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April 27, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Dolce Ear Training is a perfect tool for first year music theory students whether they are in junior high, high school, or college. Dolce Ear Training continues the music student's skills development where Dolce Music Flash Cards leaves off.

Dolce Ear Training aides students in learning to identify rhythms, intervals, and chords by playing audible phrases and allowing the student to select or build a phrase to match. In the case the student answers a question wrong the program shows the correct answer and allows the student to listen to the phrase again. Through practice and over time students can develop a trained ear.

This program assumes students have a basic understanding of music notation. If the student does not know the difference between an eighth note and a whole note, an interval and a chord, or what time signatures are you will find that they are not ready for this program.

What's New
Updated sound files.
Minor internal code optimizations.

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