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April 15, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Maestro is much more than a visual and audio metronome, it conducts styled beat patterns over your desktop. These patterns are based on Max Rudolf's "Grammar of Conducting" as well as my own professional conducting experience of 20+ years.

This metronome can also be a learning tool for conductors by using the Conductor's Point of View mode.

  • Use the control panel to start/stop the baton with either a one, two or no pickup beats.

  • Use the slider (or control arrows) to control the tempo from 10 to 300 bpm.
    Select the number of beats per measure from the popup menu.

  • Select the style of conducting: There are 3 styles each of 31 different beat patterns: 1 through 12(3+3+3+3) in Staccato, Legato, and Non-espressivo.
    There's an additional "reduced" style switch; the 3 pattern turns into a one pattern while still clicking the three beats. A 6(2+2+2) goes into 3 while a 6(3+3) goes into 2 while still clicking 6 beats.
    (A note about pattern variations: A 5/4 bar can be divided either 3+2 or 2+3 depending on the music.)

  • Select either Performer's or Conductor's point of view.

  • Show or hide the beat numbers as it conducts.

  • Choose different sounds for the metronome (18 different sets)

  • Match the decor of your practice space or current mood! Added preferences for the Baton, Pattern and background color AND Transparency. Make the pattern disappear completely! Make the baton (ball) translucent to move over the music less distracting and more guiding. Make the background a solid color to isolate the pattern from other applications.

  • Conductor's mode - automatically flips the beat pattern for conductors to learn and practice the patterns. This mode shows you the path the tip of your baton should take while conducting.

  • Resize the pattern to fit into the corner or cover the entire screen. Drag the pattern anywhere you want.

  • What's New
    Added Help.

    Added ability to show / hide control panel without leaving Maestro.

    Added Key controls:
    Start/Stop conducting - Spacebar
    Increase or Decrease tempo - Up and Down Arrow keys
    Select Performer's view - Left Arrow key
    Select Conductor's view - Right Arrow key
    Turn Sound On/Off - ⌘S (Command-S)
    Select the Click Sounds menu - C
    Move to menu items in the Click Sounds menu - Up and Down Arrow keys
    Jump to a menu item in the Click Sounds menu - Type the menu item's name
    Select a menu item in the Click Sounds menu - Return or Spacebar
    Select the Staccato style - S
    Select the Non-espressivo style - N
    Select the Legato style - L
    Select the Reduced Pattern form - R
    Select the number of Pickup Beats - 0 (zero), 1 or 2
    Show/Hide the Beat Numbers display - B

    additional minor changes.

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