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March 17, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Automagically tag your Beatport wav files! With artwork too!

Are you a passionate electronic music lover or a world class DJ using Beatport service to get your music ?

Do you care enough about your music to pay the extra buck to get higher quality wav files ?

Unlike Beatport mp3 files their wav files do not include artwork or info tags, which provide audio players or dj software with complete info about the tracks like title, artist, genre, etc.

If anyone ever asked you who did that original track, you probably understand the frustration of not having any built in info on your precious music files.
(original_mix is not very helpful is it ?)

Do you intend to spend countless hours filling those tags manually? Cool!
How many tracks do you have ? 10, 100, 500 ?

Just think about how much time you will loose doing this chore,
much better to go find new music right now, isn't it ?

We do understand you...
That's why we created Beat tagger, the only application on the Mac App store specifically tailored for djs and music lovers that often buy wav files on Beatport and want to have their music collection well identified and organized without having to do it manually.

With its gorgeous, easy to use interface and unique functionality in the market,
Beat Tagger is the perfect tool for avid Beatport wav customers!

  • Dead easy drag and drop operation
  • Identifies wav files purchased on Beatport and fills tags for:
  • track title (appends Remix if the track is identified as a remix)
  • album name
  • artist name
  • remixer name
  • genre
  • label
  • year

  • Adds artwork
  • Identifies corrupted files (any downloaded file may sometimes reveal to be corrupted and Beatport only allows you to re download tracks for a short period of time. Beat Tagger alerts you indicating which file or files seem to be corrupted)

  • Beat Tagger (com.beattaggerapp.beattagger) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Beat