ only)
    • Workaround to read AIFF metadata created with iTunes that are not fully compliant with AIFF standard
Release 2.0
  • Major new release bringing full featured library manager

Audirvana Plus (com.audirvana.audirvana-plus) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Audirvana Plus 2.6.6. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Audirvana Plus

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.9

Copyright: Audirvana 2011-2017