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May 3, 2011
January 26, 2013

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Music sheets organizer and iTunes player

Retrieve ANY song in only 1 second !!!
  • The fastest way to find a song : Simply type 3 or 4 characters and Voil !

    Features (version 2.0):

    View your PDF files as sheets in a Binder.
  • No need to deal with multiple screens.
  • PDF files of a given folder becomes sheets of a single binder.
  • Assign up to 8 binders to 8 folders of your choice.
  • Manage up to 9 tabs for each binder.
  • Use tabs to group songs or to create sets

    Quickly retrieve your songs.
  • Binder is always in «Search» mode.
  • Type few characters or use arrow keys to find a sheet.
  • No need to activate a search field. Binder is always ready.
  • The search is always performed on all PDF even if a tab is selected.
  • This allows you to do a special request and go back to your set right after.

    Control iTunes.
  • Binder automatically match the corresponding songs in iTunes when you use the integrated remote control.

    Sort your song by title or author.
  • Simply click on the «Sort» button or press on the «Tab» key to switch to a different sort order (Tite or Author).

    No library to maintain.
  • Binder build its own indexes according to the name of your PDF files.
  • Please read the user manual to get more information about the suggested naming conventions.

    Complete integration with your favorite applications.
  • Print, Mail, Preview your files directly from Binder.
  • All these features are integrated to the main menu of Binder.

    Features (version 2.1):
    1) Table of contents for each tab
    2) The main window of Binder now contains 4 invisibles zones that can be used to scroll PDF (previous/next PDF) and to scroll pages (previous/next 2 pages).

    Features (version 2.2):
    1) Half Page Zooming.
    2) Screen Dimmer (to reduce brightness of PDF).
    3) Menu : Preferences added.
    4) Bug Fixed : PDF are now automatically enlarge to maximum when the screen resolution is greater than 1280 x 800.
    5) User's manual has been updated.

    Features (version 2.3):
    1) Easily manage your own user lists.
    2) Press CMD-ENTER (or CMD-Click on any tab) to Edit user list of current tab (or to Manage tabs if the current tab is not a user list).
    3) Bug Fixed : CTRL-Click on a given binder now works when the dimmer is on.
    4) Change : If you click on a tab that is already selected, Binder will not select the previous tab.

    Features (version 2.3.2):
    1) Support of full screen under OSX Lion.

    Features (version 2.3.3):
    1) Animation added to the toolbar.
    2) Hide the toolbar when Binder is not active.
    3) Continuous Play : Stop Playback when the last song of a user tab (set list) has been played.

    Features (version 2.4):
    1) Create Notes for each PDF:
    A note can be created for each PDF file. When you create a new note, Binder saves this note in a text file (.TXT) using the same filename as the current PDF. This way, you can easily grab all your notes to share them or for backup. If you rename a PDF file, be sure to rename it's corresponding .TXT file too.
    "-" (dash) key can be used to display / hide notes. You can also click in the middle of the screen, between the two upper rings to display / hide notes.

  • Please, read user manual for more information.

    Binder is a must for all musicians who must carry binders of music sheets.

  • What's New
    PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing any problems, Please contact support.

    Special note when upgrading from version 2.5:

    New security features in OSX means that Binder no longer has access to folders that were previously assigned to colored binders.

    Not to worry. You can quickly re-enable your PDF folder by re-selecting it from a Dialog box that Binder will display for you. You only need to do this one time for each colored binder that has an assigned folder.

    New in version 2.7.1:
  • Bug fix for OSX Lion Mountain

    New in version 2.7:
  • Bug fix (sometimes app was crashing when running on OSX 10.6)

    New in version 2.6:
  • Trackpad Support (gestures can be customized from Trackpad Preferences menu).
  • Functions (Zoom, Play) are done on the active PDF when 2 PDF of one page are displayed at the same time. In this case, the inactive PDF is dimmed (amout can be set in Preferences menu).
  • User Manual updated.

  • Binder 2 (com.vadecreation.binder2) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Binder 2 2.7.1.

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Binder

    Minimum OS version: 10.5