What's New

New Version (


  • This release will be the last version compatible with Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 and PowerPC based computers (G4 and G5).
  • Next version (2.10) will be only compatible with Intel based computers on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 and higher.


  • Fixed several stability problems related to MIDI input.
  • Fixed some minor issues regarding the Wacom tablet daemon process stability.
  • Fixed problems regarding the HID virtual joystick occurring in games part of the Humble Bundle.Virtual joysticks are also reset as they should when the application quits.
  • Fixed a wrong count of clock ticks when receiving MIDI Clock data.
  • Fixed a bug where Channel Velocity would be 0 for MIDI Notes using channel 16.
  • The "Connect to Space Navigator" menu item is now working as expected.
  • When searching for Bonjour enabled OSC services, limit the search to the local domain.

Version (2.9.5)

New Features:

  • New commands allow to control the Wiimote drawer directly from OSC messages.This is useful for Max and Pd users that want a tighter integration of OSCulator with their own patchers.See the file General Command Syntax.maxpat in the Samples Library for more information.


  • Fixed a problem affecting Space Navigators.
  • Fixed a problem where some Nunchuk models would not connect.
  • Fixed a problem affecting emulators like BSNES, Nestopia, Sixtyforce under Mac OS X 10.6.3, where the synthesized keycode events would not be received.
  • Changed the Bonjour service publishing name to avoid a problem happening when the computer was directly connected to the Internet.
  • In the OSC Editor, allow to set a destination port to a value under 1024.
  • Fixed a condition when two notes with the same pitch were configured on different MIDI Channels.This problem affected the following events: MIDI Note, Kyma Note, MIDI CC Toggle, MIDI Program Change, and Kyma Program Change.

Version 2.9.4


  • Fixed a problem affecting the Wiimote Balance Board and extensions plugged on the MotionPlus.
  • Removed automatic configuration for mrmr.
  • Fixed a scaling problem for angular data in the TUIO protocol.
  • Fixed a problem where a document would be saved with inconsistent data on a slow computer with a very large file.
  • Added a new Wiimote address to the Perfect Pairing extension.
  • In the main window, messages sorting has been enhanced.

Version 2.9.3

New Features:

  • Usability enhancements:

    • When setting multiple event values at once, holding the option key will increment their values, if relevant.
    • When setting multiple channels at once, holding the option key will increment their values.
    • Sort messages based on their activity by clicking the activity column header.This is useful when one needs to know what message has been last received.Clicking the column header again stops dynamic sorting.
    • Clicking on the activity monitor manually triggers the assigned event.
  • New MIDI input messages handled: Polyphonic Aftertouch, Channel Pressure and Pitch Bend.


  • Wiimote stability enhancements.
  • More robustness in several areas of the application.
  • Fixed a crash occurring with the Pacarana on 64 bits computers.

Version 2.9.2

New Features:

  • Support for Nunchuk on MotionPlus pass-through mode.
  • Perfect Pairing extension has support for newer Wiimotes.


  • Fixed a problem with iPhone MSA Remote client.
  • Solves a problem with MIDI output where two instances of "OSCulator Out" would be created.
  • Fixed a problem with string arguments routing.
  • Better robustness in the case of Wiimote sudden disconnection.
  • MotionPlus mode (Continuous, Cyclic, Infinite) is now properly saved in the document.

Version 2.9.1


  • Fixed a bug dealing with OSC static tokens routing.
  • The blinking activity monitors are reporting a more accurate activity.
  • Better robutsness in concurrent situations.

Version 2.9


  • Full Snow Leopard compatibility, 64 bits executable.
  • Motion Plus controller support.
  • DJ Hero controller support.
  • Multiple SpaceNavigator devices can now be connected at the same time.
  • Wacom: it is now possible to choose in the application Preferences how the mouse pointer should be locked (or not).
  • MIDI over OSC support
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements that address every aspects of the application.

New Features: (compared to 2.9-RC3)

  • Wiimote: Support for the DJ Hero controller.
  • Copy/Paste support in the Parameters Window
  • Multi-display support for the Absolute Mouse events.

