Watch this Score Editor course – by the knowledgeable and very entertaining Peter "SKI" Schwartz – and you'll be notating your scores, making parts and creating lead sheets before you can say fortissimo!

You've been asking for it for years, and now it's here: The Score Editor taught by the amazing Peter Schwartz!

The Score Editor story starts way back when Logic was a primordial MIDI infant. It's name was Notator Logic! That's right, the ability to notate your music was built into the DNA of Logic right from the very beginning! Over the years it's been developed, improved and refined and now the Score Editor serves as a powerful notational companion alongside all the other cool new features built into Logic Pro X.

This deep 3-hour course led by Peter SKI Schwartz – one of the most knowledgeable and hilarious Logic experts on the planet – is by far the best introduction to the Score Editor ever created. It's filled with amazing tips and wonderful musical examples. Peter explains the Score Editor so thoroughly and with such focus, you will be quickly creating your own beautiful and accurate scores.

Learn all about the score, parts and advanced notation techniques to symbols, chords and lyric entry. Get the inside info on how Logic "interprets" your MIDI to make visual sense in the score. See all the ways you can "trick" the the system to get your scores looking professional and easy to read. This course is a feature-packed Logic notation masterclass filled with tons of helpful and powerful tips and tricks that can't be found anywhere else.

So sit back and get ready to learn and laugh as Peter Schwartz explains all the stuff you need to know about Logic Pro X's Score Editor.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction & Welcome
2. Advanced Tool Preferences
3. Overview of Score Editor Features
4. No Staff Lines? Watch This!
5. Score Editor Window Types
6. Linear, Wrapped, and Page Views
7. Essential Opt-Clicking Move
8. The Inspector
9. Introduction to the Parameters
10. Per Region Control of Notation
11. Staff Styles & Auto Style
12. Regular & Transposing Staff Styles
13. The Piano Staff Style
14. Intro to Polyphonic Staff Styles
15. Piano 1/3 & The Voice Separation Tool
16. Piano 1/2: An Alternate Approach
17. Creating Custom Staff Styles
18. More on Custom Staff Styles
19. Hiding Keyswitch Notes
20. Voices to Channels & Explode Polyphony
21. Quantizing and Choosing the Right Value
22. Notation Using the 16-24 Default
23. Triplet and Swing Notation
24. How Interpretation Works
25. Interpretation: Force & Defeat
26. Syncopation
27. No Overlap
28. Max Dots
29. Content & Same Level Link
30. Link Off - Constantly Visible Parts
31. Region, Instrument & Arrangement Display Levels
32. The Partbox
33. The Score Editor Toolbox
34. Fine-Tuning the Position of Symbols
35. Speed Entry of Symbols
36. Global Text, Page Margins
37. Regular Text, Text Styles, Guides
38. Entering Lyrics
39. Chord Symbols
40. Chord Grids
41. Key and Time Signatures
42. Independent Symbols & User Rests
43. The N-Tuplet Tool
44. Grace Notes are Easy!
45. Copy & Paste Material Between Staves
46. MIDI Editing: Velocity & Pitch
47. Muting, Deleting and Moving Notes
48. Copying & MIDI Draw Auto-define
49. Creating Score-Only Parts
50. 1st Step: Page Size & Orientation
51. 2nd Step: Line Breaks
52. Score Sets
53. Creating Sheet Music
54. Creating a Guitar Chart
55. Piano Music: Special Considerations
56. Creating Pickup Measures
57. Bar Re-numbering & Page Numbers
58. Final Step: Proofing & Printout

Score Editor in Logic Pro X (com.nonlineareducating.aom000841) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Score Editor in Logic Pro X 1. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Score Editor in Logic Pro X 1.1.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.7

Copyright: 2013