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  • NEW2.113202014-10-18Support OS X Yosemite. 菜单栏歌词支持OS X 10.10暗色模式。
  • NEW2.113032014-10-18Support translate Simplified Chinese into Traditional Chinese. 支持简体中文到繁体中文的歌词翻译。
  • NEW2.112302014-02-14Add "Edit Lyrics" function. 添加编辑歌词的功能。
  • NEW2.112302014-02-14Add copy and paste hotkey support in lyrics search window. 添加搜索歌词窗口的复制粘贴快捷键支持。
  • BUG2.112302014-02-14Fix OS X 10.9 Muti-screen issues. 修复10.9系统下多显示器导致的一些问题。
  • BUG2.112122014-01-16Fix conflicts with system capture. 修复与系统屏幕截图的冲突问题。
  • NEW2.112122014-01-16Add hotkey for "Write Lyrics". 添加“写入歌词到iTunes”功能快捷键。
  • NEW2.112122014-01-16Support display lyrics in two rows. 支持双行桌面歌词显示。
  • NEW2.112122014-01-16New icon with retina display support. 全新程序图标。
  • BUG2.109962014-01-11Support retina display. 支持Retina显示,解决歌词模糊的问题。
  • BUG2.109612013-10-23Support OS X 10.9. 解决OS X 10.9下的崩溃问题。
  • NEW2.109612013-10-23Display lyrics in shadow style. 支持阴影歌词效果。
  • NEW2.109532013-07-03Support import lyrics. 支持导入歌词
  • BUG2.109382013-05-17Support iTunes 11.0.3 or later version. 支持iTunes 11.0.3或更高版本
  • BUG2.109382013-05-17Address the crash problem when export LRC. 修正导出歌词崩溃的问题
  • NEW2.108312013-04-13The menubar lyrics can be always located in the left. 标题栏歌词始终位于最左端
  • NEW2.108312013-04-13Add the features that the wrong lyrics can be hidden. 添加当歌词错误时隐藏歌词的功能
  • NEW2.107982012-10-26Support Multi-Space. 添加多桌面支持,支持在全部桌面显示歌词窗口。
  • NEW2.107622012-07-01Add "Hide lyrics when iTunes is paused" feature. 添加iTunes暂停时隐藏歌词功能。
  • NEW2.107622012-07-01Add track switch notification feature. 添加歌曲切换通知功能。
  • NEW2.107622012-07-01Add Lyrics delay adjustment function. 添加歌词延迟调整功能。
  • BUG2.107622012-07-01Fixed memory leak bug. 修复几处内存泄漏问题。
  • NEW2.102262012-06-12添加中文界面,界面元素微调。
  • NEW2.102132012-06-11Address an issue caused by OpenSSL. If the error "The update is improperly signed." occurs during upgrade process, please manually download the new update.
  • NEW2.102032012-06-11Added desktop lyrics fade-in and face-out effect
  • BUG2.101992012-06-02Address an issue that may cause lyrics frequently change
  • BUG2.101982012-06-01Address an issue that may prevent iTunes from quiting

DynamicLyrics (la.4321.dynamiclyrics) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is DynamicLyrics 1320. The most popular version of this application used by our users is DynamicLyrics 1212.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.7

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