Changes: (compared to 2.9-RC3)

  • Wiimote: Computer Sleep/Wake-up support. When the computer is going to sleep, all the Wiimotes are disconnected.When the computer wakes up, the discovery process is launched if the Preference "Start discovery on launch" is enabled.
  • App: Preset menu now disables items when the document is locked.
  • App: Kyma events are only displayed if we connect a Kyma compatible device or use a file that had Kyma events.
  • App: Relative Mouse events now take in account the current display where the mouse pointer is located.
  • Misc: Reorganized the Samples Library.

Version 2.9-RC3


  • App: Fixed a deadlock occurring when processing a lots of messages at a time where the application would stop the OSC input.
  • App: Fixed some various crash conditions.
  • App: Fixed a problem with multiple Space Navigators.
  • App: Fixed a problem with integer arguments being scaled.
  • App: When a message is duplicated, retain its properties (like channel and scaling for example).
  • App: On Snow Leopard, fixed a problem with pop-up menus when two windows are used at the same time.

Version 2.9-RC2


  • App: OSC Routing Editor has been updated.
  • App: Fixed a crash when displaying the Keycode Manager.
  • App: Fixed a problem under Snow Leopard with menu that would not be refreshed properly.
  • App: Renamed Latched Combine into Latched Trigger for more consistency.
  • App: In the Parameters Window, renamed MIDI tab to Inputs.
  • TUIO: The TUIO protocol interpreter can now be turned on or off.
  • Wiimote: Wiimote addresses are now properly restored.
  • Kyma: Fixed automatic Wiimote mapping that were not set anymore.

Version 2.9-RC1

New Features:

  • App: Full Snow Leopard compatibility, 64 bits executable.
  • Wiimote: initial Motion Plus support.
  • SpaceNavigator: Multiple devices supported.
  • Wacom: it is now possible to choose in the application Preferences how the mouse pointer should be locked (or not).
  • OSC router is now much more transparent as it now handles now not only numbers but also all types of data.
  • App: cool new status bar that presents useful notifications to the user.
  • App: it is now possible to control the user interface with gestures : swipe left or right to switch back and forth the Scalings Page, swipe down to show the Parameters Window, swipe up to close it.
  • App: the Notepad enables users to take notes inside the application.


  • Wiimote: nunchuk has now 10 bits of precision.
  • Wiimote: bluetooth discovery more grafully handled to avoid kernel based problems.
  • Wiimote: better error handling.
  • Wiimote: more wiimotes types supported.
  • Wiimote: fixed a problem where the wiimotes slot would not be properly remembered.
  • TUIO: fixed a bug related to the interpretation on cursor mode.
  • TUIO: fixed a problem with alive messages being erroneously duplicated.
  • Kyma: added the channel velocity to kyma notes.
  • Kyma: enhanced automatic hot var / osc message matching.
  • Kyma: under some circumstances, Kyma Notes were not released properly resulting in a weird enveloppe ending.
  • HUD: optimized drawing in quick look windows.
  • HUD: quick look windows now show the values of the output min and max that were set in the scalings page.
  • HUD: quick look windows now calibrate the graph's height to the output min and max values that were set in the scalings page.
  • HUD: when the windows are "kept on top", this now affects the quick look windows as well.
  • OSC: automatic back mapping of incoming OSC.
  • OSC: When a osc routing has no tokens, don't route any argument. The previous behavior was to route all the arguments.
  • App: new button in the toolbar to start/pause OSC routing.
  • App: when a preset is changed, quick look windows are also removed/restored.
  • App: sped up application launch.
  • App: lots of small refinements in the applications look & feel.
  • App: event type and value menus now show helpful labels.
  • App: fixed some osc routing editing problems in the parameters window.
  • App: fixed a problem that would happen when opening the license document under snow leopard.
  • App: allow a multiple row selection for the 'enabled' checkbox.
  • App: row selection preserved when selecting event type menu.
  • App: document is set to dirty on less occasions.
  • App: fixed a menu refreshing problem when clearing out the event source.
  • App: fixed a bug where event source names would not refresh if they were belonging to an action or a duplicate.
  • App: Command-Shift-A is now "deselect-all".
  • App: removed all localizations and kept english only.
  • App: columns widths are now properly saved.
  • App: we can now monitor application crashes, but also external tools.
  • App: fixed a problem where a new document would not be opened if a previously opened file was put in the trash.

OSCulator (net.osculator.osculator) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is OSCulator 20100708. The most popular version of this application used by our users is OSCulator 20140113.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/OSCulator.